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Jonas Quinn as a member of SG-1CORIN NEMEC starred in Stargate SG-1 during its sixth season as Jonas Quinn, the human alien from Kelowna/Langara—the world that Dr. Daniel Jackson died saving—who defected to Earth to continue Jackson’s work as a member of SG-1. Nemec is best known for his break-out role as the title character of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, but since that time has portrayed a variety of characters, from notorious killers such as Ted Bundy and Richard Speck to parodies of himself as a down-and-out grown-up child actor in the web series Star-ving.

Beyond Jonas Quinn

These are the roles that Corin Nemec has had since he became Jonas Quinn, the most recent on top.

Raging Sharks

Raging Sharks
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Dr. Mike Olsen
February 1, 2005

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