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== Précis ==
== Précis ==

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Daniel Jackson discovers that in 1945, a brilliant young professor went through the Stargate, never to return. Together with his fiancee, Catherine Langford, SG-1 discovers the now aged Ernest Littlefield trapped in a decaying castle. With Daniel captivated by Ernest's amazing discoveries, the others race against time to get them all home.

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MGM/SciFi.com Official Summary

Dr. Daniel Jackson makes a remarkable discovery while going through film footage of Stargate experiments conducted in 1945. It seems that the postwar team, led by Professor Langford, succeeded in getting the Stargate to work and a young professor, Ernest Littlefield, actually traveled through the wormhole, never to return. Daniel shares this information with the professor's daughter, Catherine Langford, who oversaw the Stargate project for years and who was supposed to marry Littlefield before he disappeared. Using computer-enhanced pictures as a guide, the SG-1 team, joined by Langford, go in search of Littlefield. They find the professor, now grown old, as well as a remarkable room that seems to have been the meeting place of four alien civilizations. There's only one problem: the dial home device on this Stargate is severely damaged, and Langford and the SG-1 team may be trapped forever.


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