Sequential Tart Features Projects of Shanks, Judge

On Slacktwaddle and Other Projects

Wolfen Moondaughter of Sequential Tart, a webzine published by women who wish to raise “the awareness of women’s influence in the comics industry and other realms”, has done an investigation into Slacktwaddle, the company started by Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge which publishes their Women of Sci Fi Calendar. She’s apparently a Stargate SG-1 fan and has managed to catch up on the latest projects in which these two actors have involved themselves, including Judge’s role in David Hewlett’s independent film A Dog’s Breakfast.

What’s interesting is that Moondaughter has managed to find out about Michael Shanks’s current filming project!

You can see Michael Shanks in the upcoming holiday TV movie Under the Mistletoe, in which he puts his expertise as a hockey player to good use. Also, as of this writing, he’s filming a movie in Bulgaria! Fans can look forward to new episodes of Stargate SG-1 in March, and there are plans for two DVD movies after the series ends.

To read the whole article, click HERE.

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Moving On: Tapping, Judge, and Baccarin

Stargate SG-1 Actors Take On New Projects

With the cancellation of Stargate SG-1 and the last shooting day already past, fans of the 10-year-old series might be wondering what’s in store for the actors as they move on. The rumor mill is still putting out the possibility of there being a series of TV movies to be produced along-side Stargate Atlantis once February 2007 comes around, but MGM and the Sci Fi Channel have not officially announced such a project.

In recent interviews conducted by Underground Online, Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter), Christopher Judge (Teal’c), and Morena Baccarin (Adria) tell about some of the projects in which they might have a future beyond SG-1.

Amanda Tapping

I have something possibly coming down the pipe that I might be shooting in October, and that would be sort of a sci-fi thing. I can’t talk about it, but come February, I will be talking very loudly about it. I’m very excited about it, but it is a sci-fi project. But it’s a pretty wide open genre and it’s all about possibility.

Christopher Judge

Just a few weeks ago I completed another pilot [script], which I’ve gotten really good feedback with and I’ve given it to Brad [Wright] and Rob [Cooper], so they probably won’t read it until we’re done. But if we just go to movies, it would be the next TV thing I would like to do. I had some really good feedback from the two studios I’ve given it to, and I would like nothing more to continue working with the people we’re working with now.

Morena Baccarin

I’m waiting to hear about a pilot I shot called Heartland, to see if it will be picked up by TNT. Other than that, back to auditioning.

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Big Update to Interviews Pages

Here’s a big update to our interviews pages, with excerpts of recent magazine interviews.

Richard Dean Anderson

Claudia Black

Beau Bridges

Ben Browder

Chris Judge

Michael Shanks

Amanda Tapping

We’ve also added some links to external on-line interviews to the respective interview main pages.

Cast Reacts to Cancellation News on HypaSpace

Canada’s HypaSpace program on Space Channel aired a nice segment on the cast and crew’s reaction to SG-1 not being renewed by Sci Fi for an 11th season. Interviewed are Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, Ben Browder, Claudia Black, and Peter DeLuise. Interspersed with the interviews are scenes from filming a Season 10 episode that are quite amusing. has the video up for downloading (it’s 32MB) — download Hypaspace video here.

Here is a transcript of the interview portions, courtesy of Biblio on AlphaGate:

HypaSpace host:

And speaking of sucking, it really sucked this week for Stargate SG-1 fans when the SciFi Channel announced that there wouldn’t be an eleventh season, and that the episodes currently shooting in Vancouver would be the last. Our HypaSpace crew were on the set this week for the 10th Anniversary celebration and talked to the cast and crew about the decision to pull the plug.

Michael Shanks [Daniel Jackson]

We found out a little bit earlier than the public did, obviously, that the show had been cancelled, and it’s hard to be really terribly upset. You know, cancelled is a really weird word, it’s not – we haven’t been cancelled, that kinda means ‘pull the plug and go home’. This this means we’re not getting renewed and it’s been one of those things that’s been on everybody’s mind for years and years and it’s…the fact it’s reality is just something we have to deal with, and I think we’ve really had a wonderful run, so it’s hard to be terribly sad and upset about it.”

Chris Judge [Teal’c]

What recent announcement? Ohhh, that one? You mean the one that has the internet? You mean the announcement that has the internet all a-buzz. You know it. I believe that the ending of our relationship with the SciFi Network, I think is just that. It’s the ending of doing original episodes for SciFi. We are fortunate that we do have a person at the studio – Charlie Cohen – who is a very innovative thinker, a progressive thinker, so between he, Brad [Wright] and Rob [Cooper] I am confident that they have other machinations of SG-1 in the works, and the Stargate franchise as a whole. So just because our relationship has ended with SciFi, that’s not necessarily the end for SG-1 and I know it’s not the end of the Stargate franchise. So, you know, don’t fret, you may be forced to watch us for more years to come.

Claudia Black [Vala Mal Doran]

I’m not surprised, I think personally that ten years is an extraordinary achievement. I don’t know how the writers, apart from bringing in new characters, I don’t know how you can continue to tell new stories in the same environment with the same people. People’s lives don’t change unless you go through a massive sea change, so I think as a show it would have had to have undergone some kind of major change eventually, and maybe it was occurring with me and Ben and Beau arriving on the show. And it always comes down to economics. I understand. I’ve been down that road before. I was on another little show called Farscape and it’s, you know, 90% business, 10% show.

Ben Browder [Cameron Mitchell]

The immediate thing is, when a show is cancelled, is the disappointment, the fact that you’re not going to be seeing these people you’ve enjoyed being with for all those years. You’re not going to see them on a daily basis, and you have to go out and look for work and… But, you know, given the fact that SG-1 went for ten years and is record-setting in that regard, I think you have to walk away when you’ve been cancelled with great dignity and say “we had a great run”. All the people who did this had a great run. So with class, dignity and grace, you take your bow. All good things come to an end and… this is one of them.

Peter DeLuise [Writer, director, producer, actor]

I’ve directed about sixty episodes, or so… I think maybe even slightly more than that. I’ve kind of lost track. But, I’ve learned so much about directing and visual effects, and diplomacy, and writing and producing that I really do feel blessed. I feel like I’ve been paid to learn, and some of the people that have been on the show since the beginning, even more than me, they have this decade of memories and friendships that they’ve made. I’m pretty sure that all the people I hang on the weekends with are all of the people I hang out with week days, which is strange because I don’t really have a life outside Stargate, so now that it’s coming to a close, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. I sound really depressing.

Claudia Black [Vala Mal Doran]

I would like to say to the fans of the show that were it not for you the show would not have gone for ten years. And I know right now that you’re probably sad to hear that Season Ten will be, at this stage, the last season. You should be really proud that you’ve been part of it, and a major reason why you’ve had this show for so long.

Chris Judge [Teal’c]

I really would like to thank the fans for, in all sincerity, for ten years of a wonderful, outrageous, rabid support and with the announcement that I’m sure you all heard very recently, that outpouring of love and support continues, and it’s not taken for granted. It’s taken very seriously, it’s taken to heart, and we feed on it, and it strengthens us and I truly, truly, truly would like to say thank you.

Video: SG Actors Talk About "200"

Sci Fi Channel has put up short (several minute) videos of much of the cast of SG-1 talking about their experiences shooting the show that has lasted 200+ episodes. The interviews were filmed at the recent TV Critics Association party. Michael Shanks, Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Chris Judge, and Claudia Black all gave interviews. Michael gave a few spoilers: a mild one is that his 1-yr old daughter Mia will be in a Season 10 episode.

To view the videos, visit Sci Fi Stargate Video.

Thanks to SueB at Our Stargate for the tip!

Shanks Gets Golden Stargate

Michael Shanks Receives Special ‘Golden Stargate’ Presentation

Legends President Paul Brown presents the Golden Stargate to Michael Shanks

June 2, 2006 (Vancouver, B.C.): Paul Brown, President of Legends Memorabilia, recently presented a special ‘Golden Stargate’ display to Michael Shanks in Vancouver. The company commissioned this special display as a 10th Anniversary Commemorative award in recognition of Michael’s contribution to the long-standing success of Stargate SG-1â„¢.The company also presented Golden Stargate displays to original cast members, Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Don S. Davis and Teryl Rothery. Several key production staff personnel including Brad Wright and Robert Cooper were also presented with Golden Stargate displays. In receiving this presentation, Michael commented: “Wow, this is brilliant! Thank you so much, this will stay here in my home with my other ‘treasures’.”

The framed display consists of a highly detailed golden Stargate mounted on a black suede matte with a personalized inscription plaque which reads:

Presented to

In commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of
Stargate SG-1, and in recognition of your
outstanding contribution to the success of the series.

– Legends Memorabilia –

The miniature Stargate was created in precise detail from the design plans that were used for the original Stargate installed on the SGC set at Bridge Studios. The company is considering releasing a limited production series of the same 16″x16″ Golden Stargate display for fans who also may wish to have a special 10th Anniversary memento of the series.

About the Company:
Since its inception in 1995, Legends Memorabilia has pioneered the sale of set-used movie and television props and has a unique position as a specialist supplier of this type of commodity. With clients in 70 countries, the Company is a global player in the memorabilia industry and is the vendor for Stargate SG-1â„¢ set-used props and costumes through its online auctions on eBay and website sales at

As an official MGM appointed Licensee, the Company manufactures and distributes replica props and collectibles from Stargate SG-1â„¢ as well as limited edition art prints from Stargate SG-1â„¢ and Stargate: Atlantis. Legends Memorabilia also operates the exclusive Stargate cast-authorized autograph site,

Chris Judge: Men of Sci-Fi Calendar Coming!

Chris Judge was interviewed by Tony Tellado of Sci-Fi, who recently interviewed Michael Shanks as well. The interview was conducted as they were finishing shooting Episode 6, which was several weeks ago. The discussion ranged over his photography and the Women of Sci-Fi Calendar, Stargate SG-1, his friendship with Michael Shanks, and his appreciation of the fans. Of note is that they are planning a second Women of Sci-Fi Calendar and that Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica has agreed be in it.

Even better, due to fan demand, Chris and Michael, via their company Slacktwaddle, are moving forward with the Men of Sci-Fi Calendar, and hope to finish shooting it by early August! They will perhaps provide a preview at the Timeless Destinations convention. Let’s hope they’ve consulted the Solutions pollbooth as to what we want to see 🙂

You may download the mp3 file of the interview and listen for yourself. Visit Sci-Fi Talk to listen in.

Women of Sci-Fi Calendar Shipping!

After a delay as the calendar was switched from 2006 to 2007, the Women of Sci-fi Calendar and Behind the Scenes DVD are shipping! I ordered my set only last week and received them today. Here are a few first impressions…

Women of Sci-Fi DVD logo

The calendar is beautiful! It’s bigger than I expected, 11 inches wide by 19 long, almost all picture, and nicely glossy. The pictures are tasteful and focused mostly on the actress’ face rather than her ‘other’ assets. The calendar would be quite appropriate for an office setting, in my opinion. Some of the photos are Sci-fi oriented, while others aren’t. There’s one of Teryl Rothery in a very cute cowboy outfit. :)The calendar spans December 2006 through January 2008, 14 months in all, and each of the seven actresses has two ‘months’ all her own.

Lexa Doig photo shoot

The Behind the Scenes DVD, filmed and nicely produced by Ivon Bartok, is a lot of fun. Forty-five minutes in total, there is a chapter for each actress, nicely scored with rock music. Each chapter has an interview with the actress talking about her experience with the shoot and with acting in science fiction in general. All of the actresses had nothing but praise for Chris’ work, even if they don’t usually enjoy still-photo shoots. Interspersed with each interview were thoughts from Chris on working with that actress, and scenes of her shoot, including nice stills that didn’t make the calendar.

Chris Judge and his lens

The scenes from the shoot show there were quite a few people involved and some quite intricate lighting and sets. The only disappointment on the DVD is that Michael Shanks isn’t on it, but as he’s said in interviews, his money is evident all through it. 🙂

So don’t delay! Visit Women of and order your copy today! The more we buy, the more likely it is we’ll have a Men of Sci-Fi calendar, featuring Michael, Chris, and their friends, sooner rather than later.