BD Horror News Visits Nemec's "Nuclear Family"

Stargate star Corin Nemec is currently filming his new web series Nuclear Family, and Bloody Disgusting’s Chris Eggertsen got to talk with him, as well as put on make-up to play an extra “Berserker”.

Nuclear Family is a post-apocalyptic story about survival told from the point of view of a small family who are in search of a lost member. Nemec plays husband and father John, who must protect his family from a gang of wild men called the “Berserkers”, who answer to a mysterious man in a suit played by character actor Ray Wise.

Director Kyle Rankin is excited about the new filming style they’re using to tell this story, and he’s hoping for a television series or a feature film to come out of the project. Nemec shared, “I’m totally down with where entertainment is going with respect to the Internet. I’m excited about the medium, and I can see how you can take it further. Obviously there’s no money really yet in the Internet with respect to these kind[s] of projects, but that could potentially change. And the notoriety that we can generate with this project could land us a network deal and get us on network television.” Rankin said that the goal is to produce about 30 minutes total, enough to use as a pitch to a network for a television series or to a studio for a feature.

They mention networks such as Spike TV or Syfy as being possible homes for a series, but it’s too soon to tell because they’re still filming with a summer release in mind. Rankin keeps a video diary on YouTube, so after visiting the interview, you should check out his “vlogs”, some of which include Nemec. (We’ve embedded the four vlogs posted thus far in our LJ for your convenience. Be warned that there are some four-letter words and other content that might be offensive.)

Rankin admits that the budget for Nuclear Family is very small, but his dreams are big. It’s not unusual for a web series to be picked up as a television series, much like Amanda Tapping’s Sanctuary, so it’s possible we’ll be seeing Nemec starring in a new series soon.

Stargate Planner: Week of April 12-18

There are some news tidbits and announcements that have been noted on this editor’s calendar and notebook that maybe you’d be interested in for this week. If you’ve got more to add, please don’t hesitate to announce them in the comment section below.


Monday, April 12
Tuesday, April 13 Stargate Universe returns to the UK’s Sky One at 8:00 PM with “Space”.
Wednesday, April 14 Today is Robert Carlyle‘s birthday!
Thursday, April 15 The Official Stargate Convention in Vancouver kicks off today and lasts until Sunday, April 18. Make sure to visit Creation Entertainment for the latest in the schedule, which includes appearances by Michael Shanks, Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Mark Burgess, Peter Williams, N. John Smith, Cliff Simon, Colin Cunningham, Christopher Heyerdahl, Dan Payne, Dan Shea, James Bamford, and Andee Frizzell.
Friday, April 16 Stargate Universe “Divided” on Australia’s Sci Fi Channel at 8:30 PM.

Stargate Universe “Faith” on Syfy at 9 PM ET and on Space at 10 PM ET.

Lou Diamond Phillips will be attending the Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) for the first screening of his movie Transparency at 10:30 PM.

Jewel Staite will be appearing at the Anaheim Comic Con, which starts today and ends on April 18. Several actors who appeared in supporting roles will also be in attendance.

Saturday, April 17 Today is Alaina Huffman‘s birthday!
Sunday, April 18 Today is David Hewlett‘s birthday!

News Notes

Unfortunately, Corin Nemec‘s web series Star-ving did not win the Audience Choice Award for which it had been nominated in the Second Annual Streamy Awards. The award went to Agents of Cracked. You can see a list of all of the nominees and winners at

Stargate SG-1 character-focused comic books are being developed by Dynamite. Stargate: Vala Mal Doran is written by Brandon Jerwa and involves Vala in an “Ocean’s Eleven” type heist. It’s supposed to be released in May. Stargate: Daniel Jackson, written by Doug Murray, focuses on Jackson’s “voice of reason” and intellect while going on a classic SG-1 adventure.

On our Twitter, we provided a link to Chicago Tribune‘s Maureen Ryan’s review of the Supernatural episode in which Michael Shanks briefly appeared. Do you agree with those among Ryan’s readers that his role was way too small (although he did warn us that it would be so)?


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Stargate Planner: Week of April 5-11

There are some news tidbits and announcements that have been noted on this editor’s calendar and notebook that maybe you’d be interested in for this week. If you’ve got more to add, please don’t hesitate to announce them in the comment section below.


Monday, April 5 Burn Notice Season Two DVDs are out in the UK, including the four episodes in which Michael Shanks guest starred as burned spy Victor. Shanks also did the commentary for the season finale, the transcript for which you can read here at Solutions.
Tuesday, April 6 Robert Picardo‘s Sensored comes out on DVD and Blu-ray. Visit the movie’s official blog for more details.
Wednesday, April 7
Thursday, April 8 Michael Shanks guest stars on Supernatural as Rob in the episode “99 Problems”. The episode’s promo and description are here in our Blog. Be watching The CW at 9 PM ET.
Friday, April 9 Stargate Universe returns to Australia’s Sci Fi Channel at 8:30 PM with “Space”.

Stargate Universe continues with “Divided” on Syfy at 9 PM ET and on Space at 10 PM ET.

Also starting today and running through April 11 is the Terraformers II convention in which Robert Picardo will appear with former Star Trek stars who’ve also appeared in Stargate Marina Sirtis and Connor Trinneer. There are other conventions happening this weekend, so check Stargate Actor Appearances for appearances by Rene Auberjonois, Michael Welch, and Christopher Heyerdahl.

Saturday, April 10
Sunday, April 11 Corin Nemec‘s web series Star-ving is up for the Audience Choice Award from the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards. We’ll find out today if he won. Keep your fingers crossed!

News Notes

Stargate Universe creative consultant John Scalzi has been nominated for a Hugo Award in the Best Novella category for The God Engines. For the list of all the nominees, visit The Hugo Awards home page. “The Hugo Awards Ceremony will be held at Aussiecon 4 in Melbourne on Sunday, 5 September 2010,” according to the website. Good luck, Mr. Scalzi!


You only have a few days to get your questions in to Elyse Levesque (Chloe Armstrong of Stargate Universe) at Joseph Mallozzi’s weblog. He’ll be sending all the questions to her later this week.

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Corin Nemec in New Web Series 'Nuclear Family'

Corin Nemec in NUCLEAR FAMILYStargate star Corin Nemec has been cast in the new web series Nuclear Family. Here’s the casting announcement from Quiet Earth:

EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Rankin of Infestation fame is back with the PA NUCLEAR FAMILY
Posted on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 18:02:28 GMT by: quietearth
Posted under: post apocalyptic news gallery webseries

Our friend Kyle Rankin who did the excellent insect post apocalyptic film Infestation (review) is back with a web series which he both wrote and is directing, and which stars Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Stargate), Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, Reaper), and Kinsey Packard (Infestation). Shooting has begun and they hope to be finished by the end of April.

Nuclear Family tells the story of a young couple, John & Lynn, who are trying to survive in the woods after a nuclear holocaust. They stay on the move with their 11-year old daughter Pauline… all the while searching for their missing 8-year old son, Grant. Meanwhile, society has disintegrated and the family must stay one step ahead of the Berserkers: lawless, wild, brutal men who rape, pillage, & destroy as a way of life (lead by a sadistic figure called The Man: Ray Wise).

More information about the series can be gleaned from the director’s video log at YouTube. Here’s the first, which tells us that there will be six 5-minute episodes:

13-4-13: Stargate SG-1 Season Six

SG-1 Season Six Team - Cast

We’re looking back at the ten-year run of Stargate SG-1 in our Thirteen Weeks for Thirteen Years (13-4-13) series, and now we’ve arrived at Season Six. There were changes both on screen and behind the scenes after MGM’s Hank Cohen saved the show from its cancellation from Showtime at the end of Season Five by selling it to the US’ Sci Fi Channel for Season Six. In addition, the Sci Fi Channel got the rights to show reruns of older seasons, so a new audience was opened up to them. The move from Showtime to the Sci Fi Channel turned out to be a boon for both the cable channel and the production.

Another major change for the show was the introduction of a new member of the SG-1 team: Jonas Quinn, played by Parker Lewis Can’t Lose lead actor Corin Nemec.

The return of Daniel Jackson as an ascended being also played into three pivotal stories of the season, one of which was “The Changeling,” Christopher Judge’s first script for the show.

At the beginning of Season Six’s production, plans were in place to end SG-1 with this season and go on to a feature film that would act as a bridge between the adventures of SG-1 and the non-military team in the spin-off. At the time that Season Six was starting its principal photography in February 2002, Brad Wright said, “In a perfect world, which this isn’t, we would roll into the feature after a relatively short hiatus immediately after the end of the series. So, we would wrap season six, take a very short break, then go into prep for the feature. You have to get the feature ready so that you can then roll into a spinoff series.” By June 2002, the spin-off had a name: Atlantis.

And then something unexpected happened late in 2002: they were renewed for a seventh season!

SG-1 Season Six

Are you rewatching at home on your DVDs or through Hulu? However you’re doing it, once you’re done, come back here for our poll:

Brad Wright

From “Perfect 10” in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine, issue #17 (Jul./Aug. 2007):

“I respect good notes. I listen to good notes—but I’m not changing the series just for the sake of change. [Sci Fi] didn’t want to do that. To their credit, they knew what they were buying. And obviously, at that point we had done over 100 episodes of it. We seemed to know what we were doing, so they were very hands-off and quite respectful of the show for what it was. And at that time it was doing very, very well for them in re-runs. So it had a significant value for them.

Jack and Daniel in 'Abyss'

“Season six was the first season that we thought was likely our last, but it wasn’t. Who knew that resurgence of season six [would happen]? Basically, the show found an audience that had never seen it before. That’s one of the reasons we were able to grow, to expand the show even more. It was a watershed year.

“‘Abyss’ I would have to call my highlight episode. There was a lot of fun scenes in that and it was nice to see the spark between Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks on screen.”

Richard Dean Anderson

From “SFX Profile: Richard Dean Anderson” in SFX (Jun. 2002):

“Given that there was a request of six years for me to do the show, and I’d done a series before for seven years, I was kind of…well, not running out of gas, but… I have a three-year-old daughter, and I wanted to spend some time with her. That was my only requirement about doing a sixth series: I needed more time at home. I didn’t need more money or anything like that, I needed time.”

From “Stargate SG-1 Goes Even More Sci-Fi” at (Feb. 22, 2002):

Jack and RDA share an injury in 'Redemption'

“I couldn’t be greater, except that I twisted my knee yesterday carrying my kid to ballet class. I’ve been aggressively skiing since December, not an incident, then I’m carrying my baby … . Anyway, I have to go have it looked at. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.”

From Live with Regis and Kelly (Jun. 7, 2002):

“Listen, we had General Ryan come on and do a little cameo for us, and he’s a real live four star, one of the big guys, and he came on. And I had to ask him point blank, because there’s a certain irreverence that I bring to the character, and denseness, but while we were doing this scene, I just looked at him and said, ‘Do you have guys like me in…?’ and he stopped me and said, ‘Yes, and worse, and you’re doing a fine job, son.’ So I guess that was license to misbehave. You gotta have fun.”

From an interview in TV Zone #158 (Jan. 2003):

“I’m very happy with how this year went. We dealt with the introduction of a new character [Jonas Quinn, played by Corin Nemec] as well as the loss of an old one [Daniel Jackson, played by Michael Shanks]. Everything just seemed to fit. It was a comfortable transition and, I felt, a credible one, too.

Jack and Daniel in 'Abyss'

“I got to work with Michael Shanks a couple of times this season, even though he wasn’t a regular ’employee.’ We had the opportunity to do some fairly intense scenes where they threw our two characters together in a paper bag and shook them up. I really enjoy acting opposite Michael, partly because of his awareness of rhythms coupled with his propensity for speed and reaction. The relationship between Jack and Daniel has, I think, found a really nice levelling off place this season.

“I thought it [Jack’s relationship with Jonas] unfolded nicely. Certainly, the seed was sown for conflict and distrust between the two of them. However, throughout the season, Jonas proved himself to O’Neill, who also had some revelations about Jonas’s relative innocence in regard to Daniel’s death. Oddly enough, we’re shooting a scene today that I think further proves that O’Neill has come to accept Jonas. My character actually says something complimentary to him such as, ‘Get well soon, we need you out there.’ That’s O’Neill’s mid-western way of saying ‘You’re OK, kid.’ [Note: ‘Prophecy’ was the last episode to film for Season Six, even though it was the penultimate episode.]

Jack O'Neill in 'Paradise Lost'

“Martin [Wood] did a wonderful job with ‘Full Circle.’ It was a big production and we wanted to make sure that it was in the hands of somebody who’s used to doing our show. I really enjoy working with him and Peter DeLuise [writer/producer], who also directs several of our episodes each year. Along with being great human beings they’re also very talented and innovative people. Both Martin and Peter aren’t afraid of exploring new ways of doing things and I truly appreciate as well as admire that.

“I’ve received so many compliments about the sixth year. The Sci-Fi Channel really lucked out and got qualitatively a wonderful season’s worth of work. Hopefully, we’ll be able to give them that again and more in Year Seven.

“I have some pressing issues on a personal level as well as career-wise that I have to deal with that will affect my future on Stargate. In fact, last night I jotted down some points in an effort to clear my head as far as what my objectives would be with regard to a career move. Because I tend to write honestly to myself, I concluded that the ideal situation for me would be to stay on this show for a seventh season, albeit in an abbreviated form. I’d rather do that than the alternative, which would be to say goodbye and look for something else down the road. Honestly, I’m not interested in doing that, and with good reason. In this cast and crew of Stargate I’ve got a spectacular sense of community and virtually a family. There really is a warm feeling on our set. So it would be great to somehow work out an arrangement in which we do a seventh season.”

Amanda Tapping

From “The Carter Command” in XPosé (Oct. 2002):

“It’s all gone to Hell in a handcart—the whole show. Honestly, it is so much fun. This is probably the most fun we’ve had in the show since Season One. Not to say that the others haven’t been great. I mean every season had its own personality and it’s always been fun but this year… maybe because we know it’s our last… we’re just digging it. We’re loving each other, we’re laughing our asses off. We’re having a great time.

“It’s been a good season actually. There’s a lot more humor in Carter this year. She’s cracking a lot of jokes, or at least she’s attempting to and we get to see a lot more humor in Teal’c too. Part of it is that we’ve got this new team member in Jonas Quinn and we’re all still a little wary of him. He, maybe, in some ways has bonded the three of us together more. It’s kind of like ‘Watch out for this guy!’ because, you know, he makes mistakes based on his naiveté and we’re all rolling our eyes.

Jack O'Neill and Sam Carter nearly drown in 'Descent'

“For Carter it’s been a cool season. For example, Richard and I got sunk underwater in one episode [‘Descent’]. Actually, we nearly drowned in this set that goes underwater. The set was meant to go underwater but it flooded. However, aside from the near drowning experience, the episode had a major cool factor for us.

Jonas Quinn, Sam Carter, and Teal'c in 'Nightwalkers'

“Richard had an episode off whilst he went down to Chile so Carter led a mission. It took place on Earth so Teal’c, Jonas and Carter got to wear real clothes and, I swear, we were like the Men in Black. We got to wear these long, black coats just like MiBs and that was very cool. We have all these little aliens on Earth and was such fun to do. It was one of those episodes where Christopher and I are finding ways to make the relationship between Teal’c and Carter lighter. Especially with Jonas in ‘Nightwalkers,’ you’ll see a lot of looks between us that just sort of show how solid the relationships are.

“Then, of course, my dad [Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter] has been back and is coming back again—which is a huge treat—and we’ve been to the Antarctic [‘Frozen’]! So yeah! All in all it’s been a really cool season so far.

Sam Carter in Season Six

“It’s kind of like being in your very last semester at school. It’s like everyone has grown up and now we’re like—wow—we can just sit back and enjoy. Plus the episodes seem bigger. The scope of that seems bigger. The sets are bigger and we’ve been on lots of locations. I can’t stress how great it’s been so far because when all is said and done, all things come full circle and we’re back to how we were in Season One which is—’This is it! Let’s just have blast and enjoy each other.’ One thing that’s always made working on Stargate SG-1 such a pleasure is that we really are a family. It’s the one thing that I so appreciate about our show. I adore the way that not only does this apply on set, but in the way that our producers and our writers foster that. For instance, Brad Wright and Robert Cooper and Michael Greenburg are never too busy to listen. Our producer John Smith is on set first thing every morning and he’s the last face you see here at night. It’s full on for him. I get my hug in the morning, then he’s around for the remainder of the day and like the rest of us, he really does enjoy what he’s doing.”

From “Amanda’s Army” in Starburst (2003):

“The season as a whole I thought was fantastic. I thought that it was such an interesting dynamic bringing Corin in, or bringing this Jonas character in, and it changed the relationships of everyone and it sort of infused the show with new life. It was a really strange season for us, but I think that it was a really good one.

Sam Carter in Season Six

“[For] Sam’s development, no, but I’m not complaining. Her job in Season Six was to help move the story forward, doing a lot of explaining or taking us to places. She facilitated stories, but she didn’t have a huge emotional mark in Season Six. She was the go-to girl. You need the information, go to Sam. You need something explained, go to Sam. You need some back-story, go to Sam. There wasn’t a lot of character development for her. There were certain episodes that I thought were fun to play, like ‘Nightwalkers’ and ‘Smoke and Mirrors,’ which were sort of Earth-based stories about ‘Who do you trust and who don’t you trust?’ I certainly had a great time shooting Season Six, but I don’t feel that the character of Sam had a huge amount of development.”

From “Amanda’s Q&A with Fans” (Oct. 30, 2002):

“We’re all cautiously optimisitic about a seventh season. It’s a double edged sword in terms of feeling the need to move on creatively and loving the family and security of Stargate. But, the show is still great fun and the character is still interesting to play so I guess we wait and see what happens. If there were a seventh season I would like Sam to expand her emotional base. She is much warmer and nurturing than she was in the beginning but there is always room to grow. I would like more stories that show us as a team in real peril.”

Christopher Judge

From “Passion of the Chris” at (Aug. 2008):

Teal'c in 'Allegiance'

“The first years of the show, you’re just so giddy about getting something like a Stargate, it’s all about having a good time…and I wasn’t alone. Oh no—I had some knuckleheads with me! It’s just when you get to the point that you don’t ever grow up, that’s when it becomes a problem. But I was very fortunate. Our producers were very patient with me for a number of years and, frankly, had more faith that I would come around than I did. I had a talk with [series co-creator] Brad Wright and told him of my desire to write, and he not only facilitated that but encouraged me as well. From that point on I started to see the possibilities of a future writing, producing and things like that, and I pretty much owe that to Brad.”

From “This Alien Warrior” in Starlog #308 (Mar. 2003):

'T' and Dr. Jackson in 'The Changeling'

“We’ve had a great year, but I had my doubts going into it, because Michael Shanks left, and he’s one of my best friends, and Teal’c had such a good relationship with Daniel Jackson. It ended up that the stories were good, Michael came back a few times and Season Six was one of our best years ever. And as for Teal’c, I had always said I wanted him to have a slow and steady evolution, and in Season Six he evolved even further. Now my only worry is: Where do I go next season?

“There’s so much going on with this guy. I wanted him to have this slow evolution, and now that we’re in Season Six, we’re starting to see that pay off. This year, we’ve seen him finally have some resolution with his wife and some closure with his son, Rya’c. He had left his family and now he finally got his son to understand the ‘why’ of it. That was definitely a defining moment.

“For me, personally, ‘The Changeling’ was the most important show. I wrote it, and Brad did such a brilliant rewrite on it. And what [director] Martin Wood brought to the table just far surpassed my own personal vision of the script. Every department had suggestions and input. I felt that on that episode, everyone and every department just went above and beyond the call of duty. It was so touching to be a part of it. And not only that, but my girlfriend and two of my sons were in it. We had a bunch of old friends in it, too. Tony Amendola was there as Bra’tac, and so were Peter Williams [Apophis] and Musetta Vander [Shan’auc]. It was a fantastic experience on every level, just so satisfying to me personally and professionally.

The human side of Teal'c in 'The Changeling'

“Storywise, I got to touch on some things I had wanted to see for a while. Many people had forgotten that the Jaffa were originally taken from Earth, so they’re actually descended from humans. Teal’c is very much like a human man. Yes, he has certain advanced physical abilities and healing and recuperative powers, but in his heart and is his mind he’s very much a man, and he dreams and aspires to things just like human men do. I wanted to make him human for a bit and go into his mind and see some of the things that he has been thinking and dreaming and wondering about. And I think we did that.

“Several people have said to me—and I agree with this—that Season Six has been about taking Teal’c forward, whereas Season Five was about exploring his past. It’s the furthering of his journey. It’s even more about his evolution and getting back to his humanity, if you will. It really continues on down to the season’s end. Whereas in the past Teal’c used to kind of sit on the sidelines while everyone else made decisions, he has now become a part of the decision-making process. He’s an active part of the group and not an observer anymore.”

Corin Nemec

From interview in TV Zone Special #46 (Jul. 2002):

Jonas Quinn in Season Five of 'Stargate SG-1'

“The casting people from the Sci-Fi Channel just happened to be walking through the courtyard [at MGM’s Santa Monica offices while I was preparing to audition for a feature film]. I’d worked on two projects last year for the USA Network. They own the Sci-Fi Channel, which now airs Stargate. Apparently the Sci-Fi people were looking for an actor to play Jonas Quinn, a new character being introduced into the show to fill the void being left by the departing Daniel Jackson. So they came over to me and introduced themselves. We started talking and they briefly mentioned something to me about Stargate. I didn’t give it a second thought. That afternoon my manager called and told me that they were interested in me for Stargate.

“I met with Hank Cohen [President of MGM Television Entertainment] along with several other people to find out a bit more [about] the part because I’d never seen the show. I was familiar with the Stargate film but not the TV programme. They picked out videotapes of four episodes that they liked and gave them to me to watch. I remember enjoying the movie a great deal but obviously I didn’t know what to expect from a spin-off series. Well, I was blown away. The production design, the cinematography, the acting, etc, were all top notch. That truly impressed me as I love Sci-Fi and action-adventure types of shows. I was also fascinated with the mythology they’d come up with. I thought it was neat how it weaves right in with our Earth mythology and supports Stargate‘s overall story arc.

Jonas Quinn as a member of SG-1

“Having watched the tapes I called MGM and said, ‘This is definitely a project I’d like to become involved in.’ After a couple of more meetings I was cast as Jonas Quinn in the episode ‘Meridian.’ As far as my long-term involvement with the programme, we agreed to wait and see how the character looked on film and how everybody worked together in that one episode. Once the final edit had been done on ‘Meridian’ and it looked like everything had turned out OK, I got a call from MGM saying, ‘We’re very pleased. If you are, too, then let’s more forward.’ So we did and here I am.”

From video interview conducted by Movie Geek Feed at the Trek Expo in Tulsa, OK (posted on YouTube on Jun. 27, 2009):

“But coming to the show, you know, replacing [Daniel Jackson], it could have been harder. Because everyone was so cool—all the cast, the crew, the producers—everybody was just really welcoming and really laid back, so it made the transition for me really easy. The actors, the entire crew, all the directors—everybody on Stargate was like a big family, and just like a family, they were very welcoming.”

From interview conducted by “Fist Full of Comics” at the Mid-Ohio Comic Con (posted on Dec. 19, 2006):

The team in 'Shadow Play'

Well, [there was] not necessarily any training [to prepare for the role] really, except only for my own workout regimen, because I had to put on a lot of weight. For myself, personally, I wanted to put on a lot of weight—a lot of bulk—in order to be able to fit in with the look of the entire group, especially with Chris Judge. He’s such a big guy, you know, and if you don’t bulk up, you’re gonna disappear on screen next to a guy like that. And Richard Dean Anderson is like 6’3″, so the fact that he’s so tall it’s also easy to lose youself on screen with someone like that, even though I’m six feet. So I put on about 20-some-odd pounds in muscle mass, really, and a little fat, to be able to [fit in]. So I did that for the show in order to—just for myself—in order to get the look I wanted.

“[By] the time that I started on Season 6, I did watch every single episode of all of the first five seasons within like two-and-a-half to three weeks of having started up on the show. So, like by say the second or third episode, I was completely familiarized with everything that was going on storyline-wise.”

From “Nemec Previews ‘Stargate'” in Sci Fi Wire (Jun. 6, 2002):

Jonas Quinn joins SG-1 in 'Redemption'

“‘Redemption, Part I and II,’ is a really wonderful show. Essentially what it does is it introduces the audience to Jonas Quinn, to his abilities, and it gives you a glimpse of what he has to offer, what he brings to the table. [It] shows his enthusiasm about wanting to do all he can to assist the SG-1 team. It’s also like a trial period for him, because he’s trying to convince the rest of the team that he’s a good candidate to be on SG-1. He’s got to prove himself to O’Neill and the others. Over the two episodes he achieves most of his goal. They finally say, ‘OK, we’ll give you a shot.’ But that’s only the beginning. He’s got to keep proving himself and proving his credibility and prove that he’s actually got something to offer. It’s exciting and a little scary, because I think the audience will be watching him just as closely and going, ‘Can this guy really be worked in? How can he help?'”

From interview conducted by “Fist Full of Comics” at the Mid-Ohio Comic Con (posted on Dec. 19, 2006):

[There’s] only one [acting challenge] that developed over time, which is kind of funny because I really don’t talk about it too often, but the use of props as a character became an issue close to the end of Season 6. It came from somewhere on high that they no longer wanted me to use any props and that, to me, was really disconcerting as an actor and confining because suddenly I was not allowed to explore as an artist in the scenes and find what’s organic and natural to me in the beats and moments. I felt that the allowance of that previous to the last like maybe…three episodes of the season where they put that rule into effect, the character had developed these interesting quirks because of the use of props: the eating of things, the experiencing of all of the new and the interesting kind of items that exist in this new world.

Jonas Quinn and his banana in 'Descent'

“For instance, there was an episode [‘Descent’] early on in Season 6 where me and Teal’c are in outer space and I produce a banana partway through the scene and we have this alien-on-alien conversation in outer space while I eat this banana. That was purely just an idea I came up with at the craft service table because the scene to me lacked—it was just two guys talking, which is fine, but there was nothing really happening for me that was of interest outside two guys talking. So, when I saw the banana, I was like, ‘Now that’s interesting.” And Pete DeLuise, the director of that episode—who is Dom DeLuise’s son and, you know, he’s a brilliant comedian in himself and he really understands humor—and he loved the idea and it turned into one of the most memorable moments. In fact, out there in the web world and fandom, there’s a group of young fans called The Order of Jonas’s Banana—The OJBs and they’re mostly European—but there’s a whole group of them and they go to the European cons and they wear these banana-colored capes and stuff, and it’s all because of that one moment. That came out of having the freedom to explore and discover moments, so that [the restriction concerning props], to me, was very, very strange and confining at the tail end there.”

From “Stargate – Interview with the cast and crew of Stargate SG-1” by Cyberex Online (Jan. 2003):

Jonas swimming in 'Descent'

“It was fun to swim on the set and hold my breath a minute and a half. I’m enjoying the action aspect of the show. Jonas has become a contributing member of the team. It’s just a balance around background, so as the storyline develops more, the character becomes more involved in the storylines. It’s becoming more exciting for me as an actor.

“Jonas is absolutely based on a part of me. He has a number of attributes true to me. I’m bringing those aspects of myself to the character because it works with him. Of course he’s an alien, but I just imagine myself in those fantastic situations and act accordingly, whatever they are.”

From interview in TV Zone Special #46 (Jul. 2002):

Jonas Quinn and Jack O'Neill in 'Full Circle'

“Carter is the first character that the producers had warm up to Jonas quicker than anyone else. Jonas and Teal’c end up bonding because they have similar backgrounds. Both are aliens who left their worlds as well as their lives behind to join SG-1’s cause. As for O’Neill, the nice thing about him is he’s a loyal guy. He’s loyal to his team mates, his mission and he was and still is loyal to Daniel Jackson. They went through a lot together, so he can’t just blindly accept this new guy taking Daniel’s place. Jack is the person that Jonas has to prove himself to the most, and even when he’s allowed on the team, the colonel doesn’t automatically accept him.

“As I said before, Jonas still has to get out there in the field and pay his dues. So his relationship with O’Neill is a bit strained but I like that because it makes things all the more interesting.

“I have a feeling that by the time this season ends we’ll have a pretty refined character in Jonas and one that’s in a position to develop further. If I get the chance to do that with him, cool. If not, I’ll be grateful to have at least walked in Jonas’s boots for 23 episodes.”


Nemec Filming "The Bollywood Boys" This Summer

Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn (S6, MGM)
Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn during
SG-1’s Sixth Season (MGM)

Stargate star Corin Nemec has made the news with his long-time friend David Faustino as they are set to co-star in a new movie to be filmed this summer. Here’s the press release from about The Bollywood Boys:

Faustino to Star in Bollywood Comedy
Former “Married With Children” star to play lead in “The Bollywood Boys.”

Los Angeles, CA, February 16, 2009 –(– Fresh from his success on Sony’s new web series “Star-Ving”, David Faustino (Bud Bundy from the classic comedy series “Married With Children”) has committed to play the lead role in the feature film “The Bollywood Boys”. Joining him in the cast is longtime comedy buddy Corin Nemec (star of the Fox comedy series “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”).

The movie, written and to be directed by James L. Bills, will be shot on various locations in Hollywood and feature American and Indian actors in both leading and supporting roles.

According to Producer Al Gomez (writer of the classic 80’s video game comedy “Joysticks”), “The Bollywood Boys” is the story of a couple of down on their luck Hollywood filmmakers, Tom Berrymore (Faustino) and Jerry Brightman (Nemec), who try to rekindle their dying careers by making the first Hollywood-Bollywood musical with the help of Mumbai mob money, and an aged, has-been, Bollywood star”.

Todd Bringewatt (Rules of the Game) of F.N.B. Entertainment joins Al Gomez as the producers of this hilariously offbeat comedy. Filming is slated to begin in the summer of 2009.


If you would like more information regarding “The Bollywood Boys”, please contact Media Relations (AGP) at 310-595-7846. To contact F.N.B. Entertainment, call Todd Bringewatt at 310-289-9894 or email

Corin Nemec Hits Rock Bottom Today in "Star-ving"

What happens to child stars who grow up? If you take the case of David Faustino, formerly known as Bud Bundy from Married with Children, and Corin Nemec, formerly Parker Lewis of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, then you’ll know that they often hit rock bottom and will do anything to get back on top. Faustino and Nemec co-star and co-executive-produce the new web comedy Star-ving that takes a less-than-favorable look at these two men who are allegedly scrambling to succeed in life in a real-life fiction kind of way.

Corin Nemec in Star-ving

The series debuts today at There will be thirteen short webisodes, each running less than ten minutes apiece. BE WARNED: This web series is not for those trying to stay away from dirty words, dirty thoughts, dirty deeds … and bare male buttocks. Described as “racy”, the series includes guest appearances by veteran actors Ed Asner, Alan Thicke, and Ed O’Neill, who all give the two ex-stars a rather rough go.

Stargate fans know that Corin Nemec has been anything but a loser, especially considering he starred on Stargate SG-1 for a season (Season Six) as Jonas Quinn, the first new permanent member of the team after the death/ascension of Dr. Daniel Jackson. Since then, Nemec has guest starred on television series such as CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, and Ghost Whisperer and in various movies, including the title role in the DTV movie Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck. Check out his IMDb record for more proof that Nemec has not actually hit rock bottom, but has a good time pretending it in Star-ving.

Nemec Visits "CSI: Miami" Dec 8

Stargate star Corin Nemec will be making an appearance on the popular show CSI: Miami this coming Monday, December 8, at 10 PM ET/PT, on CBS. The episode is entitled “The Deluca Motel” and Nemec will be portraying the character named Carl Reston.

In addition to this appearance, TV Guide has that Nemec’s 2005 movie Raging Sharks will be making its premiere on the Sci Fi Channel on Sunday, December 14, at 7 PM ET (with a repeat listed at Sci Fi’s schedulebot for January 8, 2009, at 7 PM ET).

Catch Nemec, Black in Guest Roles

Stargate SG-1 stars Corin Nemec and Claudia Black are making guest appearances on other TV shows in the upcoming weeks.

Nemec plays Paul Eastman in CBS’s Ghost Whisperer in the episode “Stranglehold”. Look for this appearance on Friday, May 9, at 8:00 PM ET/PT. The storyline: “Melinda looks into a 1979 murder trial prosecuted by her father, hoping to find a connection to his disappearance.”

Black will appear in the first season finale of Moonlight as the character “The Cleaner”. In the episode “Sonata”, “Mick and Beth face the ultimate consequence of a relationship between mortal and immortal when a vampire kills a human in the heat of passion. But when the murder investigation threatens to expose vampire identities, Mick and Josef take action.” Watch the episode on CBS on Friday, May 16, at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

Visit TV Guide for listings: