Sci Fi Magazine Q&A Transcript

We’ve created a full transcript of the already-released February 2006 Sci Fi Magazine Q&A that used questions submitted by fans. Included in our article are all the print and on-line Q&A’s for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, arranged by cast and crew member.

Enjoy the Q&A here!

All Actors Return for New Season

Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis return with full casts, plus one

FROM SCIFI WIRE: SG-1 Adds Black As Regular

Claudia Black (Farscape) joins the regular cast of SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate SG-1 in its upcoming 10th season, and the principal cast members of both SG-1 and its spinoff series, Stargate Atlantis, have signed on to reprise their roles in the recently announced new seasons, the network said.

Black, who plays the recurring role of Vala in SG-1‘s current ninth season, becomes a regular, joining stars Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks and Beau Bridges, who will all return.

Meanwhile, Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion and Jason Momoa will all return to Stargate Atlantis.

Stargate SG-1 becomes the longest-running SF drama on U.S. television and will mark its 200th episode in the upcoming season.

SG-1 wraps up its ninth season with new episodes starting on Jan. 6, 2006, paired with the final new second-season episodes of Atlantis and new episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

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More stars burst through the Gate

Beau Bridges, Mitch Pileggi and Lou Gossett Jr. Join the Casts Of SCI FI’s ‘Stargate SG-1’ and ‘Stargate Atlantis’
SCI FI Channel Press Release

New York, NY (February 7, 2005) Hot on the heels of the exceptional January premieres of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, SCI FI Channel and MGM Television Entertainment have scored a casting hat trick, welcoming three-time Emmy winner Beau Bridges, Oscar winner Lou Gossett, Jr. and sci-fi favorite Mitch Pileggi to the Stargate family.

Bridges will join the cast of Stargate SG-1 as General Hank Landry, the new head of Stargate Command. When Jack O’Neill is promoted to oversee Homeworld Security, he hand-picks Landry to be his successor. In addition to being committed to a regular role on SG-1, Bridges will also cross over to appear in a few episodes of Stargate Atlantis. Gossett will also join the cast of SG-1 in a recurring role as a Jaffa leader who vies with Teal’c for political control of the new Jaffa nation.

Bridges and Gossett join returning cast members Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks, and newest team member Ben Browder, who plays Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell. With these fresh casting additions, Stargate SG-1 (currently the longest-running sci-fi drama on American television) is primed for even greater success as it enters its ninth original season.

X-Files alumnus Mitch Pileggi will take on Stargate Atlantis in a recurring role as a hard-nosed colonel who butts heads with Dr. Weir (Torri Higginson) and Major Sheppard (Joe Flanigan).

Production on both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis is set to begin in March 2005 for summer premieres on SCI FI. Robert C. Cooper and SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright will continue to serve as executive producers on both series, which are distributed by MGM Worldwide Television Distribution.

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EXCLUSIVE! Beau Bridges cast as SG-1's new general

A Solutions source has revealed that a new candidate has been given the role of the SGC’s commanding general for Season 9 of Stargate SG-1: Beau Bridges.

A Hollywood Walk Of Fame alumnus (2003, with his star next to those of father Lloyd and brother Jeff Bridges), the 63 year-old actor, director and producer Beau Bridges has had a long and critically acclaimed career in film and television. In film, he is best known for “The Fabulous Baker Boys” with brother Jeff and Michelle Pfeiffer, while sci-fi fans will recall his leading role in the two-hour “Outer Limits” episode ‘Sandkings’.

Bridges’ prestigious awards include an Emmy and a Golden Globe award for the 1992 TV movie “Without Warning: The James Brady Story;” an Emmy and a Golden Globe for 1993’s “The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom;” an Emmy for the 1997 miniseries “The Second Civil War” and a National Society of Film Critics Award in 1989 for “The Fabulous Baker Boys.” He has been the recipient of countless other award nominations.

President of the environmental group “Ventura CoastKeeper” in his native California, recently Bridges has been working alongside Daniel Day-Lewis on the film “The Ballad of Jack and Rose,” which opens in March. He joins established stars Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge and Amanda Tapping, plus newcomers Ben Browder and Claudia Black for Stargate’s pivotal 9th season. As Stargate Command’s new general, Bridges will follow in the footsteps of fan favourite Don S. Davis who played General George Hammond in Seasons 1-7, and star Richard Dean Anderson, Brigadier General Jack O’Neill in Season 8. It’s not yet known if Bridges will be part of the regular cast or a recurring guest star.

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Beau Bridges at TV Tome
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