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Breaking news from Joe Mallozzi's chat with fans at our sister forum "Our Stargate" tonight, 3pm - 6pm ET.  The chat was well-attended and lasted for a full three hours, with numerous questions about the past and future of Stargate as well as Joseph Mallozzi's writing, producing and interests in the show.  The chat was moderated by Annie and Dana Jeanne, who asked questions compiled from the chat thread on Our Stargate forum.

Daniel Jackson's descent

DANA_JEANNE: Will there be any repercussions from Daniel having ascended and then descended? Will the Teal'c & Daniel friendship be explored at all, dealing with that painful history they have between them?

J_MALLOZZI: Yes, there certainly will be repercussions. It certainly won't be business as usual on the base. In fact, Peter D. is working on an early episode which will address this very topic. Daniel wrestles with these repercussions while Teal'c wrestles with the repercussions from Season Six's "The Changeling."  It's a terrific story that parallels both men's internal conflicts.

Michael Shanks to write in Season Seven

DANA_JEANNE: Are there any new writers (or old writers we haven't seen for a couple seasons) coming on for season seven?

J_MALLOZZI: New writers?  Well, there's this hot young kid, Michael Shanks.  He looks promising.  As for new/old writers, it's tough.  The truth is, unless you're on staff, it's very hard to get a story approved as you end up pitching (a) stories that have been done (b) stories that we're already doing or (c) stories we would never do in a million years.

DANA_JEANNE: MICHAEL is writing a script?

J_MALLOZZI: Yes, Michael will be writing an episode...He directed in season 4 and will be writing in season 7.  He'll be overseeing catering for season 8.

Amanda Tapping directing in Season Seven

KELLKEK_2: Hi, Joe.  Are you going to try to keep the team together in season 7 or will we see them going out singly or in pairs?

J_MALLOZZI:  Good question.  The fact is - with Rick's compressed schedule, Amanda planning to direct (one episode prepping and one episode shooting), and other production considerations, keeping the team together will be a challenge.  It's something we will set out to do as much as possible but, realistically, we're going to have to find creative ways to keep all our characters involved without necessarily seeing them together.

Daniel descending naked?

DANA_JEANNE: I had a serious question chosen for your next one, Joe, but I have to admit to being horribly harassed by someone who demands her question be asked.  So, to save my sanity.  Since Daniel left his bandages behind when he ascended, will he be descending naked?  Happy now, Leah?

J_MALLOZZI: Actually, that's something we discussed.  Peter pointed out that exact point of logic - he did leave his clothes behind.  Now, of course, the real question is what are the circumstances in which we are reunited with Daniel?  Has he been descended a while?  Do we see him descend?  I don't want to give too much away but, suffice it to say, he DID leave his clothes behind.

[Solutions Sidebar: we have to thank writer, director and 'Living God' Peter DeLuise for his single-minded determination over many seasons to get Michael Shanks out of his clothes on camera.  At last, you have him!  This is obviously a vital point of logic in forwarding the plot and is clearly demanded for artistic reasons.  Absolutely.  Just don't gloat too offensively and if Mr. Shanks pouts, film it.]

ASHTON_7: Leah is passed out behind me on the floor.

DANA_JEANNE: Those dripping sounds are the sounds of thousands of Daniel fans drooling.

Joe's favourite character moments

CHANCE: Thanks, Annie!  Joe, what is your favourite moment for each character?  That one scene where they really show something about who they are?  We all have our favourite, I was just wondering what yours were?  Any season, any ep.

J_MALLOZZI: Teal'c - his father/son on the steps of the gate in Redemption.

J_MALLOZZI: DJ - Menace, to me, really delivered in terms of letting the audience know exactly what type of person he was and the difficult decisions a non-military, caring individual like him must face.

J_MALLOZZI: Carter - her chat with McKay in Redemption II.  Despite all the back and forth sniping, she's able to let her guard down and connect with him - before putting him right back in his place.

J_MALLOZZI: O'Neill - Window of Opportunity.  We got to see both ends of the spectrum - over-the-top funny O'Neill and dead-serious O'Neill.

Fallen and Homecoming: the two-parter in which Daniel descends in season seven

HAPPYTAZ7: What about the Harsesis Child? [Shifu, Shau'ri's son].  Will he come back soon?

J_MALLOZZI: That's another possibility.  No definite plans but this will all tie in to the events of Full Circle and Fallen.

DANA_JEANNE: What's Fallen?

J_MALLOZZI: Episodes 1 and 2 of season 7 - Fallen and Homecoming.

Other season seven news from Joe Mallozzi

NODJNOPOINT: Hi, again, Joe.  In earlier seasons, Daniel and Sam used to play off each other so well in collaborative scientific problem-solving.  Will we get to see that kind of interplay between them again in season seven?

J_MALLOZZI: There will be opportunity for that this season.  Again, it's still too early to tell when the exact opportunity will arise.

Other snippets of news from Joe:

  • We'll finally get to see the episode "Fragile Balance" which has been on the cards for several seasons now.
  • Goa'uld's Yu and Ba'al to make appearances.
  • Osiris to return in an episode which deals with relationships (1) can Daniel at last save Sarah (2) is Carter truly a Black Widow?
  • Maybourne set to return.
  • The Replicators will be a force to be reckoned with next time we see them.
  • No plans for any AU stories as there is resistance to them.
  • The relationship between O'Neill and Carter will not alter in season seven as he remains her commanding officer.
  • No plans to revisit the Tollan, the Nox or the Rheetou.
  • Joe felt that which car Daniel drives is a question for Michael, but went on to suggest a Jeep Cherokee or a Range Rover for Daniel.
  • There will be room to have Sam/Teal'c friendship moments in many of the episodes in Season Seven.
  • Jonas Quinn to appear in the first two episodes of the season.
  • 10 out of 13 stories so far are off-world.
  • The chances of seeing Jacob are excellent.
  • We may find out a little more about Jack's background in an early episode to be penned by Peter DeLuise.
  • Another humour episode is in the works.
The full transcript of the chat appears courtesy of SDJ Steerers Dana Jeanne and Annie, with special thanks to Darren of Gateworld who stepped in with a transcript after Delphi let us down technically.

Our Stargate chat transcript
Gateworld chat transcript

By Alison
07 Dec O2

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