Tonight: Jewel Staite in "Doomsday Prophecy"


Doomsday Prophecy - Coming SoonvDOOMSDAY PROPHECY
Syfy 9/8c

Tonight, Stargate star JEWEL STAITE saves the world from the Doomsday Prophecy, along with CSI: NY’s A.J. Buckley, on Syfy at 9/8c!

Staite and Buckley did a conference-call interview about the new movie, which was filmed back in May 2010 and was originally titled The Doomsday Scrolls. The transcript from that interview has appeared on the participants’ websites, but here’s the one that reached us first: Newsarama: Firefly Alum Fights DOOMSDAY PROPHECY in Syfy Movie.

The movie centers on the Staite’s character, “an archeologist who teams up with A.J. Buckley…, a book editor, to hunt down the mysterious author of novels predicting the future; it turns out the author has a device enabling him to see the future…and the end of the world.”

Jewel shared, “I play Brooke (Calvin) who is a young Archaeologist — emphasis on young. She is very much out of her element on this crazy journey that she’s going on, and is really excited. And that’s kind of what I wanted to play the most, was how there’s disaster going on all around her and the world’s falling apart, but she’s really excited about everything that she’s discovering. It’s her passion. It’s her passion in life. So yes, she’s a lot of fun to play.”

Make sure to visit Newsarama for the rest of the interview, but be aware that they talk about certain scenes in the movie. Maybe it’ll be best to wait to read it until after the world gets saved!