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31 MARCH 04:

9:00am ET, 19-March-04
Robert Picardo, who made a memorable guest appearance in two episodes of this season's Stargate SG-1, told SCI FI Wire that he has been asked back to reprise the character of investigative lawyer Woolsey next year. "I appeared twice on Stargate, and they've contacted me about some more," Picardo said in an interview.

This year, Picardo played Woolsey, who works for Senator (and now Vice President) Kinsey, played by Ronny Cox. "He has his mind turned around and starts to feel that maybe he's been the henchman of an evil character," Picardo said. "So I'm about to turn on my original employer and investigate him. What's fun is, it's always nice to play a sympathetic character, especially to go from a character who seems to be very creepy and evil at first, and then to have his conscience transformed. It's been a nice journey so far."

Picardo, best known for playing the Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager, said he's pleased that the guest shot may turn into something more recurring. "I think they like me," he said. "And I certainly like them. They're a great cast. And they apparently have wanted to have me on for some time, so it was nice that it worked out. And I think they like the fact that they can give me seven pages of solid dialogue and a shooting day, and I manage. ... That old [Star Trek] technobabble brain of mine is still functioning."
At the Seattle Creation Convention, Picardo told Stargate's Amanda Tapping that he had been contacted by the show's producers and would be making several appearances in Season 8.
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