Atlantis S2 2.16 “Michael”



A genetic experiment to humanize a Wraith goes seriously wrong and endangers the Atlantis Expedition Team.


Michael Kenmore wakes up in the infirmary without any memories of who he is. He is told by the various Atlantis crewmembers that he is a lieutenant and that he was captured by the Wraith but rescued in time. Michael’s uneasiness about his true identity finally leads to the realization that he is the product of a genetic experiment being conducted by Dr. Beckett to elimininate the bug DNA from his genetic make-up, leaving only the human traits. Micheal’s resentment at having this done to him escalates as he begins to act on the Wraith instincts within him.

This episode is still in production at this time, and information is incomplete. Be aware that things can, and do, change at times in the actual filming. We will post further spoilers as they become available.