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03 DEC 03:


Big news is coming for fans of Stargate SG-1, as this January Avatar Press debut their first Stargate SG-1 mini-series, P.O.W.

More information will be provided in the publisher's January previews, but for now check out the various covers on offer for the first issue, a 2-page sneak peek, and the solicitation information below.

Retail Price: $3.50 US
Cover: Matt Busch
Story: James Anthony
Art: Renato Guedes
Readership: all ages
Format: Full color, 32 pages, monthly 1 of 3

The first issue of the new Stargate series is finally here! The greatest sci-fi show on television comes to comics for the first time in a full length action-packed series!

Reconnaissance has discovered an alien invasion force with plans of conquest for planet Earth. Caught in a firefight, the escaping team from Stargate Command unknowingly allows a mysterious serpent-headed Goa'uld Lord access into the SGC. The invaders lay waste to the debarkation chamber, while locking a naquadah-laced bomb onto the Stargate. In the resulting attack, Colonel Jack O'Neill finds himself on a distant world, face to face with a thousand Goa'uld warriors. With the SGC under lockdown and O'Neill already a prisoner of war, the SG-1 team must find a way to remove a doomsday bomb from the gate and rescue him from a Goa'uld fortress.

Join the SG-1 team for a full force adventure as they fight for survival against a race bent on subjecting the universe to their rule as the gods of legend. Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, and Teal'c begin a new chapter of Stargate adventures in the pages of Stargate SG-1: P.O.W.

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Thanks to Jean Curley for the tip!

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