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Three weeks ago, Paul [Mullie] and I were convinced Season Seven wasn't going to happen. We made plans to go to L.A. and look for work. Before I left, I made a call to Michael Shanks.

It's no secret that we had different views of the way things progressed, creatively, over the course of Seasons Four and Five, and we both made a point of making those feelings known. After he left, a rift was created in fandom -- on one side, those who felt MS had been wronged and desperately wanted him back -- on the other, those who felt he and the show had decided to move on separately.

Michael and I had a very great talk and agreed to put the past behind us. I wasn't crazy about some of the things I saw in print and he, I'm sure, wasn't that crazy about some of the things he saw online.  In the end, we decided to let bygones be bygones and wished one another luck in our future endeavors. He was off to South Africa and I was heading off to L.A.

Truth be told, I've always had the greatest respect for Michael as an actor -- and my personal dealings with him have always been terrific. Like the rest of the cast, he is a genuinely nice guy. With respect to his feelings about the changes in Season Four and Five, I believe he was speaking from the heart and, again, even if I disagreed with his take on certain aspects of those changes, I ultimately could understand his reasons for making those feelings known.

Just before we left for L.A., we got word that things had suddenly turned positive for a Season Seven. No official word of course, but things suddenly looked good. As the news grew increasingly brighter, the possibility of Daniel Jackson returning to the team was brought up. I know that MGM and Sci-Fi supported the possibility of his return. In fact, the show's creative was 100 percent behind Daniel returning to the fold -- as was Michael.

I strongly urge everyone not to look at this as a "we won/they lost" or "we lost/they won" scenario. The fact of the matter is, the decision made had little to do with anything else but the show's creative and Michael Shanks.

[Regarding fans who campaigned for Shanks' return:] I don't think they're crowing. I think they're very happy to have their favorite character back, but I think that most are smart enough to realize that it could very well have not gone this way. As I've stated time and again, over the course of my time on the SDJ ["Save Daniel Jackson"], I've found the majority to be very respectful and mature.  There are a handful that weren't and, undoubtedly, they'll try and claim victory, etc. ...

In terms of stories and team dynamics -- that remains to be seen. All we know now is that we're coming back. This Monday, the writers get together and start spinning ideas. To be honest, we're all looking forward to Season Seven.

In much the same way that the introduction of Jonas opened up new storylines and territory for us to explore, the return of Daniel infuses the show, offers us a similar opportunity. In answer to your question -- we won't be catering/taking requests. We're going to tell the best stories we can tell with the terrific characters we have at our disposal.

The fact is that Rick will be working with an abbreviated schedule -- somewhat similar to Season Six. It will afford the rest of the team the opportunity to step up and grab the spotlight.

Like I said -- I think 99 percent of the SDJ members are simply thrilled to hear that Daniel is coming back and are celebrating his return. No gloating. In fact, I've exchanged e-mails with a couple and they have made absolutely clear their desire to heal the rifts in fandom.

We haven't worked out the story or even how he'll be back but, once all is said and done, Daniel will return as a member of the team. I know that RDA, Michael, and Amanda have signed on the dotted line. They're still in talks with Corin and Chris, but I have no doubt we'll be seeing both in Season Seven. ...

I know that. Which is why I've always recommended SG1 Fans and GateWorld as two of the most open, friendly sites online.

As I said -- ultimately, it had nothing to do with pleasing a set of fans or displeasing another set. It was an amiable decision made between Michael Shanks and the show's creative [team]. He will return as a series regular.

As I'm hoping the fans don't see this as one side gaining victory over another, I want to assure you guys that it was far from the case regarding Michael and the production. There is no ill-will. The past is the past, and we're looking forward to working together on a seventh season.

I don't think you need be concerned. There will be no demotion of Amanda, I think that as we prepare for Season Seven, both sides on the issue will put aside their differences and look forward to the end of Season Six and the whole of Season Seven. The gloaters and the rabble-rousers will be marginalized.

To be honest, I don't know what will happen to any of the characters yet. The writing department has yet to sit down and discuss. And no -- we won't be killing him [Jonas?] off. Nope. Only one version [of "Full Circle"]. ... Oooh, you'll have to check out "Full Circle" and see.

Like I said -- we have no master plan in place. Chris and Corin have yet to sign on so, at this point, I can't really say what part they'll play in Season Seven. I'm confident they'll both be back -- but I can't speak for them.

The ratings have grown steadily for Season Six episodes and the last episode, "Prometheus," broke records. I understand that Season One is also kicking butt.

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