Catch Lou Diamond Phillips on TV Tonight (Feb 26)

Lou Diamond Phillips

New Stargate star Lou Diamond Phillips is due to make an appearance tonight (February 26) on A&E’s The Beast (at 10 PM).

The storyline: “When a Chicago police officer goes missing, Barker ( Patrick Swayze) goes undercover as a tough guy with connections to Latino drug dealers and reconnects with an associate ( Lou Diamond Phillips).”

Phillips is currently filming in Vancouver with the Stargate Universe crew in the role of Colonel Telford, the designated leader of the Icarus Base. The show is scheduled to make a fall premiere with the series opener “Air”, written by creators Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright and directed by Andy Mikita.


SGU: Lou Diamond Phillips Cast as Col. Telford

Lou Diamond Phillips

TV Guide has announced that television and film star Lou Diamond Phillips has joined the cast of Stargate Universe as Col. Telford, “a lifelong military man and the chosen leader of the ill-fated expedition.”

Originally, Telford’s character name was “Collins” and was described in the casting breakdown as “Handsome. A born military man proud of himself with great faith in the chain of command. The intended leader of the expedition who plans to reclaim his place as commander regardless of what he must to do. Stubbornly confident and highly regarded by his superiors.” Col. Telford gets left behind after a valiant, but unsuccessful, attempt to protect the Icarus Base from its attackers. He’s a F-302 pilot and when he recognized that the Base was about to be overrun, he ordered Young, the temporary commander of the Base, to evacuate through the Stargate to Earth. Unfortunately, the base personnel, as well as visiting dignitaries, inadvertently evacuate to the Ancients’ long-abandoned exploration starship Destiny.

Born 17 February 1962, at the Subic Bay Naval Station, Philippines, Phillips has had an incredible television and film career. His recent television appearances include guest roles on Numb3rs and The Beast. SGU consulting producer Joseph Mallozzi hinted about Phillips recently in his weblog about some of Phillips’ movie appearances, all the while trying not to drop the actor’s name because the official announcement had not yet been made: “I got some nice behind-the-scenes pics of Bobby and Justin along with “the actor playing Telford” (not sure if his identity has been announced yet but I have to say – and did say – I’ve enjoyed his work, especially his performance in my very favorite Mark Wahlberg movie. And, no, it’s not the movie you’re thinking of. Or the next one. Or the one after that.).”

To learn more about Phillips, visit his fan-made website.

Spoilers are subject to change as the episodes are in production.