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25 NOV 03:

MGM's latest Stargate eBay auction is entering its final phase this week as bidders fight to secure some very desirable props, costumes and concept art, including the feature prop of the entire auction, the Stargate from Season Five's Ascension.

The latest release of items features both the weird:
  • BBQ symbiote head from The First Ones
  • killer concrete prop from The Curse
  • x-ray of Jack O'Neill's skull
  • Daniel's braded leather tether from The First Ones
  • the alien orb that spiked Jack in Message In A Bottle
  • the Klorel symbiote
  • a prop fossil leg bone
And the altogether wonderful:
  • Daniel's boonie
  • Carter's Upgrades armband
  • Teal'c's costume from 1969
  • Daniel's costume from The Game Keeper
  • gorgeous Aztec bangle from Learning Curve
  • stunning framed Osiris amulet
  • Daniel's prehistoric symbiote Cleo
  • Cast directors chairs
  • framed piece of the Stargate
Among the latest featured concept art releases are beautiful mattes for Torment Of Tantalus, the Prometheus, Evolution and most excitingly, Season Seven finale The Lost City and Atlantis.

This latest auction, MGM's biggest ever, has seen sustained interest from fans and memorabilia collectors alike in all things Stargate.  The success of the auction to date lies not just in those bidding, but in the fans so enthusiastically watching and discussing the auction from the sidelines.  It's the fans for whom auction prices are an impossibility that MGM and Legends Memorabilia have firmly in mind with their online store, which goes live on December 1st.  The aim of is to make Stargate SG-1 props, costumes and concept art of the quality we've seen in the eBay auctions permanently available to fans at affordable catalogue prices., which can only be good news for our online community.

There are only a few days left to secure some fantastic memorabilia, including that mini-Stargate and the first glimpse of the future of the Stargate franchise in that unique Atlantis art.   Check out the eBay Stargate auction now :)

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