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Still searching for Merlin's weapon, the team visits a world where going to sleep might mean never waking up. Meanwhile, Landry is faced with having to decide whether or not Vala can be trusted to remain at the SGC and has her submit to a psychiatric evaluation.

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Episode Spoilers

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The team goes off-world and ends up in a mess of trouble. Meanwhile, Landry is faced with having to decide whether or not Vala can be trusted to remain at the SGC.

Production Notes

  • "I've always been better pitching on paper than delivering verbal pitches, so I wrote up a bunch of story ideas for both shows: Extreme Measures, In the Darkest Recesses, The Kindred, Suffer the Children, Yesterday Today and Tomorrow, The Tainted, and Morpheus. I do know that Brad [Wright] liked Morpheus." — Joseph Mallozzi in his GateWorld Blog, November 13.
  • "As pitched, both Suffer the Children and Orpheus [sic] are Carter stories. Extreme Measures is an SG-1 team episode. The Darkest Recesses a "Daniel in peril" episode." — Joseph Mallozzi in the Comments section for his GateWorld Blog entry of November 13. As of right now, "Suffer the Children", "Extreme Measures", and "The Darkest Recesses" have not yet been slated for production.
  • Morpheus is from Greek mythology. He is the god of dreams and usually takes on the form of humans, while his brothers take on the form of animals and inanimate objects. — Mythography: Morpheus; WikiPedia: Morpheus.
  • "I and/or Paul will be writing the second episode, formerly Morpheus but since some are worried that fans may confuse it with Orpheus or Moebius, I've decided to change the title to: "Before I Sleeping With the Enemy at the Gates of Heaven Can Wait Until Dark Water World" (Feel free to run with it. Knock yourselves out)." — Joseph Mallozzi in his GateWorld Blog, November 21.
  • "A refashioned Morpheus will be episode 2." — Joseph Mallozzi, SG1Solutions Forum, November 28.
  • "Episode 2, Morpheus, finds the team going off-world and getting in a mess of trouble." — Joseph Mallozzi, November 28 Blog.
  • "Morpheus, for instance, has elements of the overall arc that will drive season 10, but is, for all intents and purposes, a stand-alone episode." — Joseph Mallozzi, SG1Solutions Forum, November 30.
  • Concerning Vala's past untrustworthiness and her role in Stargate Command: "It's funny you should bring this up since, just this morning, I was writing a scene in which Daniel and Landry have this very conversation. There are strong arguments on both side of the debate, and an added little element you all won't be aware of until much later." — Joseph Mallozzi, SG1Solutions Forum, December 3.
  • "Claudia [Black] will be in all 20 episodes and will have a major role in season 10. As to what her [Vala Mal Doran's] position will be at Stargate Command, check out episode #2, tentatively titled Morpheus." — Joseph Mallozzi, Aust Sci Fi interview, December 9.
  • "I wrote up the four outlines over two days (Atlantis episode #2, Morpheus, Counter-Strike, and Memento Mori), then started work on Morpheus which will be SG-1's second episode. It was a lot of fun but required a heady amount of research: Arthurian lore, Gwalchmei, the different stages of sleep, how the brain functions during sleep, and, of course, psychiatric evaluations. With Vala on board for all of season 10, we have to ask ourselves: Why would she want to join Stargate Command? Why would we want her to join Stargate Command? And, of course, do we feel that we can trust her? All of these questions come up in this episode and are answered, temporarily at least." — Joseph Mallozzi, December 14 Blog.
  • "Well, take Morpheus for example which, initially, was intended as a Carter-centered potential cross-over episode. After some discussion in the room, it was decided that it would work better as an SG-1 team-centered story." — Joseph Mallozzi, SG1Solutions, December 21.
  • "Two of the things that stand out about Morpheus for me are: 1) the great Carter/Daniel sequence late in the episode [described by Mallozzi as "angsty" in the comments section of his December 21 Blog entry] and, 2) Teal'c getting the opportunity to step up in a non-Jaffa story. As I mentioned in a previous post (somewhere), this is the episode where we're faced with the prospect of Vala's continued involvement in the Stargate Program and must ask ourselves some hard questions. By "we", of course, I'm referring to the SGC. [...] Anyhow, this is the episode where those in charge of the SGC [...] weigh in on Vala's worth, character, and past actions. Who knows what the future holds?" — Joseph Mallozzi, December 21 Blog.
  • "Finished the rewrites on Morpheus and Counter-Strike and will be reviewing them both this weekend." — Joseph Mallozzi, January 19 Blog.
  • In answer to whether or not Daniel will be showing more patience and compassion toward Vala in Season Ten, Joseph Mallozzi stated, "There are some really nice moments along these lines in Morpheus, Counter-Strike, and Memento Mori." (SG1Solutions, January 20)

Note that all spoilers are subject to change before the finished episode is produced.


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