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Multiverse, Melbourne, 16 Nov 02, Mon
In her Q&A at the Multiverse Con in Melbourne, Australia, Amanda Tapping shared her thoughts on the show's renewal and confirmed that in upcoming Season Seven, she will become the first woman to direct an episode of Stargate.

"I guess, as you all know, we're coming back for a seventh season. And, ah, and I guess it's been announced, Michael will be returning to the show."  Amanda shared the audience's happiness at this wonderful news.  "So that's good."

"This was an interesting year for Sam, in that she didn't have any huge storylines in season six. Ah... but... she carried the mission in Nightwalkers, she had a lot to do, but there wasn't any really heavy emotional shows for her this year. And the producers actually came up to me at the end of the season and said 'we're really sorry, I mean, we know you worked really hard', and Rick was taking extra time off, and they threw a bunch of stuff at me but I never really got any really deep, emotional character beats to play, so hopefully I'll have them in season seven."

"What I hope happens for the show, is... and this is why I'm really glad we're coming back for a seventh season, I think they're so many dangling threads that need to be answered, and there are so many stories that need to be wrapped up, and I hope that that's what this season is about, is paying homage and justice to the stories we've all sort of left dangling in this universe."

"At the end of this season we weren't sure whether we were going to do a seventh season, or do a movie, or they were just going to segue straight off into the spinoff series. The ideal case scenario for our producers and for MGM is seventh season, SG-1 movie, and that will segue straight off into the spinoff series, which... I don't know who would be involved in that. But that's the best case scenario... so, ah, check the Internet. That's how I find out about most of what's happening on that show."

A member of the audience asked, "Now that season seven's been confirmed, are you going to write your own episode?"

Amanda responded, "Ah, I hope to, but I'm definitely going to direct one. We made that part of my contract negotiations, so I know I'll be directing an episode this year, which I'm very excited... and I'll be the first woman to direct an episode of Stargate, too.  I'm just looking forward to telling Rick what to do. (laughing) 'Action, Rick! Cut! I didn't like it! See what else you've got'."

During her Q&A, Amanda thrilled the audience by calling Chris Judge.  "Are you coming back next year? All right. To the show, I mean. To Stargate. For season seven. Yeah, are you? (pause)Sah... weeeet!  He said he was coming back to the show, so it's all good. He was like, 'You and Michael are coming back, and I'm not coming back? Forget it!'"

Credit for this exclusive transcript to Mon, Multiverse and Stargate SG-1 Solutions.

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