Joe Mallozzi Speaks Out for Goa’uld Tolerance

JoeMallozziAndLuluThe social networking company NetBase quoted Stargate producer Joe Mallozzi today when it announced support for inter-galactic languages in its products. From the press release:

“The post-Stargate era has been difficult for many of the extra-terrestrial species that appeared on the sci-fi franchise, chiefest among them the Goa’uld.  While other races have found some small measure of success since the series’ end, the going has been tough for these once proud symbiotes,” said Joseph Mallozzi, executive producer of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe/VP Alien Neighbors Universal Society.

“Having worked on several parasitic alien outreach programs, I can confirm that the problem stems from a general unwillingness to accept and understand them, so this recent announcement is heartening news.  Finally, like so many others, they can enjoy the universal right to have their voices and needs as online consumers heard. That and hilarious online cat photos,” Mallozzi continued.

We salute Joe for his tolerance and courage, on this auspicious 1st day of April, 2013!