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05 MAR 03:
Stargate SG-1's UK fans helped make Michael Shanks' return as Daniel Jackson in Season Six finale "Full Circle" not only the highest rated episode of the entire series, but also the first to break through the landmark million viewers barrier. Although originally intended as a launch point for the mooted Stargate SG-1 movie, "Full Circle" now forms the first story in a trilogy which sees Daniel descend and rejoin his SG-1 team while also marking the last appearance of Jonas Quinn [played by Corin Nemec] as a series regular.  The story continues in the two-part premiere of Season Seven: "Fallen" and "Homecoming", due to be broadcast in the US on the SCI FI Channel in June 2003 and in September 2003 on SKY 1 in the UK.

UK ratings organisation BARB reported that in the week ending 23 Feb 03, Stargate was ranked second in broadcaster SKY 1's top ten for the first time, gaining a rating of 1.01 million viewers.  The episode was marketed in the UK's TV listings magazines as featuring Daniel and Skaara.  "Prophecy", which aired immediately before "Full Circle", was boosted to a rating of 0.92.  We extend our sincere congratulations to all the cast and crew at Bridge Studios on their staggering ratings victory as anticipation builds for Season Seven, already dubbed 'Season Heaven' among the many, many fans around the world thrilled by Michael Shanks' return as Dr. Daniel Jackson.

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