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28 MAR 03
Stargate SG-1 writer and Co-Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi, author of the Production Diary, issued this statement in response to the recent controversy in which his diaries were copied from this site and illicitly posted at another fan site:

"Way back when I was doing chats with Gateworld and SG1 Fans, a number of people involved with SDJ complained that I was being very selective about the sites I lent my time to. They asked: "Why doesn't he ever chat with SDJ?" My response: "Nobody ever asked."   Eventually, they asked, I accepted the invitation, and it went very well. When season 7 got the greenlight, I elected to take a break from fandom. With my self-imposed exile ended, I opted back in for a couple of chats. Alison and Dana Jeanne at SDJ contacted me and asked me whether I would like to provide an ongoing production diary for their site. It was an interesting offer. I'd never written anything like it before, and I agreed. As I wrote the diary entries, I was doubly surprised by the reaction. On the one hand, I was pleased that those who read the diary enjoyed it as much as they did. On the other hand, I was disappointed that many chose not to read the diary because it was posted on the SDJ website.   Part of my decision to do the production diary in the first place was to help heal some of the rifts in fandom. While I understand that many would prefer not to visit the SDJ site (alternately, I'm sure there are many who prefer not to visit Gateworld and SG1 Fans), I see no reason why the diary couldn't be made available to other sites. That said...

When I was contacted about the exclusivity issue, I responded that the diary should not be exclusive to one site. However, since Alison and Dana Jeanne were the ones who came up with the idea in the first place and offered their website as a hosting venue, I feel it is only proper to get their permission before cross-posting. I suggested a "first window" deal similar to the network deals whereby a show with a "first window" gets to air the program prior to other networks. I believe Alison and Darren were in the process of discussing such a deal when all of this erupted.

Play nice.


Alison being myself and Darren being the webmaster at, I'm happy to announce that with the agreement of both Joseph Mallozzi and myself, Gateworld has been granted syndication rights to publish the Production Diary one week after it is published here at Solutions. Joseph Mallozzi and Solutions retain copyright.  Both Solutions and Mr. Mallozzi intended the diary as a gift to fandom and we feel that syndication at the popular Gateworld site will enable the diary to be enjoyed by the maximum possible audience.

Any other sites which wish to make the Production Diary available to their visitors are free to LINK to the diary homepage here at Solutions:

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