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05 DEC 03:

Ian Spelling, Dreamwatch #112, Dec 03

Dreamwatch:  The hot rumour is that O'Neill will be promoted in Season Eight.  What directions remain for the character to go in?

RDA:   Apparently only up.  As far as year eight is concerned, we're leaving O'Neill in an odd place at the end of year seven.  But depending on what the boys have planned beyond Stargate, I'm not quite sure what can or what will happen to O'Neill.  There are so many options because of our sci-fi premise.  He could ascend.  he could die.  He could be promoted.  My preference would be to see him end up in a log cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota!

Dreamwatch:  If Season Eight goes well, how open would you be to a ninth year of Stargate?

RDA:  At this point, I'm not very open to it.  I don't know.  I should be fair to everyone, including myself, and say that I should use year eight as my 'So long.'  It's just time.  I have this beautiful, wonderful, life-altering being in my daughter who I really want to be around for.  So I think that puts things in order.

Dreamwatch:  How about the idea of Stargate SG-1 movies?  If they could bring you in for a few months' work and then let you get on with your life again, would you be open to playing O'Neill in a series of Stargate films?

RDA: We've talked about that.  Yeah, I'll listen to anything.  My agent knows that once Stargate is over, I'm going to want to take time off, build a house and be with my daughter, and possibly go on some travel trips, possibly back to Tibet and certainly back down to Equador to do some diving and possibly some filming [for his documentaries].  But, for the most part, it's clearly feeling like a transition time for me.

Dreamwatch:  It sounds like you're planning to move away from acting even further.  Some might call that retirement.  Is that what you're thinking about?

RDA:   I don't know what to call it.  For a workaholic to say 'I'm retiring' - I mean, who believes that?  Not only that, how do you defins retirement to someone who loves working?  I honestly don't know.

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