Reminder: David Hewlett’s "Rage of the Yeti" Tonight!

RAGE OF THE YETI (Syfy)Stargate star DAVID HEWLETT directed the Syfy Original Movie Rage of the Yeti, premiering tonight at 9/8c!

Hewlett would tweet about his time in the harsh environment in Bulgaria while directing this monster movie, calling the Yeti an “evil snow monkey.” If you missed his 140-character observations, don’t be dismayed; here’s an interview conducted by io9’s Meredith Woerner, “Stargate’s David Hewlett tells us why his bulletproof Yetis are so pissed.”

Not only did Hewlett direct the movie, but he also has a part in it. He can be seen as billionaire collector Mills who sends out “a bunch of people” to find a rare item called the Codex. They end up in the Canadian Arctic, where some Yetis got loose during a botched transport from China. Hewlett agrees with the Yetis’ rage, “They’re so angry because they’ve been dragged from China and they found themselves in the Canadian Arctic. And believe me, being a Canadian, no one wants to be in the Canadian Arctic. It’s very, very cold.”

Two of the Indiana-Jones-wannabes hired by Mills include brothers Jonas (David Chokachi) and Jace (Matthew Kevin Anderson), who not only fight with each other in a brotherly way, but also take on the harsh climate and “pissed-off evil snow moneys” for their own survival.

Chokachi talked with Steve Eramo at The Morton Report about his time as an actor filming in the snow and cold of Bulgaria in the interview “Nightmare on Ice: Interview with Rage Of The Yeti’s David Chokachi.” The actor, who is known for his roles in Baywatch and Witchblade, knows the reputation of Syfy’s Original Movies, but asserts, “We’re not out there trying to sell this as Shakespeare in the Park. It’s fun and there’s something, I think, in it for everyone.”

If you love behind-the-scenes scoops, you should definitely check out both of these interviews. The filming in Bulgaria was a special challenge to everyone involved, where they faced real-life dangers. And here’s a sneak peek and related clips from Syfy that show some of the snow-heavy results of their dedicated efforts. Make sure to tune in tonight to watch the rest: