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06 FEB 04:

In an interview for British scifi magazine dreamwatch, executive producer, writer and showrunner Robert C. Cooper revealed that Jack O'Neill will be promoted to general, leave SG-1 and take command of the SGC for the show's 8th season.   Actor Don S. Davis, who plays General Hammond, won't be a series regular.   Cooper was unable to confirm if Davis would make a guest appearance in season 8.

Cooper stressed that lead Richard Dean Anderson's character Jack O'Neill would remain a key player in Stargate SG-1.   "I think there has been some concern from fans that SG-1 won't be the same and the four-core team won't be going through the gate together," says Cooper.  "The fact of the matter is the stories for the series are still going to be about the four leads of the show.  While technically O'Neill is not on SG-1, his character as the general will probably take a more active role in the field.  He will still be going on missions with the team.  And the stories will very much centre around the four core characters."

 However, sources have revealed that Anderson's filming schedule is significantly reduced from even that of Season 7, with Stargate's lead only available for filming three days in every fortnight.  Without going into specifics of Anderson's schedule in the interview, Cooper does note that the promotion of the O'Neill character will allow the writers to deal with the situation in an upfront way.

Cooper also reports that the first five scripts of Season 8 have been written, with storylines for fifteen episodes now in place.  A new villain will be introduced but no new regular character as SG-1's fourth.  He feels that the way the stories are developing, it isn't necessary.

In other interviews, Amanda Tapping has revealed her desire for Sam Carter's boyfriend Pete Shannahan to return in Season 8, while Christopher Judge revealed to Shanks-Judge convention attendees that Teal'c will have hair.  Michael Shanks noted that there will be lots of Teal'c in Season 8 and Judge himself will be writing an episode which will feature a marriage, a death and a family reunion.  There is no news at this point of any Daniel stories.

Cooper feels the biggest challenge facing the production is to not only match but exceed the standard of quality they've established for the series, noting that while fans resist change, it's change that has allowed the series to live on as long as it has.

Extracts from "Lord of the Ring" by Chloe Richards, dreamwatch #114
© 2004, dreamwatch.  All rights recognised.  No copyright infringement intended.

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