Fake RDA autographs scam unearthed

We have today uncovered another apparent autograph scam involving Richard Dean Anderson’s signature and we need to bring this to everyone’s attention.

Specifically, there is a website called “mspgautographs.com” which is offering Richard Dean Anderson autographs on a ‘pre order’ basis at a price of £80 (yes, £80!!) The website claims these are from a ‘private MSPG signing’ with Richard. As our company has recently commenced a non-profit charity program for the sale of RDA’s autographs, we know that Richard is simply not engaged in any such activity other than with the Stargate.Autographs.com charity project

Having reviewed the website claims, I called Richard this afternoon to discuss this matter with him personally. He confirmed to me that he has NOT entered into any such arrangement with MSPG Autographs or any other company. At the same time, he expressed deep concern that such activity is taking place.

This matter has now been placed in the hands of Richard’s attorney, who I am confident will take appropriate measures.

Those of you that have visited the www.stargate-autographs.com website will have hopefully read Richard’s personal statement as to how he feels about fans getting ripped off by scams such as this. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the read!

I do apologise if our ‘fake SG autograph’ warnings may seem to be getting a little tedious, but we need forums like this to help spread the word. We are all sick and tired of fans putting out good money for worthless paper, which has motivated us to create a safe alternative.

I also wish to re-emphasise that our program is a non-profit venture and would like to remind fans that Richard has established the price of his autographed photo at $40 – not 80!! Also, please remember that EVERY PENNY of this goes to Richard’s charities.

Finally, we encourage you to contact us if you see any Stargate autographs that you feel are ‘questionable’. We shall be happy to help you distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly!

If you’ve got this far down the page, thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy posting!

Best of the season to you all.

Paul Brown
Legends Memorabilia Inc.


O’Neill character remains part of SG-1

O’Neill Remains Part Of SG-1

Robert C. Cooper, executive producer of SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate SG-1, told SCI FI Wire that the character of Brig. Gen. Jack O’Neill will remain a part of the show in the upcoming ninth season, whether or not Richard Dean Anderson returns as a regular cast member.

“His character is going to remain very much alive in the Stargate [SG-1] universe,” Cooper said in an interview. “He … is going to be integral in commanding what goes on at the SGC. As to the appearance of Richard Dean Anderson in the series, that’s really still undetermined. We are very hopeful that Rick is going to agree to participate in a number of episodes, but I have no idea as to how many or when that will be resolved.”

At press time, Anderson was still in talks about his status on the show.

Meanwhile, Cooper said the ninth season would introduce new villains and take the show in a new direction. “While we say new direction, … the concept of the series is very much pulled from the mythology of SG-1, and I think fans are going to be very excited about the direction we’re going. … One of the things we’re going to be exploring in season nine is the origin of the Ancients and the Gatebuilders. And it’s something I know fans have been sort of very curious about, and have sort of asked to see. And that is … one of the things we’re really going to be delving into: … Who the Ancients really are, and where they came from, and we may even get a chance to go there.”

Sci Fi Wire article



Shanks and Judge: the future of the franchise?Fans gained an insight into the future for Stargate at London Film and Comic Con this weekend. During the Stargate talk, executive producer Michael Greenburg remarked that “the ratings went up” when Michael Shanks returned to the show, “and have been high ever since”.

Asked in the official Stargate magazine whether Stargate could continue without Richard Dean Anderson, Greenburg comments:

“…It would be a big loss. But the Stargate brand and franchise is obviously strong enough to get big numbers on its own. Stargate: Atlantis is showing that”.

Stargate SG-1 is showing the same trend as audience figures have increased despite Richard Dean Anderson’s reduced role. Season 9 has not been officially announced, but Michael Greenburg said in London that SG-1 should go on to “Season 9,10,11…” and that there are still many storylines to explore.

According to Greenburg, if Season 9 is confirmed Richard Dean Anderson will do only four episodes and Amanda Tapping will be absent for some of the season due to her pregnancy. While fans will undoubtably miss them, it sounds as though Bridge have been asking themselves who could carry Season 9 and they have decided Michael Shanks is their man.



With grateful thanks to roving reporter Sally Allan for the scoop on Michael Greenburg’s panel at London’s Film and Comic Con this morning:

Greenburg confirmed for fans that series lead Richard Dean Anderson, who plays General Jack O’Neill, will be appearing in just *4* episodes total in Season 9.

Season 9 has yet to be officially confirmed by Sci Fi Channel and MGM.

Amanda Tapping, who plays Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, is expecting her first child and will be returning to the show in March 2005. It is not known how this will affect her appearances in the episodes filmed during the first half of the season.



Online entertainment news site IESB.net reports today that “Final details are being worked out but it seems negotiations are in the works” to have Stargate SG-1 lead actor and Executive Producer Richard Dean Anderson co-stars Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge at San Diego’s Comic Con.

IESB suggest that fans continue to ‘watch this space’ as details for this year’s Comic Con are being finalised.

Comic Con International will be at the San Diego Convention Centre the weekend July 22-25, with a preview night July 21. Check out the official Comic Con website for more information.

Comic Con International



Richard Dean Anderson, who plays Brigadier General Jack O’Neill on the show was interviewed 9 July by Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune “Richard Dean Anderson: Leaving”

On possibly leaving after Season 8.

At this point, right now, with all that’s going on in my life outside all this, it’s very unlikely I’d be able to come back. I know what’s the most important thing right now. I’m very well aware of the fact that that may interfere with a very successful franchise.

Whether the show would go on without me … I think it could. I don’t know whether it will or not. Honestly I can’t answer that question, and it’s silly for me to start conjecturing, not until I’ve had conversations with MGM or Sci Fi.

I do feel as though this is my last season. I know what I have to do right now, given my real-life situation. There is a twinge of . . . not remorse, but I get a little sad about it. It’s been a very unique experience. On “MacGyver” I was flying solo for the most part, but this is a more character driven [ensemble] show.

It’s something I’ve been reflecting on lately more than before. I know how lucky we are to have this kind of camaraderie and rapport. It doesn’t always work out that way. There have been shows that go under because of differences of opinion. The main kids here like each other and we make each other laugh.

You can read the rest of the interview at the Chicago Tribune Online Edition. You must be a registered user to access the article, but registration is free. We would always recommend that you read the terms and conditions before registering at any website.

Read the rest of Richard Dean Anderson’s interview at the Chicago Tribune online edition



Richard Dean Anderson, the star and an executive producer of SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate SG-1, told SCI FI Wire that one of the highlights of his career was shooting scenes in a military helicopter in a glacier in Canada for the upcoming SG-1 spinoff, Stargate Atlantis. “Martin Wood [the pilot’s director] and I took three helicopters and went up to Pemberton Glacier [near Whistler, B.C.,] and shot a sequence … for … the pilot of Atlantis,” Anderson said during a break in filming on the set of the show. It was “just kind of the guilty pleasure of being able to ride around for 10 hours over the glacier, being chased by another helicopter,” he said with a smile.

Anderson, who has expressed a love of outdoor recreation, added: “I had given serious thought to bringing my skis up there. But the snow was so baked, there was no [way]. We actually had a pair of skis up there that one of our guides brought. Somebody tried to come down the hill and could not turn the skis at all, that’s how thick and set up it was. So it was just as well. But stuff like that, again, they’re guilty pleasures that come along with [this], the perks of being … part of a franchise that is action-oriented [and] fantasy-oriented.”

Anderson returns as Col. Jack O’Neill in the eighth season of SG-1. He said that he’s able to keep things fresh after so many years by finding the quirks in his character. “I’ve sort of been blessed with the freedom to play and to find stuff and make things as interesting as possible without fear of reprimand,” he said. “Blessedly I’ve had—how do I phrase it?—it’s almost as though some of my behavior has been condoned by the fact that in changing lines or changing an approach to a scene or bringing really a tilted attitude toward a scene and characterization, that that in itself makes it fresh for me. There’s the written page, the written word. And then there’s the voice of the character, which I know best, but [executive producer] Brad Wright, I think, out of all the writers … has … the voice of O’Neill closest. … Coming to work with what might seem like the same old stuff, [I] try to make it as bright and as interesting as possible.”

Stargate SG-1 kicks off its eighth season with a two-hour premiere at 9 p.m. ET/PT July 9. Stargate Atlantis premieres with a two-hour episode, “Rising,” at 9 p.m. ET/PT on July 16.




Richard Dean Anderson, the star and an executive producer of SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate SG-1, told SCI FI Wire that he has reduced his shooting schedule in the upcoming eighth season, but not necessarily his appearances in the show’s episodes. Speaking in an interview on the show’s Vancouver, B.C., set, Anderson (Jack O’Neill) said that he has reduced the number of days he shoots in Canada to allow him to spend more time at his home in Southern California, where he cares for a 5-year-old daughter.

“We worked out a schedule that has me working essentially three weeks out of the month and then having a week off,” Anderson said. “And even, like, three or four days per week that I’m working, and then that one week off. So I have weekends with my daughter, and then I’ll have some time in midweek. … So it became very workable and acceptable.”

Anderson added that he appreciated that the show’s cast and crew have accommodated his schedule “by creating nothing but hardship for themselves, primarily.” Among other things, producers schedule scenes featuring Anderson’s character from several episodes on the days when he’s in Vancouver and work around him on other days. That allows O’Neill to appear in almost all of the episodes.

Anderson also discussed a few spoilers for the upcoming two-hour season premiere. By the episode’s end, O’Neill wins a promotion and a new job. “The cliche that I reference in talking about the character now in his current position is that of a fish out of water,” Anderson said. “O’Neill, on paper, really doesn’t belong in [that] position. … But he’s, you know, embraced it as much as he can. … [But] in so many ways [he] would rather be on the front lines. He’d rather be a man of action than a man of great thought or great organization. … But … we’ve made the adjustment, I think, and accommodated the character quirks that I’ve developed over the years, and to a great degree I think that it’s been successful. People are pretty happy. The writers were having a ball in the beginning, because they all know me well enough to know that I’d be putting a certain twist to it. But I still wanted to be respectful to the Air Force.” Stargate SG-1 returns with a two-hour episode at 9 p.m. ET/PT July 9.




‘Who’s the Boss?
Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson Get Promoted in a Season of Change on Stargate SG-1

By Thomasina Gibson
SciFi Magazine
August 2004

[excerpts of the 3-page article follow]

[Regarding the new season, Exec Producer Robert C.] Cooper states, “We’re basing a lot more stories around the SGC partly because of the economics and also because SG-1 has become less of an exploratory unit and more of a defense. We’re looking forward to the challenge of keeping our stories exciting and appealing and as interesting as they alwyas have been from this new perspective.”

[Regarding O’Neill’s promotion to Brigadier General, Richard Dean Anderson says:] “Being the man in charge is not going to make much difference,” he suggests. “I got away with virtual murder playing a colonel, and was irreverent at that rank, so essentially I’m a higher-ranking officer with my same sensibilities and relative insanity. […] Sure there are changes in all of their [SG-1 team’s] lives, but the camaraderie and the friendship and that closeness is still there.”

[Amanda Tapping confirms that Carter will continue her relationship with Detective Pete Shanahan.] “I mean for sure, Carter loves O’Neill. She adores him, and she’s allowed herself the knowledge that she cannot keep pining for this man that she can never have. […] I think what she’s learned to do is to be a pragmatist about it and say, ‘OK! I can’t have this guy [O’Neill], and he is pretty fantastic, but this guy over here [Pete] is not so bad either.’ […] Plus he’s cute and he’s charming and is a great kisser.”

“I’m glad we’re doing another year,” says Tapping. […] “It is going to be different this year, and I hope the fans like the direction the show will be taking. It’s a natural progression, and I think it will be well received.”

[Explaining why he returned for an eighth season, Anderson says,] “I just like to work, and I think that my presence to some degree is helping the transition both in taking Stargate further and bringing Atlantis forward.”

[On the SG-1 team dynamic, he says,] “I’m talking a lighter role this year in order to free some time to devote to other facets of my life, but no matter what happens with regard to our physical locations or what happens in the stories this year, SG-1 will remain a team. We always have been and always will be.”



The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Films
30th Annual Saturn Awards

Stargate SG-1 was honoured to receive a Saturn Award for Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series for SCI FI Channel in the Academy’s 30th Annual Awards. The award was collected by writer and Co-Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi, who flew to Los Angeles to represent the makers of the show.

SG-1 received 4 nominations in the 30th Annual Saturn Awards: Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series, Best Actor in a Television Series for Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks and Best Supporting Actress for Amanda Tapping.