Follow Goings On at Chicago Con

This weekend is the annual Stargate convention in Chicago, run by Creation Entertainment. This year as always features many of the Stargate actors, including Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder, and many others! To see all the great photos and very abbreviated con reports, check out the #sgchi tag on twitter:

#SGChi on twitter

Also be sure to follow @dhewlett, who has been tweeting funny tidbits as well One definite highlight was the lady who got Joe’s permission to touch his hair while David looked on. It looks like she took full advantage of the opportunity!

Here is a brief report on the panel Joe and David did together:

Their page seems to indicate that next year, 2014, will be the last Stargate convention by Creation.

7:30 pm UPGRADES for 2014: THE LAST OFFICIAL STARGATE CONVENTION AUGUST 15-17, 2014 IN CHICAGO AT THE WESTIN O’HARE: Here’s where folks who signed up for next year get to try to get an even better seat! You See next page for details.

A rather sad statement on the passing of an era, we suppose. 🙁