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SG-1 discover a clan of fierce, skilled female Jaffa warriors struggling to survive. They need access to symbiotes to keep themselves alive, but Carter offers their leade Ishta an alternative in the new drug Tretonin. Carter escorts a group of volunteers to the SGC to test the drug, Daniel tries to help young warrior Nesa find her way while Ishta and Teal'c find they have much in common.

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While on a mission to P3X-955, SG-1 is attacked by Jaffa forces loyal to the Goa'uld System Lord Moloc. Suddenly, six Jaffa warrior-women storm in and take out the attackers.

Mala, leader of the armed Amazon party, has been seeking SG-1, and she has the team 'Gate with them to an outpost called Ha'ktyl—the Jaffa word for liberation, which they also use to describe themselves. There SG-1 meets Ishta, Moloc's beautiful high priestess. She and her fellow warrior-women have been secretly rescuing newborn female Jaffa, who are condemned to death by Moloc, and bringing them to this haven. Ishta and her seconds, Mala and Neith, tell how they use their offworld privileges to 'Gate to other planets, ambush Jaffa patrols and take their Goa'uld symbiotes. The symbiotes are then transferred to young girls at Ha'ktyl when they reach the age of Prata, at which time they must take a symbiote or fall ill and die. The Ha'ktyl women ask SG-1 for weapons, food and supplies to continue their struggle, and in return offer their services and knowledge.

Major Carter, knowing that Teal'c uses the Pangaran drug tretonin (from "The Cure") in order to survive without a symbiote, proposes this drug as an alternative. The idea is detestable to Neith, whose younger sister, Nesa, is fast approaching Prata. Teal'c eventually convinces Ishta that tretonin, though not without risks, is worth trying, and she asks for volunteers to accompany her to Stargate Command to test the drug. Mala insists she go in Ishta's place. A fellow warrior named Emta and two others also step forward.

While Carter, Colonel O'Neill and the five Jaffa women 'Gate to SGC, Dr. Daniel Jackson stays behind to report any news on the tretonin tests that SGC will radio-in through the MALP. Meanwhile, Teal'c and Ishta become very close.

Daniel tells young Nesa of the drug that can save her life. This conversation infuriates Neith, who after conferring with fellow warriors Ginra and Ka'lel challenges Ishta to combat for control of Ha'ktyl. Teal'c tries to break up the fight when Daniel arrives with bad news: Mala did not respond to the tretonin—she is dead. The other women are fine, but now Ishta is distrustful of the humans and will sacrifice Teal'c and Daniel unless their women at SGC are returned. Ishta and Neith go to ambush another of Moloc's patrols to procure a symbiote for Nesa—who has decided she does not want a symbiote. She won't allow someone else to die so she can live.

The women guarding Daniel and Teal'c obey Nesa's wishes and take the men to where Ishta and Neith are preparing to cut the symbiote from a dying Jaffa. But Neith is shot by a staff blast from another wounded Jaffa. Her symbiote is damaged beyond repair. Teal'c convinces Ishta to 'Gate to SGC with Neith and Nesa. It is the only chance for both of them.

Nesa takes the tretonin with great success and convinces Neith that she must also, if she's to live to teach Nesa how to be a great warrior. With the women of Ha'ktyl now free of the Goa'uld and trained in the administering of tretonin, a new alliance is forged between them and the Tauri—as is a personal alliance between Ishta and Teal'c, signified by a lingering kiss before the Jaffa warrior-woman 'Gates back to Ha'ktyl.


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