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06 FEB 04:

In an interview for British scifi magazine dreamwatch, actress Teryl Rothery has finally spoken out to confirm the rumours surrounding the death of her character Dr. Janet Fraiser in the episode Heroes Part 2. 

Rothery reports that she's had a lot of time to get used to the idea, as showrunner Robert C. Cooper discussed Janet's departure with her before filming began on the seventh season.  Having worked with the same cast and crew for seven years, the actress admits to sadness that this season sees the end of her time with Stargate SG-1.  However, she notes that filming out of sequence made it easier for her, as she filmed Janet's death scene and then returned to the set again next day.

Rothery is happy that her castmates will have the opportunity to film Season 8 and expresses her support of the direction in which the writers and producers are taking the show.  She feels that it's unlikely and unnecessary that Janet will be resurrected as the character of Daniel Jackson was.  "It was different with Michael's character.  I just think that would have been such a loss if his character hadn't come back.  It's not that I'm selling the character of Janet Fraiser short, but the Daniel Jackson character is such an integral part of the wheel."  However, if by any magic a return for Janet were to be possible, Rothery would love it.

On the upside, Rothery feels that Heroes makes a great swansong for Janet Fraiser, joining her castmates Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge in praising Heroes as the best story Stargate SG-1 has offered fans.  "When Robert told me how he was going to have Janet finally hang up her stethoscope, he said it would show the viewers what it is the men and women of the military really do for all of us.  Janet dies in the line of duty, and it's honourable."

Rothery also feels it's fitting that where Janet was with Daniel when he died and ascended, Daniel is with Janet when she dies.  "Michael's character is with me at the end.  It was just lovely."

Extracts from "Fallen Hero" by Sharon Gosling, dreamwatch #114
© 2004, dreamwatch.  All rights recognised.  No copyright infringement intended.

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