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13 JAN 04:

"Evolution 2
Most Watched Episode of Any Original Series in SCI FI Channel History

SCI FI Channel’s January 9 Winter Premiere of Stargate SG-1 was a scorcher. With a 2.2 rating, the 9pm ET/PT broadcast of “Evolution, Part 2” delivered the highest rating for an original SCI FI episode of SG-1 to date. The show also scored 2,658,000 P2+ – making it the most-watched original episode of Stargate SG-1 in the series’ entire six and a half season run. Moreover, it delivered more viewers than any episode of any original series in SCI FI Channel history.

SCI FI’s premiere of the new original series Codename: Eternity (January 9 @ 10pm ET/PT) also scored with audiences, delivering a 1.7 rating/1,914,000 P2+.

Mary McNamara"

It's worth noting that Evolution 2, the most highly rated episode of Stargate SG-1 since it began broadcasting on SCI FI Channel, is the first to advertise a Jack and Daniel storyline.  Evoluton 2 also received attention for actor Michael Shanks in US institution TV Guide with a Second Half Season Opener feature:

January 9, 2004:

Daniel Jackson is at the mercy of kidnappers in the conclusion of a two-part episode co-written by the actor who plays him, fan favorite Michael Shanks.  Last time we saw Daniel, he and a colleague were in Honduras seeking an alien artifact tied to a Mayan Fountain of Youth myth.  Here, O'Neill is sent to retrieve them and the device before it finds its way to Anubis, who is busy creating an army of enhanced warriors.  In an attempt to put the kibosh on that scheme, Carter's dad (Carmen Argenziano) joins her and Teal'c to infiltrate the would-be god's complex.
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