5.17 "Failsafe" Episode Guide

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As an asteroid hurtles toward Earth, SG-1 uses an abandoned Goa'uld ship as a launch pad for a megabomb that's designed to explode the rock before impact. But when SGC loses the ship's signal, it's feared that the team is dead and Earth is in devastating peril.

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MGM Official Summary

As an asteroid hurtles toward Earth, SG-1 repair an abandoned Goa'uld ship to use as a launch pad for a Naquadah bomb which should explode the rock before impact. But SGC loses the ship's signal and fears that SG-1 have crashed, leaving them dead and the Earth in devastating peril.

SciFi.com Official Summary

A giant asteroid is detected, and its current trajectory puts it on a collision course with Earth. Based on the asteroid's mass, such an impact would destroy all life on the planet. SG-1 is tapped to help prevent this catastrophe. The only option they find is to retrieve a Goa'uld cargo vessel and use it to deliver a Naquadah bomb onto the asteroid, so they can blow the rock apart before it hits. Unfortunately, the plan starts falling apart, and the team discovers that the asteroid is not a natural one—it was planted by the Goa'uld for their own purposes.


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