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[[Category:Stargate Atlantis Team|Ford, Aiden]][[Category:U.S. Air Force (USAF)|Ford, Aiden]][[Image:aidenford.jpg|thumb|170px|left|Lt. Aiden Ford]]
[[Category:Stargate Atlantis Team|Ford, Aiden]][[Category:U.S. Marine Corps (USMC)|Ford, Aiden]][[Image:aidenford.jpg|thumb|170px|left|Lt. Aiden Ford]]

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Lt. Aiden Ford


Lt. Aiden Ford was assigned from Stargate Command (SGC) to the Ancients' Antarctic Outpost. He became a member of the Atlantis Expedition team under the leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Weir.

Character Biography

Lt. Aiden Ford, boyishly good-looking and possessing an ebullient sense of humour, volunteers for the Atlantis mission. He's described as a good man in a tight spot, who keeps a cool head and a finger on his trigger. He is the third member of the military team led by Colonel Marshall Sumner and Major John Sheppard.


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