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29 SEP 03:

Just a few of the exciting props Legends Memorabilia will be auctioning off to Stargate SG-1 fans:

The Crystal Skull:

Daniel's armband from Upgrades:

One of the famous 'jewel thingies' used by the Asgard and Colonel Jack...

Hathor's stunning costume:

And Urgo's:

Solutions caught up with busy Legends Memorabilia President Paul Brown to find out a little more about the exciting Stargate online prop, costume and art auction just launched on E-bay.  The auction will conclude on October 12th and by the time Legends Memorabilia and MGM are finished with the fans, they'll have listed about 130-150 items!

Paul shared some of the highlights of the auction with us: " Some of the key items included in this auction will include:
Teal'c's Jaffa Staff Weapon
A Zat Gun
A Crystal Skull
Daniel's Armband Device from 'Upgrades'
Communication device from 'Wormhole Extreme'
DHD crystal device
Chevrons from the Stargate
Interplanetary Treaty Book
Asgard communication stone
Daniel's prop rock from 'The First Ones'
T.E.R. Gun many more interesting props.   As far as costumes are concerned, we have a wonderful selection of wardrobe items worn by: Daniel, O'Neill, Carter, Teal'c, Apophis, Sha're, Trofsky, Hathor, Nirrti, Drey'auc, Khonsu, Rya'c...and many others!   We are also releasing about 25 new magnificent studio concept art prints throughout the course of the auction."

Die-hard fans of Richard Dean Anderson have even more to look forward to.  "Finally, we shall also be selling Richard Dean Anderson's studio car.  This is a wonderful car (Lincoln, Cartier edition) that has been used to shuttle him around town for the past 6 years," Paul said.  "MGM have agreed to let us sell this car with an opening bid of just $100 and with no reserve!  This means the fans can 'have a flutter' in the hope they may get themselves something special at great price.  Unfortunately though, I think the circumstances probably pre-empt too many UK fans from bidding on it!  Nevertheless, it should, create a bit of fun I think!" 

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Legends Memorabilia is also working on launching a new website, which Paul promises "will contain some SG-1 items for 'open sale' (non- auction).  We had originally planned to include a Stargate Prop Store on the site and although there will be some SG-1 items available, we have changed our plans for the Prop Store - for good reason.  In light of the very large amount of product we have received from MGM and because MGM wish to have us become the official outlet for SG-1 production items, I am delighted to tell you that we are opening another brand new site:!"
" will be used exclusively for the sale of Stargate items from the production studio and when you see the inventory we shall be offering, I know you'll be impressed," Paul told us.  " For example, last week we took delivery of 400+ costumes! And that is just for starters. Throughout the next year, MGM shall be releasing products to on a monthly basis and the objective is to finally provide fans a place to buy the official props and costumes in good quantity.   We're pretty excited about this development and following my visit to MGM in Los Angeles in mid-October, we shall hopefully have some more good news for the fans!"

Check out the latest items to be released at the Ebay auction, including Daniel's memorable "Beneath The Surface" costume! 

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