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After members of the Lucian Alliance attack and hijack the starship Odyssey with Samantha Carter aboard, Mitchell goes undercover in enemy territory to rescue his teammate and recover the stolen vessel.

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The Lucian Alliance, a crime syndicate led by the mastermind Netan, has given SG-1 trouble before. Lately, though, the Alliance's humiliations at SG-1's hands have led some of Netan's followers to question his leadership. His right-hand man Kefflin, a reclusive crime boss whom only Netan and a few others have ever seen, remains staunchly loyal. But another of Netan's lieutenants, Anateo, decides to overthrow Netan and win the Alliance leadership for himself by accomplishing a spectacularly risky task: capturing the Earth ship Odyssey and the Alliance's most frustrating enemies, SG-1.

At first, Anateo succeeds with frightening efficiency. The Odyssey falls into his ambush and is hijacked, her crew locked up and her commander, Col. Emerson, shot dead. To the criminals' delight, one member of SG-1, Carter, is already aboard. Anateo and his brutal henchman Solek force her to remove the ship's emergency transponder; they use it to lure her teammates Daniel and Vala to a disreputable shipyard, where Solek captures them.

With three-fifths of the team in his grasp, Anateo dares to think that his plan will succeed. But SG-1 isn't going to make things that easy for him. Possessing a clue that the Alliance is behind the hijacking, Teal'c and Mitchell fly a Goa'uld cargo ship straight to Netan's vessel. There, Mitchell boldly infiltrates the Alliance by pretending to be the reclusive Kefflin. When he finally meets Netan, Mitchell quickly injects the man with the Reol chemical the team discovered years ago, causing Netan to believe that he's seeing his trusted confidant.

Netan's men spot the cargo ship and capture Teal'c, but Mitchell's deception is still working. As Kefflin, Mitchell asks Netan where the Odyssey is hidden, only to learn that Netan didn't know it had been captured. Furious when he discovers that his lieutenant Anateo is keeping such a prize secret, Netan viciously reasserts his power over his other subordinates, then vows to track down the Odyssey. During the ensuing search, Mitchell must think quickly and deploy the Reol chemical creatively both to avoid his own exposure and to spare Teal'c from torture and execution.

Meanwhile, Daniel, Vala and Carter plan a dangerous escape from their captors, but even if they succeed they'll still be adrift in space aboard a defenseless, powerless ship. As Netan's vessel approaches its fatal rendezvous with the Odyssey, the winner of this latest bout between the Alliance and SG-1 remains very much in doubt.

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Production Notes

  • "The #9 slot is blank, but it looks like Alan will be stepping in to pen the big "rescue op" story he pitched (nice to see the Lucian Alliance making their presence known as things develop)" — Joseph Mallozzi, Gateworld Blog, January 14, 2006.
  • "We've got the 200th episode to work on and Alan's heist episode, and the SG-1 mid-season two-parter that already has the visual effects department salivating." — Joseph Mallozzi, Gateworld Blog, January 19, 2006.
  • "GateWorld has uncovered a new episode title for Stargate SG-1's upcoming tenth season. "Company of Thieves" is currently slotted as the ninth episode in the show's production order." — GateWorld: SG-1 in the Company of Thieves, April 7, 2006.
  • "You’ll also see Company of Thieves tonight, in which SG-1’s mission is to recover the Odyssey. This is a serious story, with high stakes and personal loss. I talked with Alan McCullough, who wrote it. He said he pitched it as a “get the ship back” episode, and Rob Cooper spun it into a Donnie Brasco kind of story, where we get to see the seedy underbelly of the Lucian Alliance. And there’s a great stunt in this show where a character is floating in space and bounces off the window of a space ship. Apparently the actor was flown in from LA, put in a harness, and swung against our model ship window for 2 hours, and then flown home the same day. This is definitely a crazy business." — Alex Levine, script coordinator, SciFi Blog, September 15, 2006.

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