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05 DEC 03:

Don S. Davis, who plays General George Hammond on the show, was interviewed by UK broadcaster Sky One during his time in London for the Wolf SG6 convention.


SkyOne: Do you think Stargate will make it back onto the big screen again, and if so, would you consider being in it?

Don S. Davis: It's a good possibility that it will. They're talking about doing a film of it and certainly if they do, I would consider being in it. The problem is, life goes on. I was in one of the seminal productions in television, Twin Peaks. And people still say, "when are you going to do another Twin Peaks movie?" And the honest answer is, never. The reason being because all the actors involved in the series have all gone on to do different things, and you know, Thomas Wolfe was correct, "You can't go home again". And if you do go home again, you're not living a truth you're living a lie.

SkyOne: Do you see Stargate airing for another five years?

Don S. Davis: No. I mean I didn't see it going on for this long. It has gone on this long by the grace of Richard Dean Anderson. He keeps saying 'This year will be the last', and then says 'Oh, let's do one more'. So we all say 'OK'. But it's one of those things. I've had the best job on television for over seven years, I won't deny that, I'm very grateful, but there comes a time when it's time to move on, and I think that time has come.

SkyOne: What are your plans for the future if they don't involve Stargate?

Don S. Davis: I plan to do more artwork but I also plan to do some producing and oncentrate on making feature films. I mean, I love the character of General Hammond, but I'm not General Hammond. I'm Don Davis and he needs to live his life.

SkyOne: We're currently enjoying Season Seven of SG-1. Are you committed to filming Season Eight?

Don S. Davis: No.

SkyOne: Are you still undecided? Or have you had a better offer?

Don S. Davis: No, I just think, life is about change and to put cement shoes on and stand in the same place for a number of years is stultifying. I love the show, I love my fellow actors, and the writers are excellent and if there's enough money, to put it grossly, certainly I'll come back. But if there's not, to the penny, enough money, then without seeming disloyal and in complete appreciation of the fans being supportive and tuning in to see me and the rest of cast, it's time.

Every convention I've gone to, they ask if I'd like to do an episode that featured Hammond, but I don't because it would be wrong for this show. It's not about Hammond, it's about four people that go through a gate to someplace else in the galaxy and meet great odds and defeat strong enemies and come home. And my character simply can be nothing more than peripheral to that action because the reality of the military framework is that the general, who knows every secret, can't be in the field and be at risk. So he can't be a part of the action, and after a while, you don't want to be the bridesmaid anymore. You want to go off and have a chance and be central to the action and I think that I have paid those dues and now I want to move on. I've done a hundred and fifty-four episodes and now the story line has made this the perfect opportunity for me to go away.

SkyOne: Is Richard Dean Anderson thinking the same thing?

Don S. Davis: Well, I thought he was but he's the reason why they're talking about doing a Season Eight. There will not be a Stargate television series without Richard Dean Anderson, so if he keeps deciding that he loves the show enough to want to do one more year, then they'll do one more year. But the rest of us have to be true to ourselves and even though it's not politically correct for one of us to say 'perhaps not'. But I'm saying perhaps not.

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