Stargate Planner: Week of May 16-22

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May 16
STARGATE UNIVERSE on Sky One at 8 PM with “The Hunt”: Alarm bells ring during an off-world expedition when Lt Johansen and Corp Reynolds are snatched by an alien creature. New Ancient technology comes to light too.

AMANDA TAPPING‘s Sanctuary continues on Syfy at 10 PM ET with 3.16 “Awakening.”

May 17
Today is ABC’s upfront. We may learn when ROBERT CARLYLE‘s newly picked-up show Once Upon a Time will make its premiere (fall or mid-season). Zap2It announced the pick-up of this “fantasy drama starring Jennifer Morrison as a woman who is drawn into a town where fairy tales might be real. Ginnifer Goodwin co-stars as Snow White and Josh Dallas plays Prince Charming.” Carlyle plays Rumpelstiltskin, but in this modern retelling, he’s “an expert in black magic who agrees to help Snow White and Prince Charming counteract the Evil Queen’s [Lana Parrilla] spells … for a price,” according to Comic Book Resources. Carlyle has described his character as “absolutely, totally insane,” who was placed in a jail that was built solely for him in this land of fairy tales. (See Carlyle in a video interview in which he discusses his role at With Kids.)

May 18
LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS guest stars as himself in tonight’s episode of Cougar Town on ABC at 9:31 PM ET in the episode “Free Fallin’.” TV Guide Synopsis: Jules decides that Travis’ downward spiral in the aftermath of his traumatic breakup has gone on long enough. Meanwhile, Bobby and Laurie get business advice from Andy and Lou Diamond Phillips; and Ellie and Grayson have a run-in with occult kids.
May 19
May 20

LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS hosts the next installment of the Military Channel’s An Officer and a Movie: Play Dirty. Check out the production’s homepage for more information.

ROBERT PICARDO is a last-minute media guest of MOBICON XIV in Mobile, Alabama, this weekend (May 20-22). This announcement was made at the con’s website: “Ethan Phillips, our media guest, as of this week, has had to cancel his appearance at our convention due to a family emergency. He apologizes and feels bad for having to cancel an obligation, especially this close to the show. However, he has agreed to be a guest at MOBICON XV, 2012. Now for the good news: As a favor to his friend Mr Phillips, Robert Picardo has agreed to take Ethan Phillips spot as our headline Media Guest for MOBICON XIV. He played Richard Woolsey on all three of the Stargate franchise’s shows (SG1, Atlantis, and SGU) and Dr Lewis Zimmerman on Star Trek: Voyager among many other roles. He has already announced that his autographs will be $20 in the merchant room. Please go by and pick up your personal autograph and take some time to make him feel welcome.” Make sure to visit the website for more information about this charity event that is being held on behalf of the Bay Area Food Bank.

May 21
May 22


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