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Abu of Simarka


Abu is a Shavadai of the planet Simarka where SG-1 clashed with their culture which reduced women to the status of property in the Season One episode, 1.04 "Emancipation."


Abu is a Shavadai of the planet Simarka. The Shavadai are descendents of the Mongols of Earth. Abu is the son of the chieftain Moughal, a progressive man by the standards of his people. Abu has fallen victim to the 'madness', he has fallen in love with Nya, the daughter of the brutal Turghan, a rival chieftain. Abu sees how beautiful Captain Sam Carter is, with her unique blonde hair and blue eyes, and kidnaps her in order to trade her for his love Nya. Abu is unable to stand up to the ruthless Turghan and goes away without Nya, who later escapes from her father's camp with Carter's help. When Nya is re-captured, the law requires that she be stoned to death. Abu rushes off in search of aid from his father Moughal and from the SG-1 team. After Carter beats Turghan in a fight, Abu is finally able to claim his love Nya and the two return to the Shavadai to be married.


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