ComingSoon: SGU Character Profile: Camille Wray

From MGM, has an exclusive video of Ming-Na as she describes her Stargate Universe character, IOA representative Camille Wray. The video is embedded below: Ming-Na will be participating in the San Diego Comic Con Stargate Universe panel on Friday, July 24, at 10:30 a.m. in Ballroom 20, along with fellow castmates Robert Carlyle, Brian … Continue reading “ComingSoon: SGU Character Profile: Camille Wray”

New SGU Trailer With Cast Snippets

Sci Fi Channel has put up a new Stargate Universe sneak peak, which includes both a trailer and snippets of interviews with the cast. Included are Robert Carlyle (Rush), Lou Diamond Phillips (Col. Telford), Brian J. Smith (Scott), Ming Na (Wray), and Elyse Levesque (Chloe). This is the third video to be released for the … Continue reading “New SGU Trailer With Cast Snippets”

Sci Fi Wire: Stargate Universe Guest Cast

Sci Fi Wire is reporting that veteran Stargate actors Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, and Gary Jones are confirmed as guest stars in the new television series Stargate Universe. The “new” news about this announcement was that of Amanda Tapping’s guest appearance. We already were informed about the appearances of Anderson, Shanks, and … Continue reading “Sci Fi Wire: Stargate Universe Guest Cast”

David Blue Does Video Interview

Stargate Universe star David Blue attended the Artist Sanctuary Party on Saturday before the Juno Awards were held this past weekend in Vancouver. The Juno Awards are Canada’s Music Awards, and this year marked their 38th anniversary. Blue gave several interviews, and the actor reported on his Twitter, “Jamil Walker Smith and I making the … Continue reading “David Blue Does Video Interview”


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SGU This Week: "Divided" (Spoilers)

Stargate Universe episode “Divided” premieres tonight (April 9) on Syfy at 9 PM ET and on Space at 10 PM ET! Writer Paul Mullie described the episode in an interview with the Official Magazine (pdf file at this link), “It’s the military versus the civilians. “The thing is, the military has been in charge by … Continue reading “SGU This Week: "Divided" (Spoilers)”