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Jared Kane asks Daniel for help in preventing the Rand Protectorate from committing genocide against the Caledonian Federation by using a weapon the Ori helped them build. Daniel attempts diplomacy while his teammates arrive in orbit onboard the Prometheus. As in any war, casualties are expected, but the price turns out to be extremely high for everyone involved — including the SGC.

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SciFi.com Official Summary

The official summary is not yet available as this episode has yet to air in the United States.

Episode Spoilers

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"Damian works on Ethon (Quick! Grab your handy mythology encyclopedias!)" — Joseph Mallozzi, Exec. Producer, Writer. Also, according to Mallozzi, this episode has some off-world travel. (Ethon is the name of the eagle which ate Prometheus' liver while he was chained to Mount Caucasus after giving man fire.) This episode is a sequel to 8.05 "Icon".

"Ernie Hudson was in the offices today for his role in Ethon. He is a super guy, very friendly and, it turns out, a good friend of Beau's." — Joseph Mallozzi in his GateWorld Blog, August 12.

"Well it's about 5pm Pacific time and I have just returned from the SG-1 set. I am currently filming for a 'Director's Series' featuring the fantastic director Ken Girotti... you loyal fans may remember him from Season one... but since that time he directed tons of great shows... We're lucky to have him back. We are filming at an old hospital for the mentally ill, that has been closed down for years... It was the classic 'insane asylum — from yesteryear that we all fear from the movies — but let me tell you — this place is very creepy. In fact — many who have filmed there have been convinced that they have seen people walking by the windows on the top floor — a floor that has had all its doors hammered shut. Yesterday — Michael Shanks and I decided to go for a little tour of the building — me with my trusty camera, and Michael in his Stargate uniform — We tried to get into all the places where people claimed to have seen some crazy happening — there were a few moments where Michael was convinced he heard a few things that were not of this world — Anyway — I don't know what I will do with that footage, but I thought I'd share that with you. Plus, we took a little too long and there was about 10 PA's and AD's tracking us down, so we had to cut the mission short." — Ivon Bartok, DVD Features Producer, in his GateWorld Blog.

Note that all spoilers are subject to change before the finished episode is produced.


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