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7.01 "Fallen Part 1"


When SG-1 explore a planet they think is a site of the Ancients, they are stunned to discover Daniel Jackson living among the natives. Daniel has no memory of his life or of his death and ascension and it is up to Jack, Sam and Teal'c to convince him to return with them to the SGC and help him regain his memories. It isn't long, though, before the Tok'ra need their help against Anubis.

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On a planet of ancient ruins, four nomads walking in the forest come across the body of a naked man lying among the dirt and leaves: It is Dr. Daniel Jackson. When they ask him who he is, however, he replies: "I don't know."

At Stargate Command on Earth, Jonas Quinn excitedly marches into General George Hammond's office, where Major Samantha Carter is briefing the general on the current activities of Goa'uld System Lord Anubis. According to intelligence from SG-1's rebel-Goa'uld allies, the Tok'ra, Anubis is systematically decimating the forces of the remaining System Lords with his new superweapon.

Jonas interrupts by announcing he has found the planet of the Ancients wherein lies "The Lost City" and the weaponry that can defeat Anubis. After studying the tablet recovered by SG-1 on the planet Abydos (in "Full Circle") and some of Dr. Jackson's old notes, Jonas says the actual translation is "City of the Lost" and that it refers to a place called Vis Uban, or City of Great Power. This was where the plague began that killed all the Ancients who didn't ascend. In honor of the dead, it was renamed City of the Lost.

Referring to the list of Stargate addresses that Colonel Jack O'Neill entered into the SGC computer four years ago when he had the Ancient Repository of Knowledge downloaded into his mind, Jonas suggests that Vis Uban, being unfinished when the Ancients' civilization fell, would be the last address on it. SG-1, SG-3 and SG-5 'Gate to the address, where they find the nomadic tribe and Daniel Jackson. But Daniel doesn't remember O'Neill, Carter or Teal'c and is not sure he wants to remember who he is, since he feels he might have done something wrong. Carter convinces Daniel he was a very good person and to return to SG-1. The team theorizes that Daniel was expelled from the race of ascended beings by his benefactor Oma after he interfered in human affairs on Abydos.

At SGC, Daniel slowly begins to remember things. He is also able to easily read the stone tablet and tell Jonas that his translation of the word "lacun" was wrong, and so were his own notes. It does not mean "of the lost," which is why they still haven't found The Lost City and won't on the planet they are searching. It means "to make lost," as in camouflaged.

Daniel's ability to read the tablet gives Jonas an idea: If Anubis is part Ancient, as Dr. Jackson in his ascended form had said, then Anubis could read the tablet. A plan is put into effect: Jonas and Daniel make a fake tablet, altering the words to lead Anubis to the planet where Daniel was found, now designated P4T-3G6. The F-302 space jet (formerly the experimental X-302) is dismantled, sent through the Stargate and reassembled there. A command post is set up, with General Hammond himself on site.

The Tok'ra plant the fake tablet where Anubis can find it, leading him straight to P4T-36G. Teal'c goes to confer with System Lord Yu, who pledges to bring the full force of the remaining system lords' fleets down on Anubis once SG-1 succeeds in destroying his superweapon; the team plans to do so by destroying the ventilation shaft that, according to Tok'ra intelligence, cools the weapon's crystal power core. Carter and O'Neill will fly the F-302 through the shields of Anubis' mothership, utilizing a short subspace burst; in theory, the F-302 will blink out and reappear within Anubis' shields. However, it could also pass by Anubis' ship altogether or, worse, materialize inside of it.

Because no one knows where the shaft is, Jonas and Daniel will be injected with a Tok'ra-developed radioactive isotope, so they can ring onto the ship, decipher the elaborate Ancient dialect-based codes protecting Anubis' computer systems and find and relay the location of the cooling shaft to O'Neill and Carter, who will then take it out. Then Yu's fleets will take out Anubis.

Everything goes according to plan: Daniel and Jonas, with the help of SG-3, take the place of two of Anubis' Jaffa guards, take their ring activator and use it to ring up to the mothership.

Meanwhile, Carter and O'Neill are under attack by Goa'uld gliders. O'Neill targets and takes out two of them. But they are still under attack and need the intel from Daniel and Jonas who, after a bit of trouble, finally come through. But the intel is useless unless Anubis powers up the weapon; otherwise, exploding the cooling shaft will have little effect.

Then things go awry: Yu changes his mind at the last moment and orders his first prime, Oshu, to withdraw the fleet across the galaxy. Teal'c is taken into custody. Without the Goa'uld fleet to draw Anubis' fire he has no reason to use his weapon. But then he is alerted to SGC's presence on the planet below and targets the Stargate. Hammond orders an immediate evacuation. On the F-302, meanwhile, just before six gliders converge on the ship, Carter activates the hyperdrive, jumping the craft through Anubis' shields and almost scraping the hull of the Goa'uld mothership. Under fire from the ship's guns, O'Neill targets the shaft and takes it out. Anubis is now forced to power-down his weapon. Because the Mothership's shields only keep things out, Carter and O'Neill fly away through them and escape.

Meanwhile, Jonas and Daniel are on the run from the Jaffa. Jonas makes Daniel go up into a ventilation shaft, leaving himself to be captured. As the escaping Daniels briefs Carter and O'Neill on the situation, Anubis approaches Jonas, now strapped to a table. "I won't tell you anything," Jonas says to Anubis—who, holding his sinister spiked mind-probe device, replies, "Oh, yes, you will."


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