This episode will be directed by Andy Mikita. Don S. Davis will apparently return in a guest appearance as General Hammond.

General Hammond and Daniel Jackson are aboard the Prometheus with other crew when they pick up a distress signal and investigate, finding a cargo vessel and a Goa’uld Al’kesh bomber, both disabled. From the Al’kesh, a woman dressed as a Supersoldier somehow tricks the crew and takes control of the Prometheus.

Hammond and the Prometheus crew are left aboard the Alkesh, but Daniel remains on the Prometheus and is taken prisoner by the woman, Vala. Vala insists Daniel help her operate the technology of the ship, but he claims ignorance, explaining his role as an archaelogist and linguist. She keeps him alive so that he can help her translate and understand the plans for the ship, which she needs for a mysterious purpose.

Meanwhile, aboard the Al’kesh, Novak and Pendergast make it clear to Hammond that the ship is not repairable.

Daniel gets the upper hand over Vala and insists that she help him take the ship back to rescue Hammond and the rest of the crew, but she begs him to go to her homeworld instead. It turns out her people had thrown off Goa’uld rule but are now slaves to Baal, who brutally crushed their efforts at resistance. A small band of refugees managed to hide in a secret base on one of her planet’s moons, and Vala’s mission was to find a new place for them to live, and a ship to take them there. (Baal is in control of the Stargate, so there is no other option for escape.) Vala and others aboard the cargo ship battled with the Al’kesh, eventually winning and taking it over, but she was the only survivor, and both ships were disabled.

Daniel promises to help Vala, but only after they’ve rescued Hammond and the rest of his friends, who are stranded undefended in space. As Daniel and Vala are preparing to do that, the proximity alert sounds, meaning another ship is closing in on them…



Note: these spoilers came out a couple of weeks ago… just catching up now for the archive

Season 8’s 9th episode, Sacrifices, sees the return of female Jaffa Ishta, who appeared in the S7 episode Birthright. Presumably she’ll once again be portrayed by Jolene Blalock of Star Trek: Enterprise fame. This episode may have been written by Chris Judge, who wrote Birthright, but that is not clear.

In this story, Ishta has been captured by the Goa’uld Moloc, who was the unseen ruler of her people in Birthright. Moloc tortures Ishta mercilessly to learn about her rebel band, and taunts her for abandoning her symbiote in favor of the drug tretonin. Teal’c works with a character named Aron to free Ishta, with help from Daniel and Bra’tac at the SGC. Moloc’s worries are compounded by an apparent uprising of his subjects in a nearby village.



In an episode to be written and directed by Peter DeLuise, Teal’c discovers that everyday life out among the Tau’ri isn’t all that different than what he’s been watching on his TV. His sexy next-door neighbour Krista James has an abusive boyfriend who resents Teal’c’s interference in their lives. Oh, and Teal’c talks funny, too. Typical of large, interfering guys who just moved from Mozambique…

When Krista finds Teal’c performing his Jaffa tai chi, she appeals to him for help in teaching her self-defence and the sparks fly between them. However, it seems Krista’s old boyfriend is a habit she can’t quite shake and Teal’c is soon embroiled in his own real-life murder mystery.

Meanwhile, Carter is wondering about her life and future with Pete. The risks she takes in gate travel, involving him in that, kids…Can she really see herself taking maternity leave? Dropping off her baby in daycare before gating off into the unknown?



Andrew Colson is a business tycoon in the charismatic, colourful, adventurous mold of Richard Branson. Colson lost his family while he was still a young man and turned both entrepreneur and philanthropist in a bid to compensate somehow for their loss. His global empire includes communications, biotechnology, aerospace and aviation, and he is himself a crack pilot.

Colson calls a press-conference and before the assembled reporters announces that the tragedy which befell the United States five months previously – the deaths of 2,000 US service men and women in a naval carrier group – was not as a result of a meteor strike which disrupted global communications.

Daniel Jackson is in his lab watching this press conference when he’s joined by Carter. Together, they hear Colson declare that none of his company’s satellites detected the alleged meteor shower and insist that some of the world’s governments are involved in a cover-up. The people are being lied to. Colson’s inescapable conclusion from this satellite evidence is that there is life beyond our world. There are aliens with technology far in advance of our own who’ve been intervening in Earth’s existence for some time. Colson gives an ultimatum: the governments of the nations aware of these facts have 24 hours to reveal the truth or he will do it for them.

Colson sounds like a Fox Mulder – a fanatic who believes the truth is out there. He is heedless of the very real economic consequences resulting from plunging his company into a firestorm of panic and controversy. He’s an old friend of Carter’s, who takes him on a personal tour through the Stargate in a bid to convince him to join in the alien cover-up for the good of mankind.

Carter and the SGC are not the only ones to intervene, however. Colson and his best friend and deputy Brian Vogler fall victim to a shadowy conspiracy which drives their empire into apparent bankruptcy and leaves Colson facing criminal charges for financial malfeasance. Meanwhile, Vogler has been personally threatened by an organisation he calls the Trust and he fears for his family.

Colson finds himself totally alone and isolated in his determination to reveal the truth and his belief that he must do this at any cost falters when the very real damage and consequences of his shock announcement spiral utterly beyond his control. Carter drives home to him the power held by the shadowy Trust, admitting that though the SGC have tried, they have not been able to bring the Trust down.

With Colson and Vogler rapidly running out of time and options, can Carter save them?

Andrew Colson is set to be a recurring character in Season 8.



Writer and Co-Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi disclosed to fans on the Japanese Bboard to which he sometimes posts that “New Order”, the two-parter season 8 opener, will deal with the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu. In a follow-up post, he went on to provide the following tease about Icon: “If you like the Daniel character, then you’re going to one to check out an early season episode titled “Icon” in particular.”

At this weekend’s Creation Convention in Pasadena, actor Michael Shanks revealed that there will be romance for Daniel Jackson in Icon.

Daniel Jackson is trapped off-world, seemingly having become separated from SG-1. His situation is precarious – the arrival of the team through the Stargate has triggered religious conflict led by someone named Soren who believes the Goa’uld are benevolent gods.

When fighting began, Daniel chose to stay and try to help the people whom his arrival had so badly affected. The situation is growing worse, with another nation led by Minister Treydan ready to attack if Soren is victorious.

Daniel finds refuge in the farmhouse a woman called Leda, where he tries to contact the SGC via archaic radio. Despite the fighting that has broken out, Leda is convinced it was better for Daniel’s people to have opened the Stargate than the Goa’uld, but Daniel is not so sure.

It seems likely that Leda is the source of Daniel’s ‘romance’, alluded to by actor Michael Shanks at the recent Creation Con.

Guest characters include Leda, Soren and Minister Treydan.



A source has revealed that Affinity focuses on our favourite Jaffa. Teal’c moves out of the SGC and tries to build a life as a ‘regular’ human being.



A source has revealed that Avatar focuses on our favourite Jaffa. Teal’c finds himself in a dangerous predicament from which only Daniel can save him.

GATEWORLD reports the following:

A virtual reality training scenario goes terribly wrong in the upcoming episode “Avatar,” director Martin Wood told GateWorld. The episode is currently filming on the standing S.G.C. sets in Vancouver, B.C., and will air early in Season Eight — possibly as the fourth episode of the season, following “Lockdown.”

“It’s a VR game,” Wood explains. “They’re using the chairs from ‘The Gamekeeper.’ And now we’re back in those chairs and we’ve modified them, and they are allowing us to program our own VR game to check out how certain scenarios can be played out. In this case, Teal’c gets trapped in a scenario of his own making because he never gives up and the game is playing until he gives up — and it’s not going to happen. It’s a very cool episode.”

What is the combat scenario? Details are still sketchy, but beware of the possible infiltration of the S.G.C. by Anubis’ left-over super-soldiers. When Teal’c becomes trapped in the simulation, Daniel Jackson must go into the game to try and save him.

“‘Avatar’ repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats, and looks a little bit like ‘Groundhog Day’ or ‘Window of Opportunity,'” Wood said. “But it has a twist to it in that it completely resets brand new every time. So it’s not like we just start again; Teal’c goes through and resets his game every time he gets killed. But there are subtle differences because the game is adapting to him.”




The experienced and highly decorated Colonel Dimitri Karpov has arrived from Russia to join the Stargate programme, for which he’s volunteered. He has a meeting with General O’Neill about his assignment and naturally requests leadership of SG-1. Jack isn’t interested in hearing what Karpov wants, least of all his desire to grab the job everyone on base wants, and dismisses him quickly.
Daniel, Teal’c and Carter are in Carter’s lab when Jack joins them and mentions his encounter with Karpov. Daniel reminds Jack that they haven’t really fulfilled the promises they made to the Russians in the past, a reference to the events of 48 Hours and the deal Daniel brokered, perhaps. They also discuss leaving SG-1 a three-man team. Carter mentions there is nothing in the regulations saying it needs to be a four-man team and Jack is relieved at one less decision to make. Just like that, the decision is made. SG-1 is a three-man team.

Karpov is alone in his quarters, quite unwell, and we see lesions on his arms. Daniel then goes to visit Karpov to welcome him and smooth things over after the Russian’s run-in with Jack. He asks him not to take it personally and tries to explain Jack to him and also the fact that as Jack is newly appointed to command of the SGC, this is not a good time to pressure him.   Then Karpov collapses dramatically and Daniel tries to catch him. Karpov’s condition is quite serious according to new character Dr. Smith, apparently some form of contagion which results in Jack puttingthe base on lockdown and ordering all off-world teams to go to the Alpha Site.

Spoilers are quite confusing for this episode as there are references both to Daniel seemingly being infected with Karpov’s illness *and* being shot and losing a lot of blood.

Meanwhile, Karpov is not responding well to Smith’s treatment and his prognosis is poor. Karpov is in isolation, worried for Daniel and apologising to Teal’c for Daniel’s condition. It’s through this conversation that we learn Karpov has lost some of his memories and is also experiencing strange flashbacks and dreams.

Daniel himself bears no ill-will over what has happened to him and shares a touching scene with Karpov in which he urges the Russian to keep on hoping when the man would’ve given up, asking Daniel to get a letter to his sister.

In reference to his illness/injury,although Daniel is about to be discharged from the Infirmary, he’s using a cane and also has Teal’c as his wheelchair chauffeur.
There are indications that a Goa’uld is jumping hosts within the SGC, starting out in Karpov, then perhaps moving on to Daniel and from him to another host. Daniel too experiences a flashback and realises something is seriously amiss. Spoilers are far from complete but it appears SG-1 take action against the threat of a possible Goa’uld infestation, including Daniel. The action picks up when the Stargate is remotely activated and Carter tries to override it.



Jack O’Neill takes command of the SGC in his first few days as general and is faced by every catastrophe imaginable. Top of his list is a looming state visit by President Henry Hayes…

General O’Neill has gained an administrative aide as well as a command, in the form of Gilmor, a former Marine who served in the Gulf. Gilmor was recruited by the CIA but has been in a desk job because of an injury sustained during an operation. S/he [we don’t know Gilmor’s gender yet] was assigned to O’Neill by the departing General Hammond and has a little difficulty adjusting to O’Neill being…O’Neill.

Aside from incarcerated aliens, menu choices and bunting crises, O’Neill – and Gilmor – have to deal with a missing SG-1, who are seemingly hostages of Ba’al, and a highly unorthodox prisoner exchange.

Is Gilmor who s/he seems?
Can O’Neill take any more?