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"Stargate The Auction" is exciting a lot of attention and enjoyment among Stargate SG-1 enthusiastic online fans, even among the armchair bidders, as we track the progress of favourite items, such as Daniel's Boonie.  From a fan point-of-view, it's wonderful to see just how well these unique and beautiful costumes and props are selling because we sincerely hope this is just the start of serious Stargate merchandising from MGM.

Fans have long been disappointed by MGM's woefully meagre Stargate offerings.  We've looked in vain for the detailed, glossy, full-colour season companions, the production design and SFX books by the show's award-winning teams, the official magazine and original novelisations and other informational and promotional items fans of scifi and genre shows routinely enjoy.  MGM, trust us, we Stargate fans are ready and willing to be exploited!

We're grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy a dialogue with Paul Brown, President of Legends Memorabilia Inc.  Legends, the company which is running the auction for MGM, are a terrifically responsive, fan-friendly company.  Paul was happy to share with Solutions his opinion on the progress of the auction.

"We are absolutely delighted with the response that we have seen from the SG-1 fans to the auction that is currently under way. The complimentary emails and telephone calls we have received, combined with the bidding that has taken place, convinces us that it means a lot for the fans to acquire something special from the production set at Bridge Studios."

These desirable items have received the highest bids in Stargate The Auction.  So far!

Paul gave us a break-down on just some of the successful bids in the auction to date:
Daniel's costume worn in "The Curse"
# of bids: 32
# of 'pageviews': 1047
Final price: $2,025.00
Cast signed 1st Episode Script:
# of bids: 22
# of  'pageviews' : 857
Final price: $1801.99
BDU shirt worn by RDA:
# of bids: 22
# of  'pageviews': 795
Final price: $1551.11
Michael Shanks BDU pants:
#bids: 41
# of 'pageviews': 868
Final pridce: $1475.00
Michael Shanks 'camo' jacket:
# of bids: 37
# of  'pageviews': 1308
Final price: $875.00
Gen Hammond shirt:
# of bids: 13
# of  'pageviews': 280
Final price: $202.50
BDU pants worn by Amanda Tapping:
# of bids: 28
# of  'pageviews': 421
Final price: $491.75
Teal'c's Jaffa emblem/'tattoo':
# of bids: 23
# of  'pageviews': 581
Final price: $330.00
Tollan Communicator:
# of bids: 27
# of  'pageviews': 620
Final price: $535.00
Stargate Blueprint:
# of bids: 17
# of  'pageviews': 277
Final price: $178.49
Egyptian Amulet "The Curse":
# of bids: 22
# ' of 'pageviews': 690
Final price: $501.69
SG-1 Crew jacket:
# of bids: 13
# ' of 'pageviews': 727
Final price: $511.00
Note: after carefully reviewing the auction statistics, particularly the number of page views, we've reflected carefully and come to the conclusion that as well as being mature, educated, erudite, empowered individuals, Michael Shanks' and Daniel's fans are also (1) shamelessly shallow (2) conspicuous consumers.  Not just Michael's fans, though!

"There has been tremendous interest in the costumes worn by the stars as well as a high level of interest in various props and studio art. We are also delighted that the fans have taken such an interest in the Limited Edition framed presentations of the 'Replicators'," Paul told Solutions.  "These are limited to just 50 units and 15 have been released so far in this auction. Several more will be added during the final week of the sale."

Paul kindly gave us his list of highlight items still available for bidding in the auction.  We've linked directly to the detail page for each costume or prop so you can check out the full-size pictures and the write-up from Legends on the provenance.  We have to say that bidding is brisk to say the least!  I had to update several current bid prices just while I was coding this webpage :)

Shau'ri's death dress from "Forever in a Day":
Current bid price: $3,500.00
Osiris Dagger:
Current bid price: $600
Distressed Teal'c BDU shirt:
Current bid price: $107.50
Tok'ra crystal:
Current bid price: $355.00
Daniel's "Boonie" hat:
Current bid price: $670.00
Death glider communicator:
Current bid price: $108.00
Daniel's death jacket from "The Nox":
Current bid price: $305.00
Stargate blueprint:
Current bid price: $100.00
Jack's bloodstained jacket:
Current bid price: $255.00
Wormhole X-Treme 100th episode script:
Current bid price: $890.00
Jack's blue BDU pants:
Current bid price: $455.00
Aschen Alliance travel card:
Current bid price: $405.00
Daniel's Blue BDU shirt!
Current bid price: $610.00
Malakai's Communicator:
Current bid price: $620.00
Looking at these amazing bids, we can see that fan bidding syndicates are a sensible option for determined collectors.  Each member of the syndicate will share equally the cost of a successful bid as well as the ownership of their costume or prop.  Fans with experience of bidding syndicates explain that each member in turn will hold the costume or prop for an agreed time, then send it on to the next individual on the rota.  It's a good example of how close the friendships are in our online community.

Paul went on to detail one of the most special costumes Stargate fans will ever have the privilege to own.

"There are several great items that will also be released during the final week. Most noticeably, the feature item in the entire sale with be the actual dress that Vaitaire Bandera wore as Amaunet/Sha're in her 'death scene' in the episode, "Forever in a Day". This incredible dress is an exceptional item as it is the single most recognizable and important costume in the entire episode. It has been “distressed” by the costume department to simulate the fatal blast fired at Sha’re by Teal'c to save Daniel Jackson’s life and we are delighted to be able to bring this wonderful costume to the fans of Stargate."

"As the episode "Forever in a Day" opens, SG-1 is leading a unit of heavily armed troops in a rescue attempt. They are attempting to free a group of Abydonians, including Daniel Jackson’s father-in-law Kasuf (Erick Avari), being held captive. They have been captured by Amaunet, the Goa’uld who posesses the body of Daniel’s wife Sha’re. Daniel sees Amaunet/Sha’re watching from outside a nearby tent and follows her when she goes inside.

Once inside, Amaunet/Sha’re starts firing her Goa’uld ribbon device at Daniel’s head causing him to gradually lose consciousness. Fortunately Teal’c arrives in time to save Daniel but sadly he has to kill Sha’re to do so.

Upset and angry at Teal’c for killing Sha’re, and no longer feeling his journeys through the Stargate have a purpose now that his search for her is ended, Daniel resigns from the SGC. However he is increasingly plagued by strange visions of Sha’re so vivid that it is difficult to separate them from reality. Eventually Daniel begins to piece together the reasons for the visions, giving him a new sense of purpose and an important new mission for himself and the rest of the team."

Legends go on to explain, "This incredible costume is truly an exceptional item. This is the actual dress that was worn by the beautiful and talented Vaitaire Bandera in her swansong as Daniel's wife Sha're. Sha're wears the dress from the opening teaser; through many flashbacks during the episode; to the emotional finale. Wonderfully detailed, it is the single most recognisable and important costume in the entire episode.

The dress consists of a brocade halter-style top with a waist that has simulated leather with gold beaded accents and faux jewels. The lower half of the dress is also a gold brocade which fans into a gold sheer lamay fabric. The dress has been magnificently “distressed” by the costume department in the upper chest area to simulate the fatal blast fired by Tea’lc.

Over the many years that we have been in the movie prop/costume business, this is undoubtably the single most historical wardrobe item that we have brough to the market. There have been precious few costumes released by Stargate SG-1 and we are pleased that this dress, which has so much significance to Daniel's very presence in the series, is now being offered to the fans of SG-1!"  Check out the detail page from the auction.  In just two days, the dress has already attained bids riding to a staggering $3,500.00!

There is also exciting news from Legends Memorabilia Inc on future Stargate merchandising opportunities for fans.  "As we are soon going to open the Stargate SG-1 Prop Store on our website,, we are hoping that the response from the fans will persuade MGM to release more props, costumes and studio art on a regular basis for inclusion in the store," Paul told us.  "This store will only feature items from the set and they will all be sold at 'set prices' (non-auction format). Our policy is to try to bring items to the store that will be in a price range that ALL SG-1 fans can afford."

Amen to that!  We have to say that this is a truly excellent and equitable plan which will attract regular custom as fans seek out items to collect for themselves or to present as gifts to friends and family.

Our thanks to Paul and Legends Memorabilia Inc for this exclusive feature.

For more information contact:
Paul Brown
Legends Memorabilia Inc.
Tel: (604) 534-1410   Fax: (604) 530-5770
Email Paul
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By Alison
30 Nov 02

(c) Stargate SG-1 Solutions.  All rights reserved.  All auction images appear with permission from Legends Memorabilia Inc.  You may not reproduce this news without permission. Contact us.

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