Shanks & Staite: Current Filming Projects

Two of our Stargate stars have just started new filming projects that we thought you might be interested in hearing about.

Jewel Staite: She’s been reporting about her new project The Doomsday Scrolls with CSI: NY star A.J. Buckley on her Twitter account. Buckley even posted a TweetPhoto that includes the two of them on location. News about Buckley’s casting and a hint at what the movie is about come from The Hollywood Reporter: “And A.J. Buckley (“CSI: NY”) has been tapped to star in ‘The Doomsday Scrolls,’ about a book editor who tries to prevent Armageddon.” The movie is filming in Vancouver for Syfy and will premiere next year.

Michael Shanks: His Official Website is reporting that he’s filming Faces in the Crowd: MSOL transcribed a portion of his talk at the recent Vulcan Events convention in Florida, “I’m starting a movie, like… right when I get back from here I’m going to Winnipeg to shoot a movie called Faces In The Crowd with Milla Jovovich and Julian McMahon. It’s about a woman who gets attacked by a serial killer and she develops – I don’t remember the name of the condition, it’s really hard to pronounce [prosopagnosia] – where you can’t… she gets hit in the head and it’s a condition where she can’t distinguish faces. So… I’m playing her boyfriend, and there’s 15 other actors playing my role as well because every time she sees him it looks different, so I’ll voice over all the other actors. It’s a really interesting premise.” More information can be obtained by visiting MSOL or Jovovich’s Official Website. The film will premiere next year. A promo/preview video is included below.

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Stargate Planner: Week of April 26-May 2

You might be interested in these news tidbits and announcements that have been noted on this editor’s calendar and notebook for this week. If you’ve got more to add, please don’t hesitate to announce them in the comment section below.


Monday, April 26
Tuesday, April 27 Stargate Universe “Faith” on the UK’s Sky One at 8:00 PM.
Wednesday, April 28
Thursday, April 29
Friday, April 30 Stargate Universe “Human” on Australia’s Sci Fi Channel at 8:30 PM. Michael Shanks returns as Dr. Daniel Jackson (sort of).

Stargate Universe “Lost” on Syfy at 9 PM ET and on Space at 10 PM ET.

FEDCON XIX begins today and runs until May 2. Guests of note include David Hewlett, Cliff Simon, Aaron Douglas, Nicole de Boer, and Tahmoh Penikett.

Vulcan Events in Tampa, Florida, begins today and runs until May 2. Stargate’s headliner is Michael Shanks. Also present will be Dean Stockwell and Tony Todd. Currently, Shanks is scheduled for Sunday (May 2) only.

Saturday, May 1 Today marks the limited release of My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, starring our own Beau Bridges and Alyssa Milano.
Sunday, May 2

News Notes

If you missed Jewel Staite in the premiere of the Syfy Original Movie Mothman, you’ll get another chance on May 22 at 7 PM ET and June 19 at 5 PM ET.

Michael Shanks Online has a set of exclusive pictures of Team Shanks, Michael and his wife Lexa Doig, as they participated in the MS Society of Canada’s Walk fundraiser. According to the website, Team Shanks has raised over $2,600, and there are still opportunities for donations to be pledged at the Team Shanks website.


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Reminder: Jewel Staite in Syfy's "Mothman" Tonight (April 24)

'Mothman' on Syfy (SYFY)
'Mothman' starring Connor Fox and Jewel Staite on Syfy (SYFY)
Stargate Atlantis star Jewel Staite can be seen in Syfy’s new movie Mothman tonight at 9 PM ET!

The storyline (from TV Guide): A tragic prank and its subsequent cover-up come back to haunt five childhood friends when they reunite a decade later in their hometown.

Staite filmed the movie in Louisiana and often tweeted to share her experiences with her fans. Now, she’s asking her followers to “At the very least, help beat MegaPiranha in ratings, ok?”

There’s more about the movie from Staite and her co-star Connor Fox in their interview with Monsters and Critics. Basically, what Staite wants to get across to her fans is that this movie might be too scary for younger viewers, but it still has its fun moments. She explained, “[It] is a little rough. It’s definitely for a more mature audience than I think most of the Syfy Creature Features are geared towards, but, yes, I mean, I think it still has a fun tone to it. Definitely the beginning is darker than what Syfy viewers are used to. But it’s still a lot of fun. It’s a bit campy and there’s lots of great characters like Frank and that kind of thing to kind of lighten up the movie a little bit, so I wouldn’t say that it’s entirely dark.”

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[spoiler intro=”Syfy’s Sneak Peek Clip”]


Stargate Planner: Week of April 19-25

You might be interested in these news tidbits and announcements that have been noted on this editor’s calendar and notebook for this week. If you’ve got more to add, please don’t hesitate to announce them in the comment section below.


Monday, April 19
Tuesday, April 20 Stargate Universe “Divided” on the UK’s Sky One at 8:00 PM.
Wednesday, April 21
Thursday, April 22
Friday, April 23 Stargate Universe “Faith” on Australia’s Sci Fi Channel at 8:30 PM.

Stargate Universe “Human” on Syfy at 9 PM ET and on Space at 10 PM ET. This episode sees the return of Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson (sort of).

Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Rachel Luttrell, Torri Higginson, and Marina Sirtis will be at the Hollywood Show in Burbank, which starts running today and ends April 25. Check the show’s website for other guests and schedule.

Saturday, April 24 Jewel Staite in Mothman tonight at 9 PM ET on Syfy!
Sunday, April 25 Michael Shanks and his wife Lexa Doig are putting on their walking shoes for the MS Society of Canada. Visit their Team Shanks webpage to find ways that you can support their fundraising efforts.

News Notes

Ben Browder‘s newest project, The CW’s pilot Hellcats, began filming on April 13 in Vancouver (and is slated to wrap on April 19). So far, no images of him in his new role are available, but there have been lots of them for the ensemble’s lead stars Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka as they donned their cheerleading attire for this hour-long dramedy that is said to be a sure thing for pickup by the network for the fall.


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Stargate Planner: Week of April 12-18

There are some news tidbits and announcements that have been noted on this editor’s calendar and notebook that maybe you’d be interested in for this week. If you’ve got more to add, please don’t hesitate to announce them in the comment section below.


Monday, April 12
Tuesday, April 13 Stargate Universe returns to the UK’s Sky One at 8:00 PM with “Space”.
Wednesday, April 14 Today is Robert Carlyle‘s birthday!
Thursday, April 15 The Official Stargate Convention in Vancouver kicks off today and lasts until Sunday, April 18. Make sure to visit Creation Entertainment for the latest in the schedule, which includes appearances by Michael Shanks, Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Mark Burgess, Peter Williams, N. John Smith, Cliff Simon, Colin Cunningham, Christopher Heyerdahl, Dan Payne, Dan Shea, James Bamford, and Andee Frizzell.
Friday, April 16 Stargate Universe “Divided” on Australia’s Sci Fi Channel at 8:30 PM.

Stargate Universe “Faith” on Syfy at 9 PM ET and on Space at 10 PM ET.

Lou Diamond Phillips will be attending the Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) for the first screening of his movie Transparency at 10:30 PM.

Jewel Staite will be appearing at the Anaheim Comic Con, which starts today and ends on April 18. Several actors who appeared in supporting roles will also be in attendance.

Saturday, April 17 Today is Alaina Huffman‘s birthday!
Sunday, April 18 Today is David Hewlett‘s birthday!

News Notes

Unfortunately, Corin Nemec‘s web series Star-ving did not win the Audience Choice Award for which it had been nominated in the Second Annual Streamy Awards. The award went to Agents of Cracked. You can see a list of all of the nominees and winners at

Stargate SG-1 character-focused comic books are being developed by Dynamite. Stargate: Vala Mal Doran is written by Brandon Jerwa and involves Vala in an “Ocean’s Eleven” type heist. It’s supposed to be released in May. Stargate: Daniel Jackson, written by Doug Murray, focuses on Jackson’s “voice of reason” and intellect while going on a classic SG-1 adventure.

On our Twitter, we provided a link to Chicago Tribune‘s Maureen Ryan’s review of the Supernatural episode in which Michael Shanks briefly appeared. Do you agree with those among Ryan’s readers that his role was way too small (although he did warn us that it would be so)?


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13-4-13: Stargate Atlantis Season Five

Stargate Atlantis Season Five Cast

Yet another cast change occurred as Stargate Atlantis entered its fifth season; Amanda Tapping moved on to Sanctuary and Jewel Staite and Stargate veteran Robert Picardo were added to the opening credits.

Richard Woolsey and Dr. Carson Beckett in ENEMY AT THE GATEAnd after some very intense campaigning, it worked out well for the Dr. Carson Beckett fans, too, as Paul McGillion returned for five episodes that each had him involved in a significant way in the story. McGillion told Pop Culture Zoo, “[The fans] have been so incredibly supportive of the show and of Carson Beckett. Obviously, without them Beckett wouldn’t have come back and I’m really grateful to them for that.”

Dr. Daniel Jackson with Dr. Rodney McKay on AtlantisAnd finally, for all of the Dr. Daniel Jackson fans, there were the two mid-season episodes that saw the man who discovered Atlantis finally visit it during less pressing times and explore the city in the only way that the curious archaeologist could. Most of Daniel’s time was spent with McKay, and actor David Hewlett wrote in his blog right after filming, “We’ve just finished the two-parter where I had WAY too much fun with the…can’t say enough great things about him, Michael Shanks. That guy is such a star – funny, charming and the consummate professional…all with no attitude either!…I was bugging Mallozzi to bring him back after about an hour of working with the guy!” According to writer/producer Martin Gero in the DVD commentary for “First Contact”, they actually would have seriously considered bringing Shanks in as a regular on the show for its sixth season, but unfortunately, that didn’t pan out, because, shockingly and amazingly, the show was not renewed!

And thus we’ve reached the final week for Stargate Atlantis in our Thirteen Weeks for Thirteen Years (13-4-13) series, and it feels way far too soon. The reasons why the show had to end after having had only five years and winning the People’s Choice Award and reaching the incredible 100th episode milestone still aren’t totally clear, but now Atlantis fans anxiously await the filming of Stargate: Extinction to resolve some of the plot threads that were left rather obviously dangling in the wind.

Atlantis Season Five

Pick your favorites in our poll below. And as always, it would be lovely to hear from you in our comments at the bottom of this article.

Joe Flanigan

From “Being John Sheppard” in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #24 (Sept./Oct. 2008):

“I have a very specific belief that the show is successful because of the chemistry of the characters, and because I don’t think the show takes itself too seriously. I think that is really important. You can take yourself very seriously, you can say a whole bunch of profound things, and everything can be really dramatic, but you better be awfully good. The odds are you are better off doing a $150 million science-fiction movie that is serious, but when you are doing a 44-minute television show for $3 million, you have to know what your limitations are. I think we’re lucky that we have likeable characters and you see us having fun. We are making fun of the genre a little bit, and making fun of ourselves. Knowing when the adventure is urgent, and when it’s kind of funny is important. Comedy and humor are probably the saving grace for us. It allows us to keep going, I think.

John Sheppard and Rodney McKay share a quiet moment in THE SHRINE“As far as this season goes, it seems they have me and Jason working together more, which is always good because it probably means we are going to do some action sequences. We did one episode [‘The Shrine’] where you could say David Hewlett is senile but there’s no real word for it because it’s a fictional disease, and it is a very good episode. It’s nice to do character pieces because everyone wants some character development. On the show, a lot of the time we are engaged with some exterior problem where you don’t have time for character development, so when you do get a script that has some development, it’s nice. I think everyone did a really amazing job, and everyone has really great moments in the episode.”

From “Joe Flanigan: The Adventurer” at SciFiandTvTalk’s Blog (Apr. 6, 2009):

John Sheppard tormented in REMNANTS“[In ‘Remnants’], that’s where my character basically gets stuck in his own head, for lack of a better way of putting it, although both he and the viewer doesn’t realize this until the very end. Dr. McKay [David Hewlett] and Dr. Zelenka [David Nykl] discover a probe at the bottom of the ocean under Atlantis and it creates a phony physical environment inside your head. However, it’s one in which, for Sheppard, you can still feel pain. We had Robert Davi back for this episode and some rather dark things happen in it.

“’Remnants’ is one of those scripts that’s almost always better when you see everything that was shot cut together because there are all sorts of bizarre little storylines going on. I thought it was a clever script and a challenging one to shoot. For example, when Koyla tells Sheppard that he’s just a figment of his imagination, as an actor it’s very difficult to go from, OK, my character is getting the crap beat out of him, to realizing that he’s in no real physical danger. It’s an odd transition and we couldn’t quite figure out how to play it, so I hope that it worked out in the end.

John Sheppard and Michael Kenmore fight in THE PRODIGAL“That big fight scene [in ‘The Prodigal’] took a great deal of time and energy to shoot, and I love that stuff. Any action-oriented show is always going to be one that I’m not only interested in doing, but also watching. I think adventure and humor is a winning combo every time. You can do spooky and funny stories, too, but the combination of those basic elements is always the right way to go. Sometimes we go in a heavy conceptual direction, you know, like ‘The Daedalus Variations,’ which was challenging in a different sort of way to do because it was VFX [visual effects] dependent. If the VFX don’t work out it can kill the whole show, and oftentimes they [the producers and director] can’t quite describe to the actor what the VFX is going to be. So you’re trying to react to something that hasn’t even been created yet, and you just pray to God that you’re acting at the right level. Hopefully the threat that they then create using VFX isn’t bigger, or smaller, than you’ve anticipated. It’s kind of a tricky situation to be in.

John Sheppard in fight with Michael Kenmore in THE PRODIGAL“So ‘The Prodigal’ was one of those basic types of stories that you could sink your teeth into. It’s a great episode and Connor [Trinneer] did a terrific job in it. Bam Bam [stunt coordinator James Bamford] worked on the fight scene for a really long time. However, I then threw him a curveball because they had planned out this big elaborate fight and I said to him, ‘I’m sorry, but my character just isn’t Mr. Jujitsu.’ Sheppard would probably get his ass kicked and barely hold onto his life. He’s a great soldier, but a pretty sloppy fighter compared to Teyla. He tends to improvise, so we had to rearrange the fight a little bit.

John Sheppard dangling on the ledge in THE PRODIGAL“Carl Binder [Atlantis executive producer and writer of ‘The Prodigal’] and I agreed that the point of this fight was to show how painful it was. I wanted to convey pain, disorganization and fear, whereas the fight originally conveyed an almost Crouching Tiger-type quality. That was cool, but it wasn’t my character. I felt bad for poor Bam Bam, who had worked so hard on the fight, and then I came along and kind of changed the whole thing. I was like, Michael needs to hit Sheppard and he falls to the floor. Maybe then he grabs Michael’s leg and bites it or whatever. Michael is clearly a better fighter and Sheppard has to do whatever he can to make it work out in his favor. So we were able to make some changes and I think it worked out better for us. It’s the difference between watching Bruce Lee and Harrison Ford. The characters they play get into these difficult fights, but one is a martial artist and the other is someone who improvises and just hopes he gets out of the situation alive. It’s an important character distinction, especially for someone like Sheppard, who has a team full of Jujitsu experts, Dr. McKay not being one of them. [jokes]

Det. John Sheppard in VEGAS“Sometimes it’s such a life and death thing for our characters that you don’t get a chance to see them enjoying the adventure. It’s almost as if they’re always fighting for their lives, but Sheppard does enjoy it. It’s like a wild ride for him. Also, he doesn’t have his personal life together, so this has been a replacement for what would otherwise be a normal, healthy functioning life on Earth, which is non-existent for him. Sheppard doesn’t know anything else. As long as he keeps getting Budweiser in space he’ll stay up there.

“[‘Vegas’ is] the script that I’ve been the most excited about all year. You not only learn a lot more about Sheppard, but also I think what’s important about this particular episode is that it sets up the fact that we all live in these parallel realities, and there are infinite and different Sheppard characters throughout these alternate universes. I’m really happy, for one, to go to Las Vegas, where they have free drinks and I can play blackjack, and, two, to get to play a totally different character. On top of both those points, I enjoy Earth-based stories and ‘Vegas’ is a really interesting and well-written script that can hold its own.”

From “Captain Fantastic!” in Stargate SG-1/Atantis: The Official Magazine #26 (Jan./Feb. 2009):

Detective John Sheppard of Vegas“Shooting ‘Vegas’ with Robert Cooper [was the highlight for me this year]. We shot most of it already out in the Okinaga valley, which is stunning. It looks great because we’re shooting on film, and it was written to capture behavior as opposed to dialogue. A lot of times our shows become about incredibly elaborate plotlines that we don’t have the time or the money to show so we have to explain them. The curse falls primarily on David Hewlett to do that. And doing it in any kind of entertaining fashion where people don’t turn the channel is a major success. But this particular show is not heavy on dialogue, thankfully, except for David Hewlett! Now that I think about it, David actually saves this episode because he explains the whole thing in two scenes! So it’s a lot of fun. I also like Robert Cooper. I like working with him. I think I have a connection with him in terms of the character. He’s written a couple of great episodes for my character.

“I’m going to miss you guys [the fans] a lot! I hope that you are with me on the next project. It’s been an awful lot of fun, and I hope I get to do science fiction for the rest of my life. I do. The fans are awesome. I was warned that I might have weird experiences with sci-fi fans, but, I didn’t have any really weird experiences. The truth is I don’t think it’s weird to be loyal and passionate.”

David Hewlett

From “Close Up: David Hewlett” at MGM’s Official Stargate Website (Jun. 3, 2008):

Rodney McKay in GHOST IN THE MACHINE“You know, [Richard Woolsey is] a bureaucrat. And McKay understands bureaucrats because up until Atlantis, he kind of was one. He’s the academic version of a bureaucrat; he wants everything by the book, by the things that he’s read. So there’s this weird sense of complete and utter disgust at the fact that he’s taking over, but at the same time, he’s not going to argue with someone who takes the safer route through things. McKay’s generally not the one to leap into the fray! So I think there’s a sort of begrudging agreement. It puts McKay in a strange position, because he somehow sees himself somewhere between Sheppard and Woolsey. Somewhere in between those two, there’s a McKay, because McKay definitely has to dial up the hero thing once in a while, but for the most part he’s probably more Woolsey than Woolsey.

“The episode I’m most excited about so far is called ‘The Shrine,’ which we’ve just finished shooting. It’s Brad Wright’s triumphant return to writing scripts for Atlantis, and it’s just great. It’s a really meaty McKay episode, but the great thing about Brad is that he may write episodes that are kind of McKay-centered, but he’s so good at bringing in all the other characters as well. So it’s just a great ensemble piece where I get to do some acting. I love running around shooting things and techno babble and all, but it’s just nice to go, ‘Wow, I actually have to act…’ I can’t just have fun I actually have to do some serious work!”

From “Science Friction” in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #26 (Jan./Feb. 2009):

Rodney McKay confesses love for Jennifer Keller in the videos in THE SHRINE“The lines [in ‘The Shrine’ are the highlight of the season for me.] But for ‘The Shrine,’ we did all of the video stuff in a couple of hours one afternoon. We sat and knocked off every different stage of this disease in literally two hours. Basically, it was Brad, Andy Mikita and myself and a very slimmed down splinter crew. This is the way I like making films—with tiny little budgets and tiny little crews. We got to establish exactly where we wanted to go with each session of this breakdown, so that really set the tone—it was great. What was really nice is that Brad Wright was there. I did all of those lines with Brad, which was fun. It’s very hard to look at Brad Wright and tell him that you’ve loved him for some time. He cried, which was very funny! We were doing the scene, and he started crying. I asked him, ‘Are your crying? Hey! You’re crying because your lines are so good, and not because of the way I’m delivering them!’ It was also a great episode for cracking up the other actors while they’re all doing their ‘acting’ stuff—I’m supposed to be in my own little world, so they were prefect targets.”

Rodney McKay barely tolerates Daniel Jackson in FIRST CONTACTFrom “Stargate Atlantis’ David Hewlett – The Deconstructed Man” at SciFiandTvTalk’s Blog (Jan. 19, 2010):

“The dynamic between Daniel [Michael Shanks] and McKay is not a particularly friendly one. He shows up on Atlantis to do some more research, and my character is not happy because McKay then gets stuck taking him around the city while dismissing Daniel’s theories about various things and then ending being horribly wrong on many occasions. The two of them eventually get pulled off to another planet where they meet an armor-clad race, and then get to become a bit of an armor-clad race themselves.

“It was terrific to have Shanks on the show and fun, too, as I got to sort of pick his brain because he did this [Stargate] for so long. As for our scenes together, well, we both talk incredibly fast, and I’m not used to lines being picked up so quickly and thrown back at me in such a way, because Michael adds in these cool little character-related things. The guy is amazing. I don’t know how he does it, and not only that, but he gets younger every time I see him. Actually, the whole SG-1 cast is on some kind of reverse aging process, whereas I’m on an advanced aging process. By the time we finish this conversation I’ll have aged 10 years.

Rodney McKay in the Lost Tribe's suit in THE LOST TRIBE“As I mentioned, Michael and I ended up in those armor-clad suits for a period of time. All I can say is, I now have a new respect for those people at Comic-Con who dress up as Storm Troopers [from Star Wars]; I don’t know how they stand it because you sweat buckets in an outfit like that. That’s what happened to me in that spacesuit. Of course, Michael glowed and was in a really good mood. Again, we had a ball. There’s some fantastic back and forth banter when Daniel and McKay get together, if I do say so myself. You’ve got that great sense of McKay being up against someone who’s as smart as he is and knows as much as he does, so there’s a lot of attitude being exchanged.”

From “Science Friction” in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #26 (Jan./Feb. 2009):

Rodney McKay speaks his mind in BRAIN STORM“Unlike the other characters who came in and developed, the weird thing with McKay is that he came in developed, and tore himself apart—you see why he is the way he is. That was a lot of the fun of it. Basically, you’ve got a guest star role who’s there to cause trouble, and he gets kicked up to Siberia or wherever he was. All of a sudden they go back and start pulling him apart, ‘OK, he’s a complete knob about this, why? Let’s learn why he’s the way he is.’ With sci-fi, I think there are a lot of people who feel an affinity to that kind of character. A lot of people into sci-fi are very smart and not always terribly good socially—I know I wasn’t—and part of the whole love of sci-fi is about escaping. The idea that there’s this guy who’s like you is very appealing. He can’t get his smart out fast enough, he has no social boundaries, he says exacty what he thinks, and he does everything you want to do. For me, that stuff usually requires a lot of drinks—McKay just does it! He says whatever he needs to say and then goes, ‘Oh.’ I love him. I really love him. I make jokes about it, but I’ve learned an awful lot from McKay. What you see is what you get with him, he doesn’t try to be nice if he doesn’t fee like it, but he does try when he wants to.”

From “Close Up: David Hewlett” at MGM’s Official Stargate Website (Jun. 3, 2008):

“The scary thing is I feel like I’ve learned a lot from McKay. People always laugh when I say this, but I’m actually quite shy and retiring. I’m not really good with people, I’m not really good in first impressions, I’m not very good at social scenes. And McKay’s kind of given me this like ‘Well, they all hate me anyway’ attitude. It’s given me the freedom to get out of my skin a bit, and it’s given me a certain confidence. And also, to be fair, as an actor, there’s a confidence in having a regular job. One of the hardest things as an actor is to not base how you feel on whether you’re working or not, because so much of your time as an actor is spent not working. But when you’ve got a job like this, and especially a character like this who is so much fun to play, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself.”

From “Science Friction” in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #26 (Jan./Feb. 2009):

Jennifer Keller and Rodney McKay together in ENEMY AT THE GATE“I already miss McKay. Being an actor is kind of like playing the lottery, I mean, you get these roles and some of them stick and when they hit, it’s an amazing thing. I think McKay was one of those roles. I find it weird to let that go. But at the same time, I don’t have to yet. I don’t want to sound trite, it’s like when you break up with a woman, you never really get over them until you meet someone else. And with McKay, I hope I’m not always going to miss him. I hope there will be other characters that resonate the same way. McKay is a great character and I hope he’s not a once in a career character. So, basically, I’m kind of excited because maybe there’s another… I have a sneaking suspicion that McKay is not going to disappear—I think we’ll see him again. …”

Rachel Luttrell

From interview with Fantasy Magazine (Oct. 1, 2008):

Teyla Emmagan in SEARCH AND RESCUE“[Teyla has] matured, definitely. She’s come into her own and she’s become stronger. Her journey has become quite broad and extensive. She’s become a very grounded and stronger just because that’s what the situation has called for. I mean just the fact that she’s had a baby definitely has caused her to change.

“I think that she’s pretty much made up her mind at this point, not so much where she’s going to put her focus but where she’s going to divide her energies. She’s still part of the team. She’s come to terms with the fact that what she does is dangerous, that when she goes out on a mission it might be the last time that she’s sees her child but she’s determined to make the galaxy a safer place, especially for him.

“Throughout the past few years, I’ve grown with Teyla, and the shifts she’s undergone have been reminiscent of my own life. I’ve become a mother as well. I think I’d like to see her have a little more fun (laughs). I would! I’d love for her to have some fun and light in her life. To have a moment where she has a sigh of relief. A moment to relax and show a softer side.

“With each character and each personality, Teyla responds in a different way. We have Robert Picardo this year as Richard Woolsey. Woolsey is kind of prickly, but Teyla is inclined to give people the chance to show their true nature. She shows compassion towards him, and in the end, he’s won her over. … I mean, Teyla leaves Torin with Woolsey and trusts him to find the dad.

Teyla Emmagan in THE SEED“I connect with all of them in different ways; even with Woolsey there’s a connection.

“With each of the team members she has a personal kind of affection towards them. After ‘Missing’ she has an affection for Dr. Keller. Dr. Keller rises to the challenge and she knows about the pregnancy first. And of course with Sheppard there’s a kindred spirit connection between them that’s been there from the beginning. With Ronon there’s the great relationship that they have since he’s also from Pegasus. And the only one to share any connection to what she’s gone through. But they all are important to her in different ways.”

From “Queen of Atlantis” in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #26 (Jan./Feb. 2009):

“[Teyla’s] journey has been very broad, actually. She’s gone through a lot. I look back to season one Teyla, and everything that has transpired, and I think she’s just come into herself. She’s become more of a woman. A very grounded, well-rounded, compassionate and strong woman. I think in the beginning, there was still a bit of the girl in her. Certainly, her relationship with the rest of the team has deepened. In terms of self-discovery, she has had all of these unique skills that, in the beginning she was uncertain about— since then, she’s learned a lot about herself and her own powers and capabilities. I think I started off with a character who was filled with potential, and I’ve ended up with a character who’s still very ripe with potential, but who’s quite weighty and centered.

Teyla Emmagan as Wraith Queen with Todd in THE QUEEN“It’s an honor to be able to play such a character. It’s so wonderful to be able to bring a character to life, who is a woman, who is strong physically as well as intellectually, but without being a bitch or being masculine in any way. She didn’t lose any of her femininity, or strength—that was something I didn’t want to compromise on. … I was very clear that that’s what I wanted to do with her. I’ve had a lot of strong female role models in my own life and one of them have been bitchy! They’ve all been great women. Let’s face it, that’s what we are, that’s what we do!

“I’m sorry but I can’t say ‘The Queen’ [can be considered a stand-out moment for me this year.] That was a hell of an episode. I’m still nursing my son and there I was as a freak monster holding my wee one! Thank goodness he’s so above all of it that he thought it was hilarious. I’d been putting green facemasks on to make sure he was OK. He would look at me like, ‘I know what I signed up for,’ and laugh! Then I knew it was going to be OK, but it was a long, hard episode.

Team on top of the Stargate in THE SHRINE“Sitting on top of the Stargate in ‘The Shrine’—that was a fun moment! We had a ball splashing the water before takes, and we were spraying each other.

“I had a lot of fun with Michael and his demise in ‘Prodigal,’ and being a little bit of a superhero mom. That was good because that’s certainly something that happens when you become a mom—you feel you can take on anything!”

From interview with Sci Fi Now (Aug. 10, 2009):

“You know, there are many things that I would have liked to do with Teyla. I like the direction that she went, certainly, but I still think that there was room to do a lot more in terms of exploring her culture and the fact that she was native to the Pegasus galaxy. I think that there could have been, potentially, a lot more mythology and history woven in there. I’m not going to say that it was a missed opportunity per se, but I just really feel that there was much more depth that could have been explored and it could have been really fascinating.

Sheppard's Team in ENEMY AT THE GATE“Obviously, number one [highlight for me] would be the camaraderie between myself and my fellow cast mates, as well as our wonderful crew. We just had a terrific group of people to work with. It was very fortunate, it doesn’t happen very often…but we all got along with each other. Certainly in the early days we would spend a lot of time with each other and that was a ball, and our crew was great, so the sense of family was fantastic. I also loved being able to play such a strong, vibrant and intelligent, physical character… Teyla wasn’t a cookie cutter, kind of [character]… she wasn’t sexy without intelligence, or smart without the physicality, she was really well-rounded and that was great. It was wonderful to be able to take on such a physical character as well, I hadn’t done that before and so the whole aspect of martial arts and fighting was something that I very much enjoyed as well.”

From “Queen of Atlantis” in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #26 (Jan./Feb. 2009):

“I don’t know whether or not anybody will admit this—I’ll admit it—I think everybody’s a little bit sad about [the cancellation]. I was shocked by it. We all had the carpet pulled out from under us because we’ve been doing so well. Paul Mullie and Joe Mallozzi came to my trailer, with their heads hanging down, with the news. We all thought it would at least go one more season.

“I would just like to make sure that the fans know how much we appreciate their support. We’ve all been touched by the outpouring since the announcement. It’s just been wonderful and we appreciate it.”

Jason Momoa

From “Jason Momoa – At Home on Atlantis” at SciFiandTvTalk’s Blog (Apr. 14, 2009):

“I’ve been with this role for four seasons, and at the end of my first year playing him I really began to grasp the character, so much so that now it’s easy to slip into. As far as the action goes, it’s a lot easier than it used to be. I mean, I’ve been walking in these shoes for a long time, and I’m going to be a little sad when this show ends and I’m not playing Ronon. I’ve never really felt that way before. This is the hardest role I’ve ever had. There’s no way that I relate to most of the stuff he does, but I really like Ronon and I think the writers have done a good job with him. Sometimes it’s hard not having much to say as my character, but, hey, that’s Ronon, so I’ve had to let go of that.

Ronon Dex as Tyre's captive in BROKEN TIES“When it comes to the acting, I’ve learned a great deal on Atlantis. I get really nervous on-camera, so I’ve tried to relax and slow down. This season I’ve had the chance to go much deeper into this character and really experiment with him. ‘Broken Ties’ was a huge breakthrough for me, especially when it came to the scenes where I cried. I find it very difficult to cry, and as an actor you have to look inside yourself as much as possible and be aware of your emotions. Thank God I got to work with [director] Ken Girotti on ‘Broken Ties,’ who’s incredible. He got me to relax and would say to me, ‘You know you can do this.’ When you’re on-set and, for example, the lighting people are doing their thing, the camera guys are moving the camera into place, and someone from make-up is powdering your face, it’s hard to channel your emotions. It takes a lot of practice, and I’m not good at getting all emotional and crying. Ken just came up to me and said, ‘Jason, you know what you want to do. You’re there, just relax.’

Ronon Dex is fed upon by a Wraith in BROKEN TIES“When I heard Ken tell me to relax I thought, ‘OK, just breathe into your stomach and listen for a second to what he’s saying.’ When that one word [relax] hit me, it was just awesome. That’s where you think, ‘This is why I do what I do.’ I’ve had times in my career where I’ve been able to stretch myself acting-wise doing those types of scenes. Action helps that entire process because it throws you into that particular moment. As far as the acting, though, when you get to just perform and do your thing, that’s when you truly realize why you love your job so much.”

From “Dex Appeal” in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #26 (Jan./Feb. 2009):

“‘Broken Ties’ was my favorite episode, acting-wise. I had these super-human powers, which was pretty cool, and I got to take the badass thing to another level. I got to play evil. It was horrible to come off of such a crazy drug, and doing it in that place is pretty funky. It’s meant to be like heroin times 10, and they really let me go with it and create the pain. There was a lot of pain, but it was fun to do!

Ronon Dex detoxes in BROKEN TIES“I broke two gurneys on the set and the crew were like ‘holy crap!’ I was a broken man by the end of that day—I didn’t have anything left. It was just rewarding to hear them say, ‘I didn’t even know he could do that, he doesn’t even talk!’ That was nice.

“At the end of every season I go up to them and we talk about what I’d like to happen character-wise—like I’d really love to see him beg to be killed, or have a love interest. I wanted to go evil for a while—originally, in that episode my dreads were supposed to get cut off to show the transformation. After I cut my dreads off last season, they made me the wig and we were going to ‘shave’ it off during ‘Broken Ties.’ The Wraith would capture me, torture me and cut all my hair off, as part of the story. The powers that be didn’t like that—Ronon can’t be Ronon without the dreads!”

From “Jason Momoa – At Home on Atlantis” at SciFiandTvTalk’s Blog (Apr. 14, 2009):

“‘Tracker’ was fun because it was just me and David Hewlett, and working with him is always a pleasure as well as laughs and good times. Our two characters are good together because they’re obviously brains and brawn, and now this year they’re fighting over Keller and it’s been great to feed off of that.

Ronon Dex and fellow Runner Kiryk in TRACKER“I have to say, too, that Mike Dopud, who played Kiryk, does a terrific job in the episode. He’s a fantastic actor and we had such a good time working with him. Like Mike’s character, Ronon brought death upon an entire village because of the Wraith, so my character is able to relate to him on that level. However, they’re two testosterone-driven don’t-show-any-emotion guys, but they do share one tiny moment of understanding in the episode. I’m really pleased our writers did something like that, rather than having Ronon put the blinders on and have him just seeing red because this Runner took someone who he loves and respects. It would have been neat if they were able to bring back Mike’s character and have him and Ronon take on some Wraith together.”

From “Exclusive Interview: Jason Momoa” at Cinema Spy (Aug. 11, 2008):

“[I’d like to see Ronon go out in] a blaze of glory, man. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, me and Joe, going out. The unspoken word, looking at each other. We’ve had it happen this year, we do one where we look at each other and he’s like, ‘We’re going to die. It’s an honour,’ and I’m like, ‘Same.’ It’s unspoken and you’re going out with your buddy, firing.”

Ronon Dex in TRACKERFrom “The 100th Episode Wrap Party” video at MGM’s Official Stargate Website (May 21, 2009):

“I’m going to miss playing [Ronon]…he’s a fun character, for sure, but I’m also looking forward to smiling instead of—and not beating people up. I’m sure everyone says it’s like family, but it really is. I’ve met a lot of people I’ll take with me and cherish. I’m going to love coming back [to do the movie]. It’ll be nice to have a little break and come back and—you know, I’ve never really been in a feature, so it’ll be nice to do that: this whole big budget and play Ronon, someone I already know, and just having fun.”

Jewel Staite

From “Close Up: Jewel Staite” at MGM’s Official Stargate Website (May 27, 2008):

Dr. Jennifer Keller in SEARCH AND RESCUE“They called in the fall and told me that we had been picked up for a fifth season, and once contract negotiations began, they asked if I was willing to come on for more time. It’s a great show, a great cast, the hours are great… It’s a very easy set to be on but at the same time, there’s all these extreme situations that we’re playing out every week, so it’s kind of fun. You never really know what your character is going to go through next, so it’s a bit of a challenge as well, which is good. It shoots in my home town and I’ve bonded with everybody – I definitely wasn’t ready to say goodbye, so I was happy to keep exploring the character.

“Keller has definitely become more comfortable with the group. There are more scenes with Sheppard, which I really like because I didn’t have a lot of scenes with him last year. There’s been more development with the Ronon situation and the McKay situation, but of course, it being Atlantis the stakes are high and we’re in constant danger! There’s been lots of stunt work. So it’s the same old, same old, really. [laughs]

“I got a new leather jacket to wear off world. They’ve given me this off-world outfit and solidified me as more a part of the team, so that’s really cool. She’s still a little bit of a ‘fraidy cat, but what I really like about Keller is that she seems to react the way a normal, ordinary person would in a death-defying situation. I think there’s a lot of humor and a lot of realism in that. But she’s learning and she’s definitely becoming used to being in dangerous situations and stepping up to the plate a bit more. So, slowly but surely, she’s getting the hang of it.

Dr. Jennifer Keller overtaken in THE SEED“I feel very comfortable here. I feel like I know everybody very well and they know me very well. I just feel trusted and confident in letting loose with what I can do. I don’t second guess what I’m doing and I don’t worry about whether my choice about something in a scene is going to be wrong, because I feel like I now own this character, and it’s a great feeling. It’s hard to grasp that when you’re just starting a job, especially since you’re essentially replacing somebody who was very well loved in the fandom. It was a little touch and go at first, and I was feeling like the new kid – but that was good because I think Keller felt the same way, so it just seemed to work on set and feel very real. I don’t feel so new anymore. I just feel like one of the gang, which is awesome.”

From “Why Is Jewel Staite Always In Bondage? We Asked Her” at io9 (Aug. 8, 2008):

“No! [It wasn’t fun having the alien spore taking over my body in ‘The Seed.’] It was the weirdest thing in the world. I was basically pinned to the bed literally, they had a prosthetic blanket that went over me, and they glued pieces of the blanket to my face. So once I was in, I was in. It took like half an hour to get out, and then another half hour to in, so if I really really had to go, they would let me out, but I knew it would be a big hassle, so I just laid off all the fluids and I went to the happy place, that’s where I was. Yeah. That was so bizarre. I just laid there and David Hewlett (Rodney McKay) was feeding me at one point. It was a bonding experience. It wasn’t that bad. I basically laid there and relaxed in a very comfortable bed. It could have been worse. An odd way of working, for sure.

Dr. Jennifer Keller kidnapped and bound by Kiryk in TRACKER“In season four, I was kidnapped and bound and gagged. This year, it’s happened to me twice so far. And I just read yet another script where I am again bound and gagged. I don’t know what I did. … I’m starting to wonder. It’s a fetish thing. And it’s the same writer every time that writes the episode where I’m being kidnapped. Maybe he likes seeing me dragged through the woods. I don’t know what’s going on. And you know what? I don’t question it. I guess. At least he’s writing for me.”

From “Exclusive Interview: Jewel Staite” at Cinema Spy (Jul. 30, 2008):

“I think in terms of doing a series, the writers get to know you as a person, besides you as the actor, and start incorporating a lot of your own personality into the character. As time goes on they can’t really help but do that. If you are playing this person every day, there’s a little bit of you that goes in there no matter what you do. I’m very laid back and I talk to everybody and I’m the type of person who gets along with everybody, and I think she’s like that too. It’s not that she has this intense bond with everybody. It’s just a friendly, amiable quality about her that is there. There’s a really interesting scene coming up [in ‘First Contact’] where Woolsey is writing a speech and he’s really nervous about it and she can pick up on that and she interrupts him and says, ‘What are you doing?’ and she sits and laughs with him and relaxes him. I don’t think he’s had that with any of the other characters yet on the show. I like that she’s able to get along, at least, with everybody. She doesn’t have a beef with anybody. She doesn’t have an aggressiveness about her, or any major past issues that bring a certain coldness to her that somebody like Ronon would have, or even McKay.

Rodney McKay and Jennifer Keller admit their love for each other in BRAIN STORM“I’ve been able to help develop the relationship between Keller and McKay a lot more. They’ve become much closer and better friends. I’ve been a lot more involved this year. I signed on for more episodes, so it’s been almost every day and I feel good. I feel like I’ve realised my place here and know everybody and feel very at ease and comfortable. It’s really nice.

“The thing I’m most excited about is her confidence. I’m so happy to see more of that. She was a bit of a scaredy-cat in Season 4 and was apprehensive and kind of shy and full of anxiety a lot of the time. A lot of that is dissipated this year and she’s become more forthright and believes in herself a little bit more and I really like that. She’s becoming a strong female character on the show and that’s always good to have more of those.”

From “Interview with Amanda Tapping & Jewel Staite of Stargate Atlantis” at TVaholic (Sept. 30, 2007):

Jennifer Keller formally dressed in BRAIN STORM“I’m usually just drawn to really well written characters. I don’t limit my career choices on any particular genre. And I guess I’ve just fallen into this world of sci-fi over and over again because a lot of the time in this genre there’s some really well-written, intelligent women characters to play, luckily.

“And as for her biggest strength, she’s really great under pressure. I think that’s when she’s at her best, especially when she’s in her element; anything to do with medicine or a complicated medical situation she’s just there. She’s just on. She’s very, very, very smart and very focused.

“I think [the character moments are] so important in a show like this. I mean there’s so much action and there’s so much going on and special effects and that kind of thing and that’s important, but I think it’s so much more interesting when there are those special moments between the characters where they let their guards down a little bit. I really like that. I think that’s really integral to a good episode.”

From “Shutting Down The ‘Gate: ‘Stargate Atlantis’ Ends Its Five Year Run” at Pop Culture Zoo (Jan. 8, 2009):

“I knew the show was in a groove, having been running for so many years, so I expected a well-run set and a lot of camaraderie. And I couldn’t have been more on the mark. I’ve never worked with such a talented, easy-going crew! I was always amazed at how much we were able to achieve in a twelve hour day, and everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Since I was the new kid stepping in to some hard shoes to fill, I was a little worried about fitting in, but they all made me feel so incredibly welcome, right from the very beginning. I’ll always remember the cast and crew for that.

“Nearing the end of season five, Dr. Keller was just beginning to show her true colors. I would love to explore more of that in the future!”

Robert Picardo

From “Close Up: Robert Picardo” at MGM’s Official Stargate Website (May 20, 2008):

Richard Woolsey at the SGC relieving Carter of command of Atlantis in SEARCH AND RESCUE“I’ve enjoyed not only playing the character but the experience of working with both casts. The writer-producers have treated me very nicely and I think rather amazingly they’ve rehabilitated a character that was originally introduced, not so much as a villain, but as an unpleasant bureaucrat. I think the producers kind of liked me [laughs], and they thought, ‘Well this guy’s not so bad, why don’t we try to bring him back?’ So my next appearance, they rehabilitated him quite a bit by making him a guy that may rub people the wrong way and may be annoying, but at least he means well. He has a high ethical standard and thinks that secret military operations really need to have civilian oversight to stop them spinning out of control. And when he found out that he was being manipulated by the evil senator Kinsey, he provided evidence against Kinsey at extreme risk to himself—career-wise and probably also health-wise! So he’s shown a certain courage and backbone.” [Note: These are references to Woolsey’s first episodes during Season Seven of Stargate SG-1.]

“What I find interesting about this challenge as an actor is I guess the same challenge that Woolsey is experiencing as a character. He is reinventing himself. After years of being a conference room guy, someone who has a great legal mind, a lot of legal training, and knows a lot about military protocol—he knows enough to evaluate anyone else’s command, but he’s never had to make those decisions himself. So it’s fun to take the guy who can so easily come in and evaluate you and suddenly put the mantle of power around him and say, ‘Okay, what are you going to do now? How are you going to handle the same challenges that you used to critique other people over?’ The whole notion of a middle aged man completely trying to reinvent himself is something that I think audiences will find interesting to watch, and I certainly find interesting as an actor to play. It’ll be an interesting evolution.

Richard Woolsey, new at command in THE SEED“I had some chats with Joe Mallozzi. We had got a little comic mileage, especially in the two part episode I did with Richard Dean Anderson [Season Four’s ‘The Return’], where Woolsey is afraid in a dangerous situation. And I said, ‘Well, we certainly won’t be able to mine that territory for comedy any more. We can’t look to the new leader being afraid to lead. But I think we can still find some comic possibilities in his bad people skills. He doesn’t have an easy way of getting on with other people—he can be a little brusque and arrogant. What I find interesting is that he’s aware of his limitations and he wants to work to change them. There was a wonderful moment I had with Amanda Tapping’s character last season. I’m brought into evaluate her character, and I say, ‘It’s been brought to my attention that I can sometimes rub people the wrong way.’ She just looks at me and lets the comment hang, until about four or five eggs are dripping off my face! So he has an awareness that people don’t find him easy to get along with, and he wants to work on that too. That’s part of him building himself into a leader. I love the idea that he wants to leave the boardroom and enter the command room, and I hope that they’ll put him in missions later in the season. In anticipation of that, I chatted to the writers about whether or not he might try to train himself, first physically, and then with regard to weapons and combat, and then try to get some basic boot camp training that he never had because of the career he’d chosen. So I think there could be all sorts of fun possibilities!

Richard Woolsey admits to John Sheppard about breaking protocol in THE SEED“The very first episode that I’m featured in is the second episode of season five, called ‘The Seed.’ Woolsey has to handle his first crisis—which I of course won’t give away. He is immediately amazed at his own behavior, that he chooses to break protocol and not follow the by-the-book way of dealing with the security threat that the base is facing. He turns away from that and makes some riskier choices in order to try to save one of our endangered crew members. The book clearly states, ‘restore security with minimum collateral damage,’ which means sacrifice the one life for the good of the many. He doesn’t do that, and I think he’s kind of shocked by himself. There’s a quite nice scene that I have with Joe Flanigan at the end where he confesses to Sheppard that if he can’t trust the rules that he’s supposed to follow, he doesn’t know whether or not he can really do this. He’s a theorist that’s put in a real situation, and he doesn’t know how much of the theory that he’s memorized he can truly trust to guide his decisions. That’s a major step for his character right off the bat. The Woolsey that you saw in the alternate time line at the end of season four [in ‘The Last Man’] is the guy before he faced this kind of crisis and finds out that he cannot lead effectively the way he thought he would.

Richard Woolsey in command at Atlantis in GHOST IN THE MACHINE“It’s been great so far. We’re only on the fifth episode right now and I appear in four of the first five. So I’ve been having a fun time getting to know my fellow cast members and, of course, the crew. And we’re getting some comedic moments out of the fact that Woolsey is the new guy, who doesn’t know the base very well. He doesn’t know how things work or his way around. So there’s some things with him getting a little bit lost and with him not knowing how to get the doors open, so we have been having some nice humorous moments, which I’m happy about. We’re also learning more about his back story. He’s divorced, obviously married to his work and he doesn’t seem to have a lot of friends. He seems a little lonely in his new position. So I think they’re getting some things lined up for later on, with people trying to get him to socialize a little bit. To let his hair down if you’ll excuse the irony of that image!”

From “The Last Commander” in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #26 (Jan./Feb. 2009):

“It’s been a delight! It hasn’t been too terribly taxing—there’s only been about four episodes where Woolsey was fairly heavily featured and there were big dialogue days. After my years of spouting techno-babble on Star Trek it was nowhere near as memory-taxing. You’re allowed to actually change a line or two without having to go through seven layers of protocol, the way you do in the Delta Quadrant!

Richard Woolsey and his imaginary girlfriend in REMNANTS“The most fun for me to shoot was ‘Remnants,’ which Joe Mallozzi wrote. It has a certain emotional journey for the Woolsey character—there’s a good deal of humor in it, but also it has a surprisingly touching pay-off. And, I get to flirt with a girl, which is always a good thing! Woolsey can see this woman that he’s attracted to, and other people can’t. When he becomes aware the he’s going a little crazy because he’s not sure if he has an imaginary friend or not, there are scenes where he’s torn between hearing what the person no one else can hear is saying, while trying to appear to everyone else that he’s not talking to imaginary people. That dynamic is funny. Like Harvey! Those scenes were great fun to play.

“They could obviously go with one of their prior leaders or another leader [in the movies], but the fact that they now look at me as the leader of the expedition is very flattering, and I would be delighted to do it. Also, it’s nice to keep a hand in the genre. I love doing all kinds of acting. I love working on stage, I love doing comedy and I like doing regular non-genre drama on television because it’s fun to do everything. I can’t imagine a better situation than to have an ongoing way of keeping your hand in science fiction, and still have time to do other types of work—that would be the best of both worlds. I hope the first movie gets made, I hope it’s well received and I hope we get a shot at doing more than one!”


Upcoming Syfy Movies Include Stargate Stars

According to the latest press release from Syfy reprinted at TV By The Numbers, the cable channel will be featuring a few of our Stargate stars in their upcoming miniseries and movies. Look for David Hewlett, Jewel Staite, Kavan Smith, Sean Patrick Flanery, Peter Wingfield, and Tahmoh Penikett in the following:


New York, NY – March 16, 2010 – During the 2010-11 season, Syfy, one of television’s most prolific producers of original films, presents a talent-rich Original Movies lineup showcasing stars such as Hill Harper (CSI NY), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings), Lauren Holly (NCIS), Colin Ferguson (Eureka), Isabella Rossellini (Blue Velvet), Jewel Staite (Stargate Atlantis), Alan Cumming (Tin Man), Felicia Day (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Ryan Carnes (Desperate Housewives), Lance Henriksen (Aliens) and Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch).

Movies include Riverworld, starring Cumming in an epic adventure based on the award-winning series of Philip Jose Farmer novels; The Phantom, and 24 of the popular Saturday Original Movies, including Red, a re-imagining of the Little Red Riding Hood story, Roger Corman’s Sharktopus and Lake Placid 3 – sequel to the most watched Saturday Original Movie ever (Lake Placid 2)

Syfy Original Movie Highlights

  • Riverworld – Four hours, premieres Sunday, April 18, from 7-11PM (ET/PT) — Matt Ellman (Tahmoh Penikett/Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse) is an American war zone reporter, killed along with his fianceeJessie (Laura Vandervoort/Smallville) by a suicide bomber. They awaken separated in a mysterious world where everyone who has ever lived on Earth seems to have been “reborn” along the banks of a seemingly endless river. Determined to locate Jessie, Matt joins forces with a 13th century female samurai warrior Tomoe (Jeananne Goossen) and American novelist Sam “Mark Twain” Clemens (Mark Deklin). Produced by RHI Entertainment.
  • The Phantom – Four hours, premieres in June — Ryan Carnes (Desperate Housewives, Dr. Who) stars as The Phantom and his alter ego Chris Walker in this re-imagined version of the classic comic strip transported to present day. A favorite costumed hero for more than six decades, The Phantom relies on his wits, physical strength and skill with weapons instead of superhuman powers. Isabella Rossellini (Blue Velvet) guest stars in a villainous turn as Lithia, the head of an experimental mind control program. Also starring are Cameron Goodman as Chris Walker’s love interest, Renny, and Sandrine Holt (24,The L Word) as The Phantom’s trusted advisor Guran. Director: Paolo Barzman (The Last Templar). The Phantom is produced by Muse Entertainment and RHI Entertainment.

Saturday Original Movies:

  • MEGA PIRANHA – Premieres Saturday, April 10, at 9PM (ET/PT) — An unusual alliance tries to stop a mutant strain of giant ferocious piranhas that have escaped from the Amazon and are eating their way to Florida. Stars Barry Williams, Tiffany and Paul Logan.
  • MOTHMAN – Premieres Saturday, April 24, at 9PM (ET/PT) – The legendary West Virginia monster returns to exact revenge on five childhood friends who covered up an accidental killing. Stars Jewel Staite.
  • MONGOLIAN DEATH WORM – Premieres Saturday, May 8, at 9PM (ET/PT) -. A treasure hunter who has been searching for a tomb containing Genghis Khan’s treasure teams with a humanitarian UN health worker to stop the Mongolian Death Worms, awakened by experimental oil drilling in the Mongolian desert. Stars Patrick Flannery and Victoria Pratt.
  • WITCHVILLE – Premieres Saturday, May 22, at 9PM (ET/PT — This first Syfy production in China is a sweeping fantasy tale of a kingdom besieged by witches who are sucking the very life out of the land. Only the new King can save his people, but his mysterious connection to the Red Queen of the witches may be his undoing. Stars Luke Goss.
  • SHARKTOPUS – Genetically engineered as a stealth weapon, a shark/ocotopus hybrid escapes captivity and goes on a killing rampage on the beaches of Mexico. Stars Eric Roberts and Hector Jimenez.
  • RED – A descendant of Little Red Riding Hood brings her fiancé home to meet her family and tell him about the family business – they are werewolf hunters. When the fiancé is bitten by a werewolf, he finds himself the hunted. Stars Felicia Day, Kavan Smith and Stephen McHattie.
  • LAKE PLACID 3 – In this sequel, a game warden, his wife and their young son move into their aunt’s cabin on Lake Placid, where the lonely boy starts feeding baby crocodiles he views as pets. Three years later, the crocs start looking at him and his family as their food. Stars Colin Ferguson.
  • STONEHENGE APOPCALYPSE – When the giant stones of Stonehenge begin to move and cataclysms occur all over the earth, only a fringe radio talk show host who’s an expert in UFOlogy figures out that the ancient monument is really alien technology. Stars Hill Harper, Misha Collins and Peter Wingfield.
  • THE LOST FUTURE – In a post-apocalyptic world, both humans and animals have devolved back to the Stone Age. But a small group of wise men knows there is knowledge in the mysterious artifacts called books. Now they have found a young man who knows how to read. If they can defeat the warlord who rules the city where the books are kept, the young man can help them defeat the disease that decimated the world and restart civilization. Stars Sean Bean.
  • SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE – An archeology professor unearths a dangerous relic, releasing a creature that can kill with her bone-splitting scream. Stars Lauren Holly and Lance Henriksen.
  • MORLOCKS – An experimental time machine opens a window into the future and mutated monsters (the Morlocks) use it to come back to the present and go on a murderous rampage. Stars David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis).
  • 8TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD – Sinbad searches for the golden head of the long lost Colossus of Rhodes and instead finds an island where the mythical Minotaur still rules, protecting a vast treasure. Sinbad and his crew have to battle the creature and its minions to get the treasure and save their own lives. Stars Manu Bennett.

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Update on Jewel Staite's Warehouse 13 Appearance

Jewel StaiteSCI FI WIRE has posted more about the casting of Stargate‘s Jewel Staite in an episode of season two of Warehouse 13:

Scheduled to Premiere July 2010

New York, NY – March 10, 2010 – Syfy’s #1 original hit series, Warehouse 13, has cast Jewel Staite (Stargate Atlantis) and Sean Maher (Party of Five), of the acclaimed series, Firefly, as guest stars in an upcoming episode titled “Mild Mannered.” The hour-long episode is scheduled to premiere July 2010. Warehouse 13 stars Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek and Allison Scagliotti, along with series guest star, CCH Pounder. The 13-episode, dramedy is currently in production in Toronto and will premiere season two on Tuesday, July 13.

In “Mild Mannered,” Maher plays Sheldon, a quiet unassuming guy whose exposure to a dangerous object brings about shocking physical change. Staite portrays Loretta, the object of his unrequited love. Staite starred as Kaylee Frye and Maher as Dr. Simon Tam in the hit series, Firefly, the award-winning 2002 drama from creator Joss Whedon.

Read the rest of the announcement at SCI FI WIRE.

Jewel Staite to Guest on 'Warehouse 13'

Jennifer Keller in TRACKER
Jewel Staite as Dr. Jennifer Keller (MGM)
Stargate Atlantis star Jewel Staite has tweeted, “Got offered a lovely role on Warehouse 13. Wish I could tell you more. All I can say is, you Browncoats are gonna freak.”

We wish we had more, but that’s all she wrote. Hopefully, in the coming days, we’ll get all the specifics like episode name, character name, and airing date. Warehouse 13 is now in production for its second season, which will probably premiere on the Syfy Channel in July.

Stargate Garners Many Leo Nominations

leo2009logoThe nominations for the British Canadian Film and Television 2009 Leo Awards were announced today. Among the nominees are many for Stargate, both for acting and production. Only shows and films that are produced in BC, Canada, are eligible. Here are the nominees!

(Note: David Hewlett has now said on his Twitter page that he is not eligible, because he lives in Washington state, not BC. What a pity!)

  • Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Feature Length Drama – Michael ShanksStargate Continuum
  • Best Lead Performance by a Female – Amanda TappingStargate Continuum
  • Best Direction in a Feature Length Drama – Martin WoodStargate Continuum
  • Best Screenwriting in a Feature Length Drama – Brad WrightStargate Continuum
  • Best Cinematography in a Feature Length Drama – Peter WoesteStargate Continuum
  • Best Picture Editing in a Feature Length Drama – Brad Rines Stargate Continuum
  • Best Overall Sound in a Feature Length Drama – Paul Sharpe, Iain Pattison, Graeme HughesStargate Continuum
  • Best Sound Editing in a Feature Length Drama – Devan Kraushar, James Wallace, Kirby Jinnah, Jay Cheetham, Dario DiSantoStargate Continuum
  • Best Production Design in a Feature Length Drama – James RobbinsStargate Continuum
  • Best Costume Design in a Feature Length Drama – Christina McQuarrieStargate Continuum
  • Best Visual Effects in a Feature Length Drama – Michelle Commens, Stephen Bahr, Christopher Stewart, Krista McLean, James KawanoStargate Continuum
  • Best Dramatic Series – Stargate Atlantis (Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Brad Wright, Robert Cooper,Carl Binder, Martin Gero, Alan McCullough, John Smith – Producers)
  • Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series – David Hewlett – SGA – The Shrine
  • Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series  – Jewel Staite – SGA – Tracker
  • Best Direction in a Dramatic Series Steven A. Adelson – Robert Cooper – Stargate Atlantis – Vegas
  • Best Screenwriting in a Dramatic Series –
    • Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie – Stargate Atlantis – Remnants
    • Brad Wright – Stargate Atlantis – The Shrine
    • Alan McCullough – Stargate Atlantis – The Queen
  • Best Cinematography in a Dramatic Series –
    • Michael Blundell – Stargate Atlantis – Vegas
    • Jim Menard – Stargate Atlantis – The Shrine
  • Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Series
    • Mike Banas – Stargate Atlantis – Vegas
    • Brad Rines – Stargate Atlantis – The Shrine
  • Best Overall Sound in a Dramatic Series – Kelly Cole, Bill Mellow, Joe Watts, Hugo De Le Cerda, Kevin Belen (SGA – Enemy at the Gate)
  • Best Sound Editing in a Dramatic Series – Steve Smith, Matthew Wilson, Kirby Jinnah, Jay Cheetham (SGA  – Enemy at the Gate)
  • Best Production Design in a Dramatic Series – James Robbins (SGA – Search and Rescue)
  • Best Costume Design in a Dramatic Series – Valerie Halverson (SGA – The Queen)
  • Best Make-Up in a Dramatic Series – Todd Masters, Holland Miller, Kyla-Rose Tremblay, Nicholas Podbrey, Brad Proctor (SGA – Vegas)
  • Best Visual Effects in a Dramatic Series – Mark Savela, Shannon Gurney, Kodie MacKenzie, Vivian Jim, Dan Wier (SGA – First Contact)

Atlantis will have some alums amongst their competition, Sanctuary has had ten nominations, including Amanda Tapping for Best Lead Actress in a dramatic series for the episode “Requium” and Chris Heyerdahl (Halling/Todd the Wraith of SGA) in the episode Revelations II.

Brad Wright and Robert Cooper have already been singled out for a special achievement Leo for the 2009 ceremony.  Congratulations to all the Stargate nominees!

The full list of nominees can be found here.