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18 OCT 03:

Earlier this week, reported on two potential additions to the Stargate SG-1 cast and crucially to the SG-1 team for the show's 8th and possibly final season:

"According to our sources, which is backed by casting notes we have obtained, the first of the new characters, Dr. Maggie Greer, is a brilliant young anthropologist described as “beautiful, opinionated and temperamental.” Listed as being between the ages of 25 and 35, she was once a harsh critic of Daniel Jackson's work, stunned that his crazy theories about the influence of aliens on Earth's history are true when she is recruited to join the SGC. Once she does join, she struggles with the demands of being part of a team whose mandate is dictated by the military.

Colonel Kyle Hooper is the other new member of the Stargate team, an Air Force special ops soldier. Described as a “a born leader” and “a soldier's soldier,” he's a stoic, serious man with a wry, witty sense of humor always seems to surprise others. While confident in his abilities and qualifications he is eager to prove his appointment to leader of a front-line team is justified. His belief in the need for a strong chain of command is tested by the maverick general in charge of the SGC. This character is listed as being between 35 and 45 years old. "  -- Chris Faile,

Two of Solutions' own sources have corroborated that it is the intention of MGM and the producers at this time to introduce Hooper as a replacement for Jack O'Neill, who will be promoted to the rank of [brigadier] general and will command the SGC.  This move is no doubt in response to the production and writing difficulties caused by star Richard Dean Anderson's abbreviated filming schedule of only 10.5 days per month, which looks set to continue next season.

The reasoning behind the introduction of a female anthropologist to the team is less certain, as the character Jonas Quinn was returned home to Kelowna in the Season Seven two-part premiere on the grounds that SG-1 is a four-person team and that with Daniel Jackson back, Jonas' expertise was superfluous.  After the controversy surrounding Michael Shanks departure, the year-long SDJ campaign and the joyous celebrations of Shanks' return to his role as Daniel Jackson, it appears inconceivable this new character could be intended as a replacement.  Fans are more concerned that Greer is obviously intended to inject some sex appeal and UST into the Stargate mix to draw in the coveted young male demographic and are already pegging her as Daniel's intended love interest.

A source has indicated that Anderson accepted the promotion for Jack on the grounds that he would have the opportunity to have more Jack and Daniel scenes fitted in to his schedule, something fans will no doubt ardently embrace after expressing concerns over the lack of friendship scenes in the first half of Season Seven. 

Given the exigencies of filming around Anderson's limited availability, with two and sometimes three units filming side by side, having not just Hooper but Greer in the team could make it easier to film both exploration/ mythyology shows which usually feature Daniel and military/ techno shows which would ordinarily feature Sam Carter.

Fans are disturbed by the prospect of adding new characters to the SG-1 team, citing the poor track record of development of characters such as Anise and Jonas Quinn.  There is real concern that the existing team dynamic and characters will suffer neglect while the writers focus on building up Greer and Hooper.  Particular concern is reserved for Amanda Tapping as Sam Carter, with some seeing the introduction of such a young female character as a threat to her position, and for Don S. Davis, who looks set to be displaced from the cast as General Hammond because of Jack's promotion.

The online community will continue to speculate until confirmation - or denial - of the addition of Hooper and Greer to the cast and the SG-1 team is issued by the producers, MGM or Sci Fi Channel.  It is known that despite announcements from SCI FI Channel and MGM that all the cast are returning, and an appearance by Anderson and Shanks on the cover of US insitution TV Guide heralding the new season, at this point, only star Anderson has signed on for Season Eight. 

The leak of this casting breakdown of the two new characters could easily be interpreted as a hardball tactic in negotiations with the established cast members, something which hasn't escaped the attention of the more cynical fans on Our Stargate forum. 

The two new characters, Hooper and Greer, are intended for the SG-1 team in the 8th season, but the situation could change any time, dependent on the outcome of cast negotiations.  Fans have been curious about the reduction from twenty-two to twenty episodes for the 8th season and the addition of two new cast members and the concomitant expense appears a reasonable explanation for this move.  The producers may hope to cast a 'name' in the role of Hooper, an actor who will draw in a new fanbase and perhaps prolong the ilfe of SG-1 or move across to troubled spin-off Atlantis. 

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