Judge Lends Voice to "Turok" Video Game

Christopher Judge at Comic Con

Stargate actor Christopher Judge will be lending his voice to Touchstone’s Turok, according to a recent article published at SCI FI WIRE:

Timothy Olyphant, Powers Boothe, Ron Perlman, William Fichtner and Donnie Wahlberg are among the actors who are voicing characters in Touchstone’s Turok, the upcoming SF first-person-shooter video game. The game is slated for release on Feb. 5, 2008, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Turok is set on a dark, mysterious planet in the future. The player will take on the role of Joseph Turok, a former black ops commando, now part of an elite special forces squad, known as Whiskey Company, which is on a mission to take down Roland Kane and his army, the Mendel-Gruman Corp. When his ship is shot down, Turok must locate other crash survivors while confronting Mendel-Gruman soldiers and a variety of dinosaurs and other ravenous creatures.

Gregory Norman Cruz provides the voice of Joseph Turok. The voice cast also includes Stargate SG-1 cast member Christopher Judge. Boothe is the voice of the villain, Roland Kane.

Judge has provided his voice talent to other video games, including Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam Fight for NY.

Judge on the Movies and Beyond

NOTE: This article contains references to the plotlines of the two Stargate movies and casting information for Season Four of Stargate Atlantis.

Dreamwatch’s Bryan Cairns has posted an interview with Christopher Judge on the Total Sci Fi website. Judge talks about the finale of Stargate SG-1, about Teal’c’s future within the franchise, and about another script project he’s working on (see our previous article on Judge’s other script, Rage of Angels).

Concerning the two Stargate direct-to-DVD movies, Judge said:

The thing that was the most exciting was seeing the scripts. All the things we previously had to cut because of constraints – be it budgetary or time – we were now able to do. The writers were excited about the prospect of being able to write an episode and not have to immediately look at the financial reality of it and start dissecting it.

As someone who has written stuff, it is so freeing. It brings you up creatively to see their scripts and go, “Wow! They really took the ball and ran with it.”

The Ark of Truth

Robert C. Cooper’s Stargate: The Ark of Truth ends the Ori storyline that was started in Season Nine. The movie is a compressed version of the story arc that was originally intended to last throughout Season Eleven.

I liked it because it was done correctly. Sometimes more isn’t better. If the story has to be watered down to make it last for 20 episodes, that is not good either. The Arc of Truth is such a bang but also logical. It is not a huge leap of faith that this happens in one contained story. Looking where we went with it, I’m not sure we could have sustained it, so I like the way it ended.


The Goa’uld Ba’al makes a return to the stories of SG-1 in Brad Wright’s Stargate: Continuum. Directed by Martin Wood, this movie is the first of the stand-alone stories presented in the franchise’s new format. Already there is talk of more films to be done in this manner.

Because Ba’al goes back in time and alters the timeline, Teal’c is no longer a Free Jaffa, but the First Prime of a Goa’uld System Lord. It just so happens that this System Lord is not Apophis, but Ba’al himself.

What is it like being a Ba’al supporter? [Laughs] It was very interesting to revisit where Teal’c initially started from. That is the good thing about the alternative reality aspect of it. You can be in the same situation but your reality can be altered. I really took enjoyment in finding little moments where Teal’c, as we know him, would have reacted in certain ways but this Teal’c, who is in the same predicament of being a slave to the Gou’ald, reacts completely differently.

I really liked that entire concept and let me tell you, the stuff they did in Continuum like going to the Arctic, is incredible. It is incredible that we were able to do the amount of things we are doing in 18 days. I really think our next step is to do features. Certainly, their imaginations are limitless when it comes to different avenues to take the show.

Stargate Atlantis

The date of the interview is not known, so at the time, Judge addressed the possibility of reprising his role as Teal’c in the fourth season of Stargate Atlantis. Since this time, he has been confirmed by executive producer Joseph Mallozzi to be in the third episode, “Reunion”, and at least one more episode in the second half. Currently, the assumption is that this second-half season episode is the sixteenth on the schedule, “Midway”.

Judge’s New Projects

Not only is Judge pursuing a leading role in his own TV pilot script Rage of Angels, but he has also written a movie script:

I am writing on a horror movie. It is called The Hole and is based on a true story. In Washington State, there is a hole that, by their estimates, is at least 10,000 feet deep. The stuff that is happening around this hole….. The U.S. government has taken over this area and made it like another Area 51.

Even from satellite imagery, they have obscured it. It is a very interesting story. Some of the stuff is unbelievable, but it is so well documented and so many people that have previously worked in government circles have come forward and talked about it.

To read the full interview, visit Dreamwatch’s Total Sci Fi: Christopher judges Stargate.

McNamara Talks with Judge About "Rage of Angels"

In a two-part interview published in Mary McNamara’s blog, Christopher Judge stated his reasons for writing the script for his pilot Rage of Angels, “I truly want to be the lead in an hour formatted show and prove that a black lead can be commercially viable and sustainable in overseas markets.”

Judge was told by Stargate SG-1 producer Brad Wright that if that’s what he wanted, he’d have to write it himself. And so, Judge did. According to him, he started writing the day after he was given notice that SG-1 had been cancelled.

Judge is slimming down for his role and has grown out his hair, a very different look than what he had for Teal’c. He said, “I don’t want to remind anyone of Teal’c at all. I want to have two very separate and distinct characters.”

Judge’s distinct character for Rage is the angel Gabriel. Judge basically implies that Gabriel is no angel, as it were, since he’ll be defying the rules of Heaven and God himself when he falls to Earth. “When you think about what Gabriel’s issues are, he’s the wrath of god. Lucifer was God’s beloved, God’s favorite angel. Lucifer wanted to be a god himself, so he was cast out of heaven. Gabriel has to do all the dirty work knowing that God loves another more than him.”

Lucifer will be played by Judge’s long-time friend and Stargate co-star Michael Shanks. In a recent interview with SCI FI WEEKLY, Shanks talked a little about the two actors’ upcoming roles: “It is a slight departure from what I’ve been playing for the last 10 years. With Christopher playing an angel, I mean, that’s a whole — you have no idea how ridiculous that is. So we are definitely going against type with this new project that we’re doing. MGM is going to finance the pilot for it, and we’ll have to wait and see what happens with it. But we are very excited about the future, and as evidence, after working together for 10-plus years, the idea we would want to go and do something together after this is a testament to our, I would say friendship, but I would say also more to our patience with each other.”

Production of the pilot is being backed by MGM who count Stargate as their second largest franchise (after James Bond). Senior Executive Vice President of Finance and Corporate Development Charlie Cohen has been a long-time fan of the Stargate franchise and was instrumental in getting the approximately $14 million needed to produce the two direct-to-DVD movies, Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum. The world-wide success of Stargate helped in making the decision in backing Judge in this endeavor. Judge said, “We’re walking into a network with two guys [Judge and Shanks] from the longest running scifi show in history whose show is still making product.”

Helping to solidify the MGM deal was Brad Turner, Emmy-winning producer and director for FOX TV’s hit show 24. Judge said that he and Turner have similar goals for the show: “We agreed on everything. Creatively there were things I put in [the script] and I wasn’t sure that people would get and Brad got them immediately. It was just a very symbiotic relationship.”

McNamara describes the movie as a “backdoor pilot”, which means, according to the definition in the TV IV wiki, it will be “a standalone movie so it can be broadcast even if it is not picked up as a series.” Judge described Rage of Angels as “Touched by An Angel Meets 300.” He then explained: “We’re going to recreate the war of the heavens and it will probably be one of the bloodiest battles that’s ever been shown on television. I thought it needed to be shot very much the way 300 was shot. That’s never been attempted on TV. The perception is: it’s too costly, too time consuming.” He credits Turner for his seeing how they could accomplish their goal, “We sat down and did a rewrite and it’s basically a shooting script. He had specific ideas to tweak things. And Brad walked into MGM and said this is what we want to do and here’s how we’re going to afford it. He dotted every i, crossed every t.”

Whether or not Turner will be able to continue with the project as the series director and showrunner in case the pilot is picked up was a concern for Cohen, according to McNamara. Judge said that they’ll start filming the movie after Stargate Atlantis wraps filming, but didn’t go into the reasons for this specific delay. Judge is to appear in a second-half season episode which is about to be filmed in Vancouver (episode 16, “Midway”), and any further involvement he might have in the show is currently not known. Even with this delay, Rage of Angels has been a project that has seen a very quick track toward production. Judge commented on the process thus far: “It’s been enjoyable. For everything to come together in this business, this quickly – I’ve been blessed.”

To read the full interview, visit Mary McNamara’s blog (two parts): Stargate’s Chris Judge, 24’s Brad Turner Partner for Rage of Angels. For Shanks’ interview, which also includes comments from Amanda Tapping and Judge about Stargate and future projects, visit SCI FI WEEKLY: Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge look back on 10 thrilling years of Stargate SG-1.

Sci Fi Weekly: Tapping, Shanks, Judge on Movies

SCI FI WEEKLY‘s Melissa Perenson has published short interviews with Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, and Christopher Judge about their experiences in the ten years of Stargate SG-1 and what’s in store for their futures.

The three remaining original cast members also talked about the two direct-to-DVD movies briefly:

The Ark of Truth

What was originally going to be Season Eleven of Stargate SG-1, Stargate: The Ark of Truth closes the Ori storyline that was started in Season Nine. Written and directed by Robert C. Cooper, the movie is due to be released world-wide in the Spring of 2008.

Asked if she is happy with how the arc was closed, Tapping replied, “I am, actually, yeah, I am. Because I think it still had a human quality to it. It wasn’t just a blow-’em-up, shoot-’em-out … There was still a very human element to the story, so I am happy with how it ended.”

Shanks, however, didn’t seem to be as satisfied when he offered, “I don’t think there is a way to please everybody. We had a two-year arc of that particular aspect of the storyline, and to spend two hours trying to wrap it all up really quickly, I don’t think is going to please everybody. So it’s hard to say if it’s an apropos wrap-up to it. But I think it’s satisfying enough that we don’t have to leave it lingering. So it was satisfying that we finished the storyline, but Rob [Cooper] still had the presence of mind to write the characters going back up the ramp and ready to take on the next challenge, so to speak. So we can at least end with the aspect these characters are continuing to explore, and we can live on in the imagination of the viewer.”

Judge said that he couldn’t say anything about the movie, but did say, “It’s the closure for the Ori storyline. And it’s big, big, big. It’s a great conclusion for that arc. In a series, it would have taken three or four episodes to tell that story, and we were able to do it in one contained movie.”


Brad Wright’s Continuum was directed by long-time Stargate director Martin Wood. The movie sets the stage for the new way of telling SG-1 stories as stand-alone adventures. There is already talk about more movies to come in this new format. Continuum is due for world-wide release on DVD in the Fall of 2008.

Tapping shared some of her experience filming in the Arctic with Ben Browder and concluded with, “I was giddy. It was fun. I had gotten up at 2:30 the last morning so I could see the northern lights, and it was unbelievable.”

Shanks wasn’t asked about Continuum, but Judge was, and he responded, “It was fun, it was fun. It was a fantastic story. But for us around here, fun is always job one. And a lot of it was the fact that Brad was actually on set every day. Over the years, no one’s really gotten to know Coop and Brad, ’cause they’ve been the guys locked up in the tower writing the stories. But to have them actually on set, and for people to see that they’re funny and engaging and human …”

To read the full interviews in which the three talk about their future involvement with the franchise and their non-Stargate projects, visit SCI FI WEEKLY: Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge look back on 10 thrilling years of Stargate SG-1.

Judge Sporting New Look on Set

Note: Links to Season Four Episode Guides lead to spoilers.

Executive Producer and Stargate Atlantis co-showrunner Joseph Mallozzi has posted a few days’ worth of pictures he took of Christopher Judge as he visited the sets of the show this past week. Mallozzi has tipped off readers of his personal blog that Judge’s character Teal’c will be returning to the show in the second half of the season to spar with Ronon Dex (Jason Momoa). Images include Judge in the production offices (August 15) and in a practice sparring session with Momoa on the lot (August 16).

Teal’c’s first appearance in Season Four is in the third episode, “Reunion”, which will be making its premiere on the Sci Fi Channel at 10pm Eastern on Friday, October 12. The second-half episode is currently thought to be “Midway”, which will make its premiere sometime in 2008 and in which Mallozzi stated in his personal blog, “It’ll be great to finally see the big men spar.”

Visitors to Mallozzi’s blog will note that Judge has a new look. As was observed by Multichannel’s Mary McNamara in her blog post entitled “ComicCon: Chris Judge Readies for Rage of Angels”: “For years Judge shaved his head and bulked up for his role as Teal’c. But now his hair is long and gelled. What can I say. It’s a fabulous look for him.” McNamara also reported that Judge intends to shed more pounds in preparation for his role in his own TV pilot Rage of Angels, which is being backed by MGM and is to be co-produced with director Brad Turner and co-star and business partner Michael Shanks.

Asked if Teal’c will be sporting Judge’s new look, Mallozzi simply responded, “Possibly.”

Stargate Atlantis makes its fall premiere on Friday, September 28, at 10pm Eastern.

Stargate Atlantis: Season Four episode index (leads to spoilers)

Comic Con: SG-1 Panel Breakdown, Images

Note: click on images to see bigger versions.

Gary Jones at SG-1 panel

Here is a breakdown of the Stargate SG-1 panel at Comic Con 2007 on Friday, July 27. Gary Jones was the moderator for the panel. He encouraged the audience to raise the bar and ask good questions (perhaps compared to last year?) and promised prizes to those who asked really good ones.

Gary greeted the audience and played up his Harriman role. He said the one line he always wished he could have said on Stargate: “I don’t know, sir. I could have sworn Teal’c was right behind me.” This was a reference to him wanting to travel through the gate on missions along with the others.

He remembered saying to Brad Wright ten years ago, “Brad, sure it’s going to be the star vehicle for me, but if I’m going to be spending ten years sitting on my ass, talking to a pane of glass, I’m really going to need a kick-ass support crew. Of course over the years they just became more popular than me, but that’s okay!”

Then he introduced the SG-1 tribute video, followed by the Ark of Truth trailer, which is described here. Those were very well received, with big cheers at several points, especially at the end of the trailer.

Ben Browder at SG-1 panel

Gary joked he wasn’t in the movie, but was in many of the outtakes. Then he introduced the panelists, who took the stage and found their seats. They were: Martin Wood, Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Chris Judge, and Robert Cooper. At first glance it was clear that Ben has grown his hair out, Amanda has long hair, and surprisingly Chris Judge has long hair and a beard and mustache.

Martin Wood and Ben Browder

Gary asked the panel how everyone was feeling, sitting there with 4,000 people. Martin said he was full from eating and that it was very fulfilling looking at all the flashbulbs going off. Ben Browder yelled, “Hello San Diego!” Then Amanda said, “Just chillin’ with four thousand of our closest friends.” Chris said, “I’m way less hungover than I usually am. Hello, Riverside!” Robert Cooper said with mock nervousness and meekness, “Hello, San Diego.”

Chris Judge

Gary opened up the questions to the audience. The first was a man asking what Chris Judge has lined up other than Stargate. Chris said very briefly that “Rage of Angels” is a “go” with MGM. He said they are “full steam ahead” with Brad Turner, and asked Charlie Cohen, sitting in the audience, if it was okay to say that. Based on the lack of clapping, it seemed a lot in the audience had no idea what Chris was talking about, but perhaps feeling pressure to keep the subject of the session to SG-1, he didn’t say much more.

Then Gary said how relieved he was to know Chris had a job. And Chris said his ex-wife would be happy to know it, too. He said answering that question was going to cost him a lot of money.

To reward the man who asked the first question, Gary called him up and gave him an autographed copy of the script for “200”! The guy was very happy, needless to say.

Robert Cooper

The next guy directed his question at the producers: “What do you have against doctors?” The audience started screaming and waving the Scottish flags handed out earlier by the Save Carson Beckett campaign (read more here). Robert Cooper responded that, “The problem with doctors is when they get mortally wounded, there’s no one to save them.” Then he blamed it on Martin Gero. Then, amazingly, he added, “It’s not doctors we have a problem with, it’s Scottish people.” The audience started booing like crazy, waving their flags even more. Cooper looked a bit surprised at the fan preparation. Then he said to ask that question in the Atlantis panel, and that he was sure Joe Mallozzi would be glad to answer it.

The next guy wanted to praise the show for it’s depiction of strong, independent female characters. Chris Judge started preening as if he were a strong female character, then Ben joined in. The questioner took Chris to be referring to the strong females he had written (e.g., Ishta), but the audience just laughed. The man said he was referring particularly to Colonel Sam Carter and Doctor Janet Fraiser. He asked if it would be possible to see Janet Fraiser in Continuum, since it involves time travel. And if the panelists didn’t want to answer that, what were their fondest memories of working with Teryl Rothery? Amanda spoke up right away that Teryl had the best giggle ever. She would spontaneously burst into laughter, and snort and laugh at the same time. Chris added that he missed it first thing in the morning. Martin Wood explained that the sort of time travel that would be in Continuum might not be what we are expecting. But he said there would be a street scene where Daniel Jackson is walking down the street, and he will see Janet Fraiser’s parents. The audience was pretty quiet. Then he said, “I’m kidding!” This was the first of several false leads by Martin.

The same guy thanked Brad Wright for bringing back Nirrti, who would “kick your ass for a nickel and give you back 4 cents change.” Chris Judge said, “You’ve been dying to say that!”

Amanda Tapping

Then Gary Jones asked Amanda about how important it was to play a strongly written character in terms of fueling her to continue on the show, other than… “To be with you!” Amanda finished. He joked that when he was playing Harriman and Carter would stroll in, move him to the side at his console, and take over, he would always think, “Wow, what a strongly written character!”

Amanda explained that that aspect was very important to her continuing to play Carter: the evolution of the character, her expanding horizons, and her most important relationship, that with her father. She finished with “I like her!” to which there was great applause.

A woman said she’d heard “there was something that Amanda Tapping was doing on-line,” which got everyone laughing at the possibilities. Gary Jones said that joke pretty much wrote itself. Amanda said, “This is an SG-1 panel, and I’m grateful for my tenure on Stargate, but sanctuaryforall.com,” the last said very quickly. She added that she’s very proud of it. Again, there was a sense many in the audience didn’t know about the project. Gary asked if everyone was aware of it; quite a few people cheered, then he repeated “SanctuaryforAll.com.”

The next fan asked Ben whether he’d be in the Farscape webisodes, and asked him to tell the audience about “Homer.” He said the Farscape question would be best asked at the Henson panel later, and explained “Going Homer” is a mini-series for which he’s currently writing the story with Andrew Prowse from Australia. it will be a 2-part mini-series, and they will see when that happens in terms of it coming to fruition.

Then a very odd guy came up and begged the panel to make him happy by letting him sing a Stargate song. The audience instantly started booing him down, without mercy. Only geeks can be this mean to other geeks! He said it was a parody and asked to sing a little bit, and again the audience booed. He said he didn’t care what the audience thought, only the panelists. Gary Jones told him, “You know what? The actors aren’t going to beat you up in the hallway.” The panelists looked vaguely disturbed, but then Amanda said she wanted to hear it. The audience gasped. Gary Jones said, “Go ahead, Captain Deathwish.” So the guy started singing, to the tune of the Smashmouth song, “Somebody once told me, there’s a big ring in the dessert, I think they said it was from Egypt…” He got another line or two out before he gave up.

Gary Jones, nearly speechless, said “Wow, those are some cojones you got on you, man.” Then Chris Judge seamlessly went into an imitation of Randy Jackson from American Idol: “Dawg, dawg, you know I’m keeping it real.” He gestured just like Jackson and the audience quickly picked up on what he was doing, howling in laughter. He went on a bit, then turned to Amanda, who said, “The audience loved you, man,” a la Paul Abdul. Then it was Ben’s turn to be Simon Cowl. He said in a fair fine British accent, “That was the worst thing I have ever heard!” What a brilliant bit of improvisation, and the audience loved it. Chris then asked for a round of applause for the guy.

The next guy asked if we’d see Walter in Atlantis, and if we’d actually see the Furlings. Martin Wood said we did see them in “200”. That was them. Gary said as far as Walter in Atlantis, “Yeah” but Martin cut him off and said, “Next question please!” But Gary said Martin had just directed him in a very funny scene with Jason Momoa. Martin said Harriman actually had more words in that one scene of Atlantis than he had in ten seasons of SG-1. Cooper said, “The great thing about Gary is you don’t really even have to cast him — he’s just there. You just go into the stage and there he is sitting in the chair.”

A man asked if we’d see Ba’al again and if we’d see how his clones were created. Martin deadpanned, “They were cloned,” and turned it over to Robert, who revealed that Ba’al is the villain in Continuum. Martin said in the episode of Atlantis they are filming now (Kindred Part 1) there is an explanation about what happened to the clones. He said he was kidding but it seemed maybe he wasn’t.

A Navy Petty Officer stepped up and asked about military support for the show and Continuum. She asked what the positive aspects of that military involvement are. Cooper explained there had been long relationship with the Air Force and that in addition to advice and support, they had given equipment many times. He said it’s been a tremendous relationship. The Air Force appreciates the show portraying the military in a positive, respectful manner. They’ve always been aware of that and have written episodes that speak for themselves and show their respect. He said there is no comparison between what they on the show do and what the military folks do. “We’re just playing; that’s real life.” He said it’s a mutual admiration society. Recently he got to sit in the cockpit of a parked F-15 that had been flown up to Vancouver for filming. The pilots thought it was so cool that he produces Stargate, and he thought it was so cool that they fly airplanes.

Amanda pointed out that they have benefitted from the rivalry between the different forces. Once the Navy heard the Air Force was sending up aircraft to support the movie, they offered to crash a nuclear submarine through the ice in the Arctic.

Martin related the story of how he went down to Cheyenne Mountain ten years ago to get all those external establishing shots of the tunnel and the guards walking around. No one knew who they were or what they were doing beyond making some new TV show. Then he went back in Season 8 to get a new set of shots. Suddenly there were hundreds of airmen standing waiting, offering to be extras. And inside Cheyenne Mountain, because people always look for it, they actually have a door with a sign on it that says “Stargate Command.” A Colonel showed it to him. Martin asked him what was behind it, and he said, “Brooms… and detergent.” This story got a huge laugh for Martin, who told it very well. He clarified that that story was “true”.

Robert Cooper talked again about the competition between forces. Apparently he couldn’t hear Amanda speak earlier; none of the panelists could hear each other! But anyway Robert mentioned the name of the Naval officer who had, at a con, offered the trip to the Arctic for filming on the ice and with the nuclear sub. It turned out that man was there, so Martin Wood introduced him (Barry something) and told the audience we have a lot to thank him for. So he got a huge round of applause.

Barry was up at the Arctic lab during filming and has a cameo in the movie. Nodding at Ben and Amanda, Martin said the filming in the Arctic was the time of their lives. He said we won’t believe how great the movies look compared to the TV show.

Gary Jones broke in to describe how as Harriman has been promoted year after year, they have to be very careful how he’s addressed on film. Once Mitchell referred to him simply as “Sergeant” and they got an Air Force memo about how he should be addressed as “Chief Master Sergeant”, giving him the respect that his rank deserves. So he went and shoved that memo in Ben’s face, and that’s why they often call him Walter or Chief since then.

A woman asked if there were any decisions that any of the panelists regretted over the past ten years. Gary asked Rob if he regrets any decisions, “besides that fashion choice,” referring to Cooper’s sort of western-style shirt. Cooper said they always make decisions at the time that they think are best for the show. So he couldn’t really think of one. Martin pointed out one — what happens when you fire a zat gun for the third time. Cooper countered that that was not his decision, although he does regret it.

Gary tried to draw the question out by asking Cooper if there were any decisions that didn’t go the way he thought it might go. Cooper had nothing, but Martin piped up with “casting choices.” Not of major characters, but of “secondary and tertiary,” referring to an earlier comment by Martin that Harriman was a tertiary character.

The next fan asked if the military connection put restrictions on them. Cooper said certainly and brought up the example from Season 1’s “There but for the Grace of God.” In that alternate reality O’Neill and Carter were married. In the early drafts, they were both still officers and they were to kiss before O’Neill went off to his death. The Air Force said there was no way that two officers could kiss on duty like that. Cooper pointed out that O’Neill was going to his death, but they still said no way. So Brad had the idea to make Carter a civilian doctor, which was okay with the Air Force. But then on the day of filming the actors and director decided to make it a hug instead of a kiss, so it didn’t really matter anyway!

Martin pointed out that Carter has not “legally” been able to call O’Neill ‘Jack’ in this reality. Cooper said the first time was in “200,” but Amanda pointed out she called him ‘Jack’ in Season 1’s “Solitudes.” But he was dying…vand there was no military around. The fan who asked the question said, “So basically whatever happens on the deathbed stays on the deathbed?” to much laughter.

Cooper talked about another example, “Foothold” in which aliens get into the base, overcome security, and get out of the mountain. The military advisor said that would never happen, meaning the security wouldn’t fail. Cooper said, “You mean the aliens would never get out of the base where there’s a Stargate to other planets?” And the advisor said, “That’s right. We would not allow that to happen.” Very funny.

The next person wanted to know about the experiences of filming in the Arctic. She said to Chris that she knew he didn’t go because he has an aversion to bears. Christ came back with, “No, I have an aversion to being eaten by bears!” Then he added, “I’m roughly seal-colored.”

Martin Wood and Ben Browder

Martin said that there were several actors who changed their minds about going up to the Arctic after attending Barry’s briefing on what it would be like. Martin was facing Chris at the meeting; he seemed okay with it until Barry started to talk about the polar bears. Barry said to a polar bear, everyone is an upright seal. Chris said, “Yeah, I’m the one they’re going for.” Amanda saw Chris change his mind, too, when he whispered, “I’m not going” after hearing he’d have to check his colleagues for frost bite.

Ben Browder and Amanda Tapping

Marin said when the landed, it was minus 39 degrees F, and it got as cold as minus 58. At Gary’s prompting, Ben talked about he and Amanda walking hundreds of yards for the helicopter shots, and how no one had walked out there nor knew exactly how thick the ice was. They could hear it creaking and moaning as they walked. But it was stunningly beautiful and no one will ever see exactly those formations again, because they come and go. Amanda said on the third pass of the helicopter they were doing snow angels. Martin pointed out all of the shots in the movie are Ben and Amanda, never stunt doubles. And they never complained about the cold. Ben said he thought it, but he never said it.

Then Cooper said he had to defend Chris. In filming the Ark of Truth, they had to take him up to the side of a mountain, on a very thin ridge. They filmed him with a helicopter that got very close to him at times. There were wind gusts and the helicopter downwash blew him around at times. They asked Chris to walk closer to the edge but he declined. At one point the rudder of the helicopter almost hit him. Chris said in his mind, he was thinking of the guys who’d been to the Arctic. And so he thought, “If I don’t stay up here, I’ll never hear the end of it.”

I shouted from the audience, “Where is Shanks” which set Chris on a mission to phone him from his cell phone… this went on for a while.

Meanwhile the next fan question was whether we can expect Daniel Jackson to die in the movies, with the implication that he’s died so often already. Cooper said it wouldn’t be a movie if Daniel wasn’t dying. Martin said the magic number for sci fi deaths is six. That’s the maximum number you can have in a show, and they know because they made up the rule.

Chris announced he was going to call Michael, to many cheers. He set about dialing.

The last question was whether there would be any more spin-offs. Cooper announced they are actively working on another series. Gary said it would be called Stargate: CSI, but Cooper said he’s been pitching Stargate: Hawaii for a long time. Cooper said, thanks to all of the fans, the franchise is alive and well. They’re hopeful the movies will do well, that there will be more of them, and that there will be a lot more Stargate.

I asked when the movies are being released, and Gary Jones said next year (2008), with Ark of Truth in the Spring, and Continuum in the Fall.

Gary then asked for a round of applause to close the panel, but just then Chris reached Lexa and asked if Michael was in. She said no, then he asked to call back and for her not answer so he could leave a message. But she answered again… or the fax answered or something. There was mass confusion on the phone call.

While that was going on, Martin Wood pointed out that Brad Wright and Robert Cooper had created what we love. He said we have no idea how hard they work to produce the shows. So he asked for and got a round of applause for Brad and Robert. Chris spoke up to applaud their tremendous ability to sign checks and told Robert, “I love you.”

Chris Judge phones Michael Shanks

Gary tried once more to end the panel, but Chris was phoning Michael again. He finally got through and said, “What’s up, home girl? Is the frowner around?” Chris yelled for him several times, but Lexa finally told him Michael was in the bathroom. So Chris had everyone yell “hi” into the phone, and it was a very loud hello. Then he told Lexa he wished everything would come out well for Michael in the bathroom. Ewww.

So that was the end of the funny and lively SG-1 panel! In retrospect I wish there had ben more questions for the actors. Ben in particular didn’t say much, but he seemed to be having a good time.

We will provide a summary of the Atlantis panel in the next couple of days…

SG-1 Cast: What They're Doing Now

S10 Cast of Stargate SG-1
Cast of Stargate SG-1 from Season Ten and the two direct-to-DVD movies.

Solutions has gathered together a few pieces of information from around the web concerning what the cast members of Stargate SG-1 are doing to further their careers and family lives now that the filming of the two direct-to-DVD movies has completed.

Ben Browder

Ben Browder did an interview at The Scifi World and talked about what he enjoys doing in his spare time:

Right now… and my interests do change over time… I’m into coaching youth football. Next year I hope to coach the polevaulters at the high school. I suppose it falls into the I like working with young people category. Teaching kids, helping them meet and exceed expectations, watching them grow in the process is infinitely fascinating. And as a parent, I believe that we have a duty to whole of the next generation, not just our own progeny.

He’s also been mentioned as starting up a project for the Sci Fi Channel in a Variety article about NBC Universal’s cable networks:

Sci Fi is developing the six-hour miniseries “Going Homer,” from “Farscape” alum Ben Browder and Andrew Prowse. Taken from the Odyssey, project will revolve around a 12-year-old, Homer Ulysses Jones, who sets off on a journey from L.A. to New York in order to escape a custody battle. Homer is able to see what others can’t: Greek and Roman gods are here on earth, walking among mortals. Some gods will aid his journey, while others will seek to kill him in order to prevent him from getting home.

Look for Ben to appear at the Comic Con in San Diego on the Stargate: The Ark of Truth panel on Friday, July 27.

Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping has not left the Stargate franchise as she has moved over to star in Stargate Atlantis in its fourth season, currently in production in Vancouver. Filming for the series will be resuming Monday after the cast’s “shooting hiatus”. Amanda is scheduled to appear in 14 out of the 20 episodes for the season as Col. Samantha Carter, the new commander of the Atlantis Base. Her first appearance in the show will be in its premiere, “Adrift” (spoilers), which will be shown for the first time in the world on the Sci Fi Channel on Friday, September 28, 2007.

Following the end of filming for the fourth season, Amanda will be working on her new on-line serial Sanctuary. She told The Scifi World that she hopes they’ll produce ten more hours starting in October. These ten hours, if produced, will translate into 40 new webisodes.

Look for Amanda to appear in both the Stargate panels at the Comic Con in San Diego on Friday, July 27.

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge wrote a few episodes for Stargate SG-1 and appeared in the most episodes of any regular cast member during its 10-year run. He hasn’t left the franchise completely either, as he will make an appearance in the Stargate Atlantis fourth season episode, “Reunion” (spoilers). There’s also another cross-over episode coming up in the second half of the season that might give Christopher the opportunity to appear again, but the specific actor crossing over has not yet been identified by executive producer Joseph Mallozzi in his personal blog (spoilers galore).

As far as his own projects, in his farewell interview at the scifi.com website, Christopher stated this about his pilot, Rage of Angels, which was picked up for production by MGM:

I play Gabriel and Shanks plays Lucifer. We’re going a bit against type, I would think. [He smiles.] I wrote the pilot for it. It’s a very dark, sexy, violent show, and I think that’s probably what we’ll be doing next.

Additionally, fellow Stargate actor and writer David Hewlett mentioned Christopher in his blog recently:

Speaking of Judge, I’ve got to get the nerve up to ask him about the latest film role I’ve started writing for him…it’s a pretty different kind of thing for him, but I think he’d be amazing at it and really chew up the scenery…hoping he goes for it… rather than turning on me violently, squashing me like a bug and leaving my crumpled form in the gutter beside some lonely road…happy thoughts, happy thoughts…

This film might be Hewlett’s script Design of the Dead.

Look for Christopher to appear at the Comic Con in San Diego on the Stargate: The Ark of Truth panel on Friday, July 27.

Claudia Black

According to John Stone’s Blog at TVGuide.com, Claudia Black will be appearing in the premiere of NBC’s new dramatic series Life as Jennifer Conover, the remarried ex-wife of the show’s main character, Charlie Crews, played by Damian Lewis. NBC’s description of the show:

Meet Detective Charlie Crews. Behind him sit tough years of hard prison time for a crime he didn’t commit. Ahead of him lie the challenges of a world that’s moved on without him. Now it’s time to walk through the painful cobwebs of his past and re-enter the scorn-filled halls of a job he loves. It’s no easy task, especially when his reluctant new partner is as jaded as Dani Reese. Charlie’s appreciation for life’s details not only offers up unique insights into each crime, it reminds us of all the little things we take for granted.

Claudia is not mentioned as part of the regular cast, and according to The Futon Critic, her appearance in the first episode is incredibly brief, but there’s always a possibility that she’ll be playing a recurring character on the new show. Life is scheduled to premiere Wednesday, September 26, at 10pm Eastern on NBC (see NBC’s Fall Preview webpage for more information).

Beau Bridges

Beau Bridges filmed a pilot for FOX entitled Two Families, but the half-hour comedy was not picked up for the fall schedule. Beau plays a recurring role in the half-hour comedy, My Name Is Earl, which is shown on Thursdays at 8pm Eastern on NBC. In the upcoming season, Beau has been contacted to reappear as Earl’s father, as he mentioned along with his other project recently in an interview with The Scifi World (Stargate spoilers therein):

Well, I’ve done a number of these “My Name is Earl” shows. I play Earl’s father. It’s a half-hour comedy. And I’ll be doing some more of those. I have a movie coming out that I did with Misha Barton, called Don’t Fade Away. It’s about a father who is dying and his relationship with his son. And Misha plays my son’s girlfriend.

Beau can also be seen in the George Clooney movie The Good German.

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks closed out his TVGuide.com Blog on June 21 as Stargate SG-1 ended its TV run on the Sci Fi Channel on June 22. Since that time, he’s been mentioned in various press articles and has been the subject of interviews in recent sci-fi magazines.

Look for his picture on the cover of Cult Times #142 (July 2007), as well as for an excerpt from his interview entitled “So Long and Shanks” at the magazine’s website. Included in the interview not published in the excerpt, Michael talks about his Sci Fi Channel movie Mega Snake, currently scheduled for its premiere on Saturday, August 25, at 9pm Eastern.

“Oddly enough, it is about a large snake,” he chuckles. “It could be a porn film. I need to clarify that every now and again. Apparently they’ve lost their imagination when it comes to titles; I always hoped that was a working title. It is about a giant snake and I play a paramedic in an Appalachian town who is forced to deal with this large snake running amuck.”

In Issue 17 of the Official Magazine (SG-1 Yearbook), Michael talks about taking time to be with his family, “I’m going to get to know the little pint sized things that live in my house, that I haven’t got to know — I’m going to be a dad for a while! I’m so ready for some family time and some ‘me’ time.”

Michael also is working with Christopher Judge in producing and starring in the pilot Rage of Angels, but there’s been no more new information about how that is going. And their production company’s “The Men of Sci Fi Calendar” appears to be on hold, awaiting their availability.

Look for Michael to appear at the Comic Con in San Diego on the Stargate: The Ark of Truth panel on Friday, July 27.

Canada's "The Province" Visits the Stargates

Reporters were invited to Bridge Studios last week and were given a tour of the sets for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Several of the actors from both shows also got some time in with the reporters, and the some of the cast of SG-1 shared what they’ll be doing now that the two movies have completed filming.

Stargate secrets revealed at last

In this article by Frank ‘Teal’c’ Luba, readers are given a brief description of the various departments and sets involved with the shows’ production. Of course, the tour began in the ‘Gate Room at Stargate Command, and then proceeded through General Landry’s office (decorated with Beau Bridges’ family photos), Atlantis’ Gate Room, puddle jumpers, and the set for Stargate: Continuum (spoilery comments, so beware!). Luba also visits the in-house special effects, set decoration, and props departments.

Luba also mentions Andee Frizzell while she’s being made to look like a Wraith Queen, Jason Momoa as he plays his electric guitar in his trailer, and Joe Flanigan as he zooms by on his skateboard.

Visit Canada.com for the full story.

Stargate cast members ready for new portals

In this article, Frank Luba shares some of his time with the cast of Stargate SG-1 and determines what each will be doing after the filming of Stargate: Continuum completes:

  • Amanda Tapping – She’s now a regular cast member of Stargate Atlantis and comments on the pressure she feels to continue the franchise.
  • Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks – Judge has written a pilot for MGM called “Rage of Angels” that is about “Archangel Michael dying on Earth” and in which Shanks will play Lucifer. There’s the possiblity that the pilot will be shot in British Columbia.
  • Ben Browder – He plans to spend more time with his family after only seeing them for 15 hours during the last five weeks. He might be coaching football and high school pole vault.

As far as Stargate Atlantis stars go, David Hewlett is writing a movie script called “Design of the Dead”, and Luba comments on how the writers cleverly worked around Rachel Luttrell’s pregnancy.

To read the complete article, visit Canada.com.

[Thanks to PG15 for the tip.]

Shanks, Judge in "Rage of Angels"

In a recent interview with IF Magazine, Michael Shanks talks about filming the two direct-to-DVD movies for the Stargate franchise, the growth of his character, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and the moving on to his next project with friend and SG-1 co-star Christopher Judge.

For those who enjoy watching Shanks go “dark side”, you might be in for a special treat as he plays the ultimate bad guy, Lucifer himself, in the pilot for the show Rage of Angels that Judge has written and MGM has picked up. Filming will begin in the fall, possibly in Los Angeles, with veteran Stargate SG-1 and 24 director Brad Turner at the helm.

Shanks describes the show in which Judge will also star:

Chris’ character is basically Gabriel, who has come to Earth [to] find the Angel Michael who has disappeared and he’s basically fed up with the rules of heaven preventing interaction on any level. He casts away the rules of heaven and decides to go look for Michael and in the process hunt down whatever Lucifer brings to the table, and oddly enough I’ll be playing Lucifer. [Laughs] It’ll be an interesting dynamic there. I’ll be playing a misunderstood guy; someone with daddy issues.

To read the full interview, go to the IF Magazine site.

Chris Judge also referred to the project in his “farewell interview” on scifi.com:

I play Gabriel and Shanks plays Lucifer. We’re going a bit against type, I would think. [He smiles.] I wrote the pilot for it. It’s a very dark, sexy, violent show, and I think that’s probably what we’ll be doing next.

To watch the full interview, visit the SG-1 countdown page at Scifi.com.

Judge to Appear in Season Four of Atlantis

Not only is Amanda Tapping moving into the main cast of Stargate Atlantis for Season Four, but SG-1 actor Christopher Judge is scheduled to make an appearance in an episode in the first half of the new season, according to Joseph Mallozzi in a recent Chicago Tribune interview.

Mallozzi also addresses the possibilities of the remaining SG-1 main cast members’ appearances in Season Four:

There were no plans at present, he said, to have Ben Browder (who plays “SG-1’s” Cameron Mitchell), Claudia Black (“SG-1’s” Vala Mal Doran) or Michael Shanks (“SG-1’s” Daniel Jackson) guest on “Atlantis,” but Mallozzi didn’t rule it out.

“They’re going to be in the two [‘Stargate SG-1′ DVD] movies” that are being filmed this spring, Mallozzi said. As far as bringing them back to “Atlantis,” “it’s a matter of coming up with a believable story and the actors’ availability and everything else. At this point it makes more sense for Teal’c or for Daniel Jackson to come to ‘Atlantis’ than for [Cameron] Mitchell.”

He added that Christopher Judge, who plays Teal’c on “SG-1,” will guest on one early fourth season episode of “Atlantis.”

The article also addresses the premise behind the new season’s storyline:

Mallozzi said that Season 4 of “Atlantis” would also feature the arrival of a new alien race, one that will be an “unpredictable wild card.”

“Looking over the 10 stories we’ve been thinking about” for the first half of Season 4 of “Atlantis,” Mallozzi said, “the easiest way to put it is that a lot of [stuff] is going to go down. Some fans will not like it, some fans will love it. We’re going to get movement on characters, and we’ll have some fairly character-centric stories. We’re going to develop an aspect of the Wraith, and we’re going to have this new wild-card race,” he said.

Read the complete interview, which also includes information about Amanda Tapping’s and Jewel Staite’s casting, HERE.