Aiden Ford

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Lt. Aiden Ford


Lt. Aiden Ford was assigned from Stargate Command (SGC) to the Ancients' Antarctic Outpost. He became a member of the Atlantis Expedition team under the leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Weir. (Stargate Atlantis)

Character Biography

Lt. Aiden Ford, boyishly good-looking and possessing an ebullient sense of humour, volunteered for the Atlantis mission. He was described as a good man in a tight spot, who kept a cool head and a finger on his trigger. He was the third member of the military team led by Colonel Marshall Sumner and Major John Sheppard. (Stargate Atlantis: 1.01 "Rising Part 1")

After the Expedition settled in Atlantis, Ford became second-in-command on John Sheppard's team which also included Dr. Rodney McKay and the Athosian Teyla Emmagan.

During the siege of Atlantis by the Wraith, Ford was nearly killed when one of the Wraiths attempted to feed on him, but was thrown off a city balcony and into the ocean where the Wraith died. Ford was rescued, but his body was changed by the excessive amount of the Wraith's body-enhancing enzyme which was injected into him. Aiden's judgment was affected as well, making him violent, paranoid, and addicted to the enzyme. He escaped Atlantis in a puddle jumper. The team encountered him a few times on various missions, but he is currently MIA and possibly dead when the Wraith hive ship he was last seen on exploded. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.11 "The Hive Part 2")


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