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Category: Aliens

In the Season Two episode, 2.19 "One False Step", Daniel Jackson defined the word "alien" for Teal'c as referring "to anything characteristic of a very different place or culture. Anything really strange relative from our own perspective."

From our perspective, even humans transplanted to another world from Earth are "aliens". They are in a different place and have developed their own cultures. And then there are the really "alien" aliens, the ones some of us would define as "really strange".

They are all included here. The only "aliens" that you won't see are the ones who are called human beings and live on the planet called Earth. To our alien friends out there, we are the aliens and have been given the name by some to be Tau'ri, and by others, kindred.

Sentient Lifeforms

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  • Visit this article's companion index article, Aliens of the Pegasus Galaxy, for aliens encountered by the Atlantis Expedition in the Pegasus Galaxy (in Stargate Atlantis).


Kasuf of Abydos
The Abydonians were descendants of those taken by the Goa'uld Ra from Ancient Egypt of Earth 10,000 years ago. They spoke an ancient form of Egyptian called Abydonian. The Abydonians were introduced in the movie Stargate, and they became Earth's first allies in the war against the Goa'uld. All of the Abydonians were killed when Anubis attacked their world, but were helped by Oma Desala to ascend to a higher plane of existence as Ascended Beings.

Alien Fugitives

Martin Lloyd, Alien Fugitive
Five Alien Fugitives took sanctuary on Earth after they defected from their homeworld's army in the war against the Goa'uld. They had realized that the war was lost and when one of them, Martin Lloyd, returned to his homeworld via the Stargate, he found that their entire world had been destroyed and that they were most likely the only survivers. The Alien Fugitives were introduced in the episode, 4.11 "Point Of No Return".

Alien Humans of Unspecified Origin

Alien Humans of Unspecified Origin is a group for those individuals who have met SG-1 in their adventures, but whose homeworlds have not been identified.

Aliens of Unspecified Origin

Aris Boch
This category is reserved for those aliens who are from unspecified planets and/or races.

Aliens of PJ2-445

Aliens of PJ2-445
The Aliens of PJ2-445 were encountered in the episode 2.19 "One False Step". As it turned out these "naked, white" aliens weren't really naked, but painted themselves with a material which hardened to protect and cover them. They appeared to live simply in adobe-like structures. They communicated mostly through body language, but they also sang in complex harmonies and had a symbiotic relationship with the plant life of the planet.


Harlan of Altair
The Altairans built an underground facility to save their civilization from the poisonous atmosphere of their planet, Altair (P3X-989). They also created synthetic lifeforms, or androids, to house their consciousnesses. The last survivor of this world, Harlan, had been alone for 11,000 years and when SG-1 came to visit his planet, he created android duplicates of them. Harlan was introduced in the episode, 1.19 "Tin Man".


Altera were the original Ancients
The Altera are the human race who left their home galaxy millions of years ago and settled in the Milky Way Galaxy where they came to be known as the Ancients. They were introduced in the episode, 9.02 "Avalon Part 2". Since they were on the evolutionary path to ascension, some of them most likely still exist as Ascended Beings.

Amra Delegates

Amra Delegates
The Amra Delegates were a pair of bickering aliens escorted to the SGC by SG-5 to negotiate a trade agreement in the episode, 8.04 "Zero Hour".


Ayiana of the Ancients
The Ancients are the builders of the Stargates. They were a race of humans who lived millions of years before those on Earth. When the Ancients came to the Milky Way, they were known as the Altera. The group known as The Others are the Ascended Beings of the Ancients. Those Ancients who did not ascend with The Others died of a plague that swept through the galaxy a very long time ago. There was a group of Ancients who left the Milky Way five to ten million years ago and made a new home in the Pegasus Galaxy. Some of the Ancients who lived in the Pegasus Galaxy returned to Earth 10,000 years ago and most likely influenced many of Earth's cultures. The Ancients are the "ancient ones" whose language evolved into Latin and Dr. Daniel Jackson identified them as those who were "the builders of the roads" spoken of in ancient Earth writings.


Alekos of Argos
The Argosians were originally placed on their planet Argos as a genetic experiment by the Goa'uld Pelops. Pelops used nanotechnology to accelerate their growth and limit their lives to a mere one hundred days. The SGC destroyed the technology and the Argosians were given the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest, living years instead of days. We meet the Argosians in the episode, 1.09 "Brief Candle".

Ascended Beings

Daniel Jackson as an Ascended Being
The Ascended Beings exist as a form of energy on a "higher plane". They can shape themselves into a form familiar with those with whom they interact, much like Daniel Jackson did for his friend Jack O'Neill in the episode 6.06 "Abyss". There were several groups of Ascended Beings, the largest two being The Others and the Ori, but the Ori were destroyed in 10.14 "The Shroud" and Stargate: The Ark of Truth. Ascended Beings are introduced in the episode 3.20 "Maternal Instinct".


Molum of the Aschen
The Aschen were first introduced in the "future" episode 4.16 "2010". They are a highly developed people and considered very patient, but under their calm exterior lies the mind of those who would slowly and methodically kill an entire world's population in order to conquer it.


Thor of the Asgard
The Asgard were first met by Dr. Daniel Jackson and Captain Samantha Carter on the planet Cimmeria in the episode 2.06 "Thor's Chariot". They are called the "Roswell greys" by Carter. The Asgard aligned themselves into a group of four races to share knowledge and protection. The other three races were the Ancients, the Nox, and the Furlings. Because they extended their lives solely through cloning, their race was dying after their manipulations resulted in an incurable disease. The Asgard gifted all of their knowledge and technology to the humans of Earth and then committed mass suicide (10.20 "Unending).


Nyan of Bedrosia
The Bedrosians were humans inhabiting the continent of Bedrosia (P2X-416). The people of Bedrosia believed that they were created by the god Nefertum, but the people on the other continent of Optrica believed that they were brought through the Gateway (Stargate). It just so happened that the Stargate was on Bedrosian soil, so a war was being fought between the two continents. SG-1's arrival proved that the Optrican beliefs were correct, but they were considered spies by the Bedrosians and were captured and tortured. With the help of Nyan, the archaeologist who excavated the Stargate, SG-1 and Nyan made their escape back to Earth, leaving the world to continue its war. The Bedrosians were introduced in the episode, 3.19 "New Ground".

Beings of Oannes

Nem of Oannes
The Beings of Oannes are humanoid-fish beings who can breathe comfortably in either water or on land. Their species visited Earth during the time of the Babylonian empire in an attempt to overthrow a Goa'uld named Belus. The Beings of Oannes are introduced in the episode 1.13 "Fire And Water".


Hanno of Cartago
The Byrsa inhabited the planet Cartago and were introduced in the episode, 1.16 "Cor-ai". Teal'c had been to Cartago when he was First Prime of the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis and he killed a man during one of Apophis' "harvests". When Teal'c returned to the planet as a member of SG-1, he was placed into custody and sentenced to death for the murder of the Byrsa man. Teal'c was set free once he demonstrated that he was not the "same man" who had killed the Byrsa man those many years ago.

Central Coast Salish Indians

Tonané of PXY-887
A group of Central Coast Salish Indians were taken to the planet PXY-887 by the Goa'uld. The alien race which lived on that planet vanquished the Goa'uld a millennia ago and took on the identities of the Great Spirits of the Salish in order to relate to them peacefully. The Salish were introduced in the episode, 2.13 "Spirits".


Gairwyn of Cimmeria
The Cimmerians lived on a planet protected by the Asgard and worshiped Thor as their god and protector. Thor placed a Goa'uld symbiote detector at Cimmeria's Stargate which would transport any Goa'uld host or Jaffa to a labyrinth hidden deep in the mountains. The only exit from this labyrinth was through the doorway which contained a symbiote-killing device, called Thor's Hammer, which allowed only the host to leave the mountain alive. SG-1 met the people of Cimmeria in the episode, 1.10 "Thor's Hammer", and revisited the planet in the episode, 2.06 "Thor's Chariot". It was on Cimmeria that the true nature and physical appearance of the Asgard were revealed.

Crystalline Entities

Crystalline Entities of P3X-562
Crystalline Entities are energy beings that store themselves in blue crystalline structures and are able to mimic any shape, including that of a human being. They have the ability to read thoughts. The Goa'uld nearly completely wiped them out on P3X-562 when one of them attempted to protect itself with electricity, killing the Jaffa who approached it. The Jaffa gathered them together and fired upon them with their staff weapons, leaving them for dead. The Crystalline Entities were introduced in the episode, 1.07 "Cold Lazarus". Similar, but more malevolent, entities were also encountered in the Pegasus Galaxy (Stargate Atlantis: 4.04 "Doppelganger").


Laira of Edora
The Edorans were a peaceful people living on a planet rich in Naquadah. SG-1 went to Edora to negotiate a treaty with them which would give them mining rights. While there, a large meteor shower occurred which left some of the Edorans and Jack O'Neill trapped without a Stargate. The Edorans were introduced in the episode, 3.17 "A Hundred Days".

Energy Lifeforms of M4C-862

Energy Lifeforms attack O'Neill
The Energy Lifeforms of M4C-862 appeared, at first, to be curious and friendly beings. They playfully buzzed around the SGC scientists and SG-1 when they were first encountered, until after one of them was captured and held in a electrical energy field. Once it was let go, the lifeforms seemed to grow angry and hostile. Their behavior could have also been explained by the eccentric polar orbit of the moon (M4C-862). Whichever the case might have been, the SGC had to abandon the research facility they had established. The Energy Lifeforms of M4C-862 were introduced in the episode, 4.19 "Prodigy". Similar energy lifeforms have also been encountered by the Atlantis Expedition in the Pegasus Galaxy (SGA 1.12 "The Defiant One").


Eliam of the Enkarans
The Enkarans are humans who have adapted to a rare planetary condition hard to match. They are extremely sensitive the Earth's level of UV radiation and this sensitivity causes them to first go blind and then to die. Their oddly colored eyes give the Enkarans their distinctive difference in appearance from humans of Earth. We first hear of the Enkarans in the episode 4.07 "Watergate" and meet them in the episode 4.09 "Scorched Earth".

Entities of P5C-353

Entities of P5C-353 inhabit O'Neill
One hundred thousand years ago, the planet P5C-353 started to die, its atmosphere becoming toxic and uninhabitable. The entities of the planet built an orb into which they placed themselves into a form of stasis until they could be released once the world became safe again. They wrote instructions on the orb, but no one was able to translate the tiny writings before the entities were released after the orb sensed a prime environment at the SGC. The entities multiplied rapidly and infested both man and machine. Eventually, they communicated through Jack O'Neill, and the SGC sent them to the planet P4G-881, a primorial planet with an oxygen-rich atmosphere in which the entities could survive and thrive. The Entities of P5C-353 were introduced in the episode, 2.07 "Message In A Bottle".

Entity of P4X-377

Entity comes through SGC computers
The Entity of P4X-377 were intelligent energy lifeforms. Their planet's Stargate address was obtained through Col. Jack O'Neill's download of the Ancients' knowledge from a Repository of Knowledge (in 2.16 "The Fifth Race"). The Entity attempted to destroy Earth because the radio transmissions of the MALP the SGC sent to investigate the planet were poison to its kind. The Entity was killed after it took the body of Maj. Samantha Carter and Jack fired a zat gun on her twice. The Entity was introduced in the episode, 4.20 "Entity".


Alar of the Eurondans
The Eurondans are humans who divided their world Euronda into two groups: those who followed racial purity and those who did not. The SGC was contacted by Alar, the leader of the side which wished to totally wipe out the Breeders. SG-1 did not discover this aspect of their relationship early on and as a consequence allied with those who would destroy those who were "not like us". We meet Alar and his genocidal faction in the episode 4.02 "The Other Side".

Foothold Aliens

Foothold Alien
The actual name of this alien species has not yet been revealed, so they are referred to as the Foothold Aliens. They are believed to be from P3X-118. They were able to infiltrate the SGC by posing as members of SG-6 in the episode, 3.14 "Foothold".


The writing of the Furlings
The Furlings have been mentioned as being a fourth race in an alliance with the Ancients, the Asgard, and the Nox. We have never met the Furlings and don't know what they look like or even if they still exist. We first hear of the Furlings in the episode 2.16 "The Fifth Race".


The Gadmeer were an advanced and peaceful civilization overrun by a great military power. In order to preserve their 10,000-year-old civilization, they built a large terraforming ship which would transform planet P5S-381 into a sulfur-based ecosystem suitable to sustain their transplanted lifeforms. We learn of the Gadmeer in the episode 4.09 "Scorched Earth".


Emissary of Galar
Formerly under the control of the Goa'uld, the Galarans came under the protection of the Asgard. Without the Goa'uld preventing technological advancement, they evolved to a similar technology level with Earth. They only started missions through the Ring (the Stargate) a year before SG-1 first visited the planet in 9.12 "Collateral Damage". The Galarans had developed a memory implant technology by modifying a Goa'uld Memory Recall Device and hoped to offer information of this technology in trade to the SGC.

Giant Aliens

The Giant Aliens inhabited P7X-377 where they existed in a different phase. Those who stared into the eyes of a crystal skull, located on a pedestal in the cavernous interior of a giant pyramid, were transported into this phase and allowed to speak with the mist-like aliens if they could answer the riddle, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." The answer was, "We are enemies of the Goa'uld." Why these aliens were enemies of the Goa'uld was not given in the episode in which they were introduced, 3.21 "Crystal Skull".


Goa'uld Hathor holding a Goa'uld symbiote
The Goa'uld are parasitic creatures who have evolved into highly intelligent beings. They require a host, such as a human being, to fully use their intelligence. Their first hosts were of the Unas species, but eventually the Goa'uld found that human beings were preferable. Through the Stargate network, the Goa'uld spread across the galaxy and transplated humans from Earth to various planets suitable for humans to thrive. Humans were "harvested" to further the Goa'uld's race. Many of the Goa'uld who established themselves on Earth 10,000 years ago took on the persona of the mythological gods and goddesses. The name "Goa'uld" was first used in the series pilot, 1.01-1.02 "Children Of The Gods", but the parasitic nature of the species was introduced in the original film through the person of Ra. The most powerful of the Goa'uld were called the System Lords, but they were finally eliminated with the death of Ba'al (Stargate: Continuum). The Goa'uld life-form continues to live on, especially in the less power-hungry group known as the Tok'ra.

Great Spirits

Xe'ls of PXY-887
The Great Spirits are of Native American mythology. Often, they took the form of animals or other aspects of nature. The mythology of the Great Spirits was introduced in the episode, 2.13 "Spirits", when their identities were taken by the aliens of the planet PXY-887 in order for them to better relate with the Central Coast Salish Indians who had been brought there by the Goa'uld.

Hadante Inmates

Linea of Hadante
The inmates of Hadante were convicts sentenced to life in prison for various crimes. They were sent to Hadante by the Taldor, the judicial body of P3X-775 for lending aid to a man who was a convicted murderer. The Handante Inmates could have come from various planets, as SG-1 had, and were introduced in the episode, 2.03 "Prisoners". With the help of one of the inmates, SG-1 escaped from Handante.


Harsesis Shifu
A Harsesis is a human who is the offspring of two Goa'uld hosts and who inherits both of the Goa'ulds' genetic memories. Because of their great knowledge, the Harsesis is hunted for assassination by the other Goa'ulds who fear the Harsesis's greater power through the use of the advanced knowledge. The first Harsesis, Shifu, was introduced in the episode, 3.20 "Maternal Instinct".


Cassandra of Hanka
Every person on the planet Hanka was killed by the Goa'uld Nirrti, except for a little girl named Cassandra. She was taken to Earth and nursed back to health, then adopted by the SGC's Dr. Janet Fraiser, in the episode, 1.15 "Singularity".


Aden Corso of Hebridan
The Hebridians are humans who were taken from Earth's Celtic culture. Their world was dominated by the Goa'uld until the Serrakin freed them. From that time on, the two species have lived together, some of them even marrying. The Hebridians were first introduced in the episode, 6.18 "Forsaken".


Jaffa with his pouch exposed
The Jaffa are genetically altered humans of Earth, designed to carry a Goa'uld symbiote in an abdominal pouch. By incubating the larval Goa'uld, Jaffa are given extended lives (some beyond 135 years), formidable strength, and an inhanced immune system with shortened healing periods. Because of these benefits, some Jaffa become warriors in service to a Goa'uld System Lord. Other Jaffa service the Goa'uld in their temples. The Jaffa were introduced in the series pilot, 1.01-1.02 "Children Of The Gods".


Jonas Quinn of the Kelownans
The Langarans are a race of humans living on the planet formerly known as Kelowna, since this is the country in which the Stargate was found. Jonas Quinn is one of the most notable of these people, having become a member of SG-1 for one year. Jonas has a physiology which permits him to be a quick study and retain information like one with a photographic memory. He also has other physiological differences which gained the interest of Nirrti and Anubis both. It is not clear if these advances in physiology were specific to Jonas alone or if they were shared by other Kelownans. We meet the Kelownans in the episode 5.21 "Meridian". It is on this planet that Daniel Jackson was exposed to the lethal dose of radiation which killed him. In Season Seven, the planet was renamed Langara in an attempt to recognize the uniting of the three major nations of the world: Kelowna, Andari, and Terania.


Marul of Latona
The Latonans lived on a peaceful planet, protected by a device built by their ancestors three hundred years ago called the Sentinel. A rogue NID cell damaged the Sentinel and it was up to SG-1 to see about getting the device operational once more while the planet was being attacked by the Goa'uld System Lord Svarog. SG-1 was successful in their mission, but relations with Latona was most probably cut off because of the unfortunate events surrounding the Goa'uld attack. The Latonans were introduced in the episode, 5.20 "The Sentinel".

Lucian Alliance

Netan of the Lucian Alliance
The Lucian Alliance is a coalition of former smugglers and mercenaries, mostly human, but there some Oranians among them, who've banded together to take advantage of the power vacuum left by the demise of the Goa'uld. They present a threat to the new Free Jaffa Nation because they have taken several of the Goa'uld's ships and planets through lawless and ruthless means. The Lucian Alliance was introduced in the episode, 9.04 "The Ties That Bind".


La Moor of Madrona
The Madronans are a peaceful people who live simply. Their planet, Madrona (PX7-941), was terraformed 900 years ago by an unidentified alien race and the stability of the ecosystem was managed by a piece of technology called the Touchstone. SG-1 helped the Madronans recover the Touchstone after it was stolen by a rogue cell of the NID. The Madronans were introduced in the episode, 2.14 "Touchstone".


Talia of the Nasyans
The Nasyans lived peacefully until one day they were suddenly attacked by the Goa'uld. There were several SGC personnel helping the Nasyans evacuate through the Stargate. While Carter was giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a Nasyan man, the Tok'ra symbiote named Jolinar of Malkshur took her as a host. The SGC gave the injured Nasyans medical treatment at the Air Force Academy Hospital and then found a new planet for them to relocate. The Nasyans were introduced in the episode, 2.02 "In The Line Of Duty".

Nomads of Vis Uban

Arrom of Vis Uban
The Nomads of Vis Uban lived among the ruins of a city built by the Ancients. The place name Vis Uban means "place of great power". These are the people who found Daniel Jackson when he returned to human form after being one of the Ascended. This culture was introduced in the episode, 7.01 "Fallen Part 1".


Lya of the Nox
The Nox were introduced in the episode 1.08 "The Nox". They are an advanced race who are pacifists. They possess great mental powers, including the ability to transport themselves, cloak themselves and others, and activate the Stargate without the use of a DHD.


Tenat of Oran
Oranians are an alien race met by Daniel Jackson in the episode, 8.12 "Prometheus Unbound". Very little is known about them, but the two male members of this race showed great physical strength by picking up a large container of the highly dense weapons grade naquadah they had brought to exchange for the Prometheus which they mistakenly thought Daniel was selling.


Merrin of Orban
The Orbanians were a technologically advanced race who descended from natives of pre-Columbian South America. They used nanotechnology to pass on and preserve their knowledge. The Orbanians were introduced in the episode, 3.05 "Learning Curve".


The Ori manifest themselves in a wall of fire
The Ori were Ascended Beings who manifest themselves in a wall of fire in the City of the Gods on the Plains of Celestis in a far galaxy that was the original home of the Ancients (who were called the Altera when they left that galaxy and made a new home in the Milky Way). The Ori claimed to be gods and the creators of all humanity and were served by those who follow their religion, called "Origin", which was put forth in The Book of Origin. The Ori called the Alterans "evil" because they have kept the human life of the Milky Way a secret and withheld the "truth of the universe" from them. Once the Ori found out about the existence of humanity in the Milky Way, they sent their representatives, advanced humans to whom the Ori had given great powers, to show the Path to Enlightenment (another term for ascension). If humans of the Milky Way rejected Origin, they were destroyed. The Ori were introduced in the episode, 9.02 "Avalon Part 2" and were wiped out through the use of advanced technology and a help from rogue Ascended Ancients in 10.14 "The Shroud" and Stargate: The Ark of Truth.

The Others

The Others manifest themselves in a storm cloud
The Others are a group of Ascended Beings who have joined in a collective to enforce rules governing their interactions with those not on their higher plane of existence. They also include members of the race of humans known as the Ancients who built the Stargates millennia ago and who later learned how to ascend. The Others have only been seen manifested as dark storm clouds accompanied by brilliant lightning (although Daniel Jackson has seen them manifested in human form while he was in a semi-ascended illusionary state designed by Oma Desala). They were introduced in the episode, 5.03 "Ascension".


Dr. Zenna Valk of Pangara
The Pangarans developed the immune-system-replacing drug, Tretonin, from the symbiotes spawned by the Tok'ra Queen, Egeria. They were met in the episode, 6.10 "Cure".

People of Camelot

Meurik of Camelot
The People of Camelot were descendants of the people Merlin brought to Camelot around the reign of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. When SG-1 visited, the village was led by Meurik. The villagers and planet were introduced in the episode, 9.20 "Camelot Part 2".

People of Harry Maybourne's Planet

Garan of Harry Maybourne's Planet
When Harry Maybourne took refuge on a planet formerly in the domain of the Goa'uld Ares, he became the medieval village people's new king, King Arkhan the First. The people admired him and looked to him for guidance because he was the one who had saved them from terrible catastrophes and improved their living conditions. The People of Harry Maybourne's Planet fought for their freedom against Ares and won. They were introduced in the episode, 8.13 "It's Good To Be King".

People of Juna

Darien of Juna
The People of Juna had not seen their god, Heru'ur, in many generations, but still worshipped him. SG-1 visited their planet, Juna, after Heru'ur was defeated to assure them that they were free from the false god and that they would be safe if they buried their Stargate. Unfortunately, the Goa'uld System Lord Cronus decided to conquer Juna via starships. SG-1, along with their robot duplicates helped these people free themselves from Cronus' harsh rule. The People of Juna were introduced in the episode, 4.21 "Double Jeopardy".

People of K'Tau

Elrad of K'Tau
The People of K'Tau lived on an Asgard Protected Planet where their primary Norse god was Freyr. They believed that SG-1 were messengers of doom when their sun, the Eye of Odin, was adversely affected by the SGC's overriding of failsafe protocols in the dialing program in order to establish a wormhole. They were introduced in the episode, 5.05 "Red Sky".

People of P3L-997

Daniel reports via MALP from P3L-997
The moon of the planet P3L-997 started to decay in its orbit, causing severe siesmic disturbances and weather anomolies on the planet, rendering it uninhabitable. The SGC sent Daniel Jackson and a team to manage the evacuation of the inhabitants through the Stargate. During this time, the Stargate network became inoperable because the SGC sent a computer virus to a Stargate on a planet lorded over by the Goa'uld Ba'al with the hopes of hindering Ba'al's growth in power among the System Lords. Ba'al modified the virus and this modification caused the entire Stargate network to become inoperable, except for the one at the SGC which had no DHD to become infected. Daniel had to move the inhabitants to higher ground because flood waters were overtaking their position near the Stargate. Once the virus was removed from the network, the inhabitants were successfully relocated before the Stargate became completely submerged. The People of P3L-997 were introduced in the episode, 7.09 "Avenger 2.0".

People of P3R-118

Kegan of P3R-118
The People of P3R-118 were living on a planet going through an ice age (P3R-118). In order to survive, they lived in and maintained a domed city. This city was extraordinarily advanced and comfortable and virtually crime-free. They held a secret, however, that got the members of SG-1 into serious trouble when it was revealed: they kept a group of slaves underground to work in the mines and power plant to maintain the city and all the while, these workers were not aware of the city. SG-1 helped the underground workers relocate after their positions were revealed to them, in the episode, 4.10 "Beneath The Surface".

People of P3R-636

Shyla of P3R-636
The People of P3R-636 honored the man who slew the ruling Goa'uld over 700 years ago by placing him on a throne. This Goa'uld served another Goa'uld and sent tribute to him through the Stargate in the form of naquadah which was mined by the slave labor of the populace. SG-1 was able to help the new queen determine if mining the naquadah was still necessary, and if so, to help them find new methods which would not kill the people. P3R-636 was visited by SG-1 in the episode, 2.05 "Need", and was one of only a few places where SG-1 had encountered a working sarcophagus which was not in the hands of the Goa'uld. Since the effects of using the sarcophagus are extremely detrimental (the king used it to prolong his life, but the negative effects eventually killed him), the device was destroyed.

People of P3X-289

Pallan of P3X-289
The People of P3X-289 were unaware that their computer-maintained domed city was shrinking and sending residents to their deaths in order to maintain balance because the computer altered their memories through a device called The Link. When SG-1 came to visit, they were made aware of their problem and relocated, in the episode, 7.05 "Revisions".

People of P3X-367

Alebran of P3X-367
The People of P3X-367 were the victims of the Goa'uld System Lord Nirrti in her attempt to genetically engineer the perfect human host, called a hok'tar. They were successful at stopping the experimentation, but not before many of their people died, in the episode, 6.16 "Metamorphosis".

People of P3X-513

Jamala of P3X-513
The People of P3X-513 had once served the Goa'uld in the mines, but they were abandoned when the mines became unproductive. The planet also provided additional hardship to its inhabitants through deadly UV radiation. The Goa'uld left behind devices which would protect the people, but these devices were not operational at the time that SG-9 and SG-1 visited them. With the help of SG-1, the devices were discovered and the people were able to leave the shelter of the mines and live under the sky once more. SG-1 also saved these people from enslavement of Capt. Jonas Hanson of SG-9 after Hanson fell delusional due to several factors, one being over exposure to the deadly radiation. The People of P3X-513 were introduced in the episode, 1.06 "The First Commandment".

People of P4M-328

Cicero of P4M-328
The People of P4M-328 had a modern society, but weren't aware of the function of the Stargate until SG-1 arrived through it as it sat on display in a museum. Mistaken for hostage-taking rebels, the team had to find a power source to dial the Stargate out at the same time that they held talks with the planet's version of a police negotiator. After the team returned home, the negotiator had the Stargate buried because the planet's political system was not prepared to accept the existence of alien life, in the episode, 10.16 "Bad Guys".

People of P4S-237

Ellori of P4S-237
The People of P4S-237 lived in the hope of ancient prophecy which foretold of their eventual freedom from the enslavement of the Goa'uld. Their planet was controlled by the Goa'uld System Lord Mot who was collecting a tribute of naquadah, seemingly for his lord, Ba'al, but actually for his own benefit in his plans to overthrow Ba'al. The SGC came at a time when Mot visited and with their help, the people were able to gain their freedom, in the episode, 6.21 "Prophecy".

People of P4X-884

Togar of P4X-884
The human Togar was the only inhabitant of P4X-884 met by the members of SG-1. He implanted each member with a computer microchip which generated an artificial virtual reality life-form named Urgo. SG-1 pursuaded Togar to take Urgo into his own brain in order to preserve Urgo's life and to learn to have fun. Togar and Urgo were introduced in the episode, 3.16 "Urgo".

People of P6G-452

Worrel of P6G-452
The People of P6G-452 lived in an agrarian society which centered around the growing and distributing of a genetically-engineered and highly-addictive corn called kassa. This crop was produced by the Lucian Alliance who sought to control human populations across the galaxy through addiction to the crop. Kassa growers were introduced in the episode, 9.16 "Off The Grid".

People of P7J-989

Keeper of P7J-989
The People of P7J-989 had rendered their world uninhabitable through overindustrialization. They built several domed habitats and placed themselves in stasis chairs which linked their minds together. During their long slumber, the "residents" were entertained by the virtual reality scenerios played out from each person's memories, managed by a man known as The Keeper. When SG-1 came to the planet, they were each lured into a Game Keeper's Chair and their memories were incorporated into the entertainment scenarios. Eventually, SG-1 convinced the residents that the planet had become habitable once more and showed them the exits out of the "games", much to the Keeper's dismay because he felt that they would destroy the world once again after he had planted lovely flower gardens. The People of P7J-989 were introduced in the episode, 2.04 "The Game Keeper".

People of P8X-412

Azdak of P8X-412
The People of P8X-412 were once ruled by the Goa'uld Qetesh. Vala Mal Doran was the former host to Qetesh and after she was freed of the symbiote, she posed as Qetesh to gain access to the naquadah mine. Vala was pursuaded to reveal herself as a false god in order to educate the people of the planet on the Priors of the Ori, missionaries who represented the powerful Ascended Beings known as the Ori. Unfortunately, the people turned their devotion to the Ori after the Prior sent a plague and then healed them. The People of P8X-412 were introduced in the episode, 9.05 "The Powers That Be".

People of P9C-882

Thilana of P9C-882
The People of P9C-882 had once served the Goa'uld for centuries, but found their freedom after the fall of the System Lords. When a Prior of the Ori visited the planet demanding that they turn to Origin, the people sought help from SG-1. Using a modified Arthur's Mantle, Merlin's device that phased-shifted targets into an alternate dimension, SG-1 successfully saved the village, in the episode, 10.12 "Line In The Sand".

People of Talthus

Pharrin of Talthus
The People of Talthus built three cryosleep ships to escape from the sun flare triggered by the gravitational pull of a dark star which passed near it. The people were on their several-hundred-year trip to another planet called Ardena when the ship Stromos crashed on a planet which SG-1 visited, in the episode, 7.06 "Lifeboat".

People of Tegalus

Jared Kane of the Rand Protectorate
The planet Tegalus consisted of two warring nations: the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation. Upon SG-1's arrival through the Stargate, the two countries ended up firing their missiles at each other because a religious zealot caused civil unrest, claiming that the Stargate's activatation supported his religious beliefs that the gods would return and reward the faithful. Both countries were devastated in short order, but the Rand Protectorate, along with the SGC, led the way to rebuilding the societies. About half a year after the war, the planet discontinued their contact with Earth because a Prior of the Ori had visited them and helped the Rand Protectorate create a killer satellite which they could use on Caledonia. Even after the Prometheus was destroyed by the weapon, the SGC tried to help the two countries come to an agreement so that the weapon would not be used for genocide, but unfortunately, the distrust and hatred between the two peoples could not be abated and they ended up destroying each other. The People of Tegalus were introduced in the episode, 8.05 "Icon", and wiped each other out in the episode, 9.15 "Ethon".

People of the Land of Light

Tuplo of the Land of Light
The People of the Land of Light are humans from Earth's Minoan civilization. They are a gentle people who live in a land of plenty. They were first met in the episode 1.05 "The Broca Divide" when the SGC helped them overcome a medical condition which caused many of their people to mutate into primitives. Grateful for the help in curing "The Touched", they formed an alliance with Earth and have offered their world as sanctuary for displaced peoples.

Pre-Chaucer Christians

Simon of Pre-Chaucer Christian society
These people lived in a pre-Chaucer Middle Ages Christian society which was under the control of the Goa'uld System Lord Sokar who sent his Unas regularly to retrieve five humans left for "sacrifice". SG-1 helped the people free themselves of the Goa'uld's tyranny and instructed them to bury their Stargate after SG-1 left to prevent any more of Sokar's Unas "demons" from taking their people again. These highly devout, simple people were introduced in the episode, 3.08 "Demons".

Priors of the Ori

Prior of the Ori
Priors of the Ori are advanced humans who represented the Ascended Beings known as the Ori. The Ori gave these Priors their powers and sent them to the Milky Way in order to spread the word of "Origin", a religion based on the Path to Enlightenment (ascension) and the reverence of the Ori who claimed to be humanity's creators. The Priors had the power to destroy any who rejected Origin and the Ori as gods. Priors of the Ori were introduced in the episode, 9.02 "Avalon Part 2", and they themselves rejected the Ori as their gods in Stargate: The Ark of Truth.


The Reetou are intelligent insect-like beings who are also enemies of the Goa'uld. There are some rebel factions of the Reetou which believe that the only way to rid the universe of the Goa'uld is to kill off all potential host races, including the Tau'ri of Earth. The Reetou are made even more alien to us because they live 180 degrees out of phase with us, making them invisible. They, however, can see us. We are introduced to the Reetou in the episode, 2.20 "Show and Tell".


The Reol are a species being hunted to the point of extinction by the Goa'uld. They excrete a chemical which allows them to plant detailed hallucinations, including appearance and voice, in their "victims" in order to blend in. The first Reol encountered by SG-1 was in the episode, 5.04 "The Fifth Man".


First Generation Replicators
The Replicators are artificial life forms which are built on nanotechnology. At first, they were created by an android named Reese as toys, but soon they became independent with the highest priority being survival through replication, hence their name. An attempt by the Asgard to stop their devouring of technologically advanced civilizations (they used the technology to create more of themselves) unintentionally led the Replicators to evolve from bug-like to humanoid. The Human Form Replicators held the intelligence capability of their creator, Reese. The Replicators were introduced in the episode 3.22 "Nemesis" and the Human Form Replicators, in the episode 6.12 "Unnatural Selection". Both forms were wiped out of the Milky Way in 8.17 "Reckoning Part 2", but the template for the bug-like first generation is stored in the Asgard Computer Core given to the humans of Earth by the Asgard before that race committed mass suicide (10.20 "Unending"; Stargate: The Ark of Truth).


Warrick of the Serrakin
The Serrakin are a technologically advanced race of humanoids. They are genetically compatible with humans and many of their race have intermarried with the humans of Hebridan (Hebridians whose ancestors they freed from Goa'uld enslavement). The Serrakin were introduced in the episode 6.18 "Forsaken".


Abu of Simarka
The Shavadai are descendants of a Mongolian population taken to the planet Simarka. They were introduced in the episode, 1.04 "Emancipation".


Lord Haikon of the Sodan
The Sodan are a group of highly skilled Jaffa warriors who broke away from serving their Goa'uld master Ishkur 5,000 years ago. The Sodan sought out Kheb, but found another planet formerly of the Ancients, where they isolated themselves and pursued the Path to Enlightenment without concern for their enslaved brethren. They are legendary among the Jaffa who have recently won their freedom to become the Free Jaffa Nation, and have been sought out by the Nation with the hope that they will provide their knowledge and leadership as the Nation learns to live in freedom. The Sodan were introduced in the episode, 9.08 "Babylon", but were annihilated in 9.18 "Arthur's Mantle".


Ashwan of Tagrea
The Tagreans were a people without a past. Their ancestors overthrew their Goa'uld oppressor Heru'ur and buried their Stargate in defiance. They also destroyed all records of Heru'ur's enslavement of their people. SG-1 and the crew of the Prometheus helped them find their Stargate and uncover their past in the episode, 6.20 "Memento".


SG-1 receives sentencing by Taldor
Taldor ("justice") is a judicial body of the planet P3X-775 which hand out only one sentence for nearly all offenses: life imprisonment in the prison planet Hadante. SG-1 encountered a man running from Taldor and were sentenced along with him to the harsh place. Taldor, made of several people, both male and female, do not show their faces during sentencing. They adhere to the strict laws without waver. The Taldor were introduced in the episode, 2.03 "Prisoners".


Tok'ra Selmak hosted by Jacob Carter
The Tok'ra are a group of human-symbiote pairings that actively oppose the Goa'uld. They use infiltration and guerilla tactics as needed. They are allies of the SGC and frequently provide manpower and starships to help Earth. The symbiotes are the same species as the Goa'uld, but they are the descendents of Egeria, a queen symbiote who opposed the forced taking of hosts. The Tok'ra symbiotes seek a truly symbiotic relationship with their hosts, one of true sharing, rather than a parasitic one. The first Tok'ra met was Jolinar of Malkshur, in the episode, 2.02 "In the Line of Duty".


Narim of the Tollan
The Tollan are members of a technologically advanced human civilization. They shared their technology with a less-advanced neighboring world, but that world was not prepared to use that technology wisely and ended up destroying themselves. When their world was destroyed, it affected the orbit of the Tollan homeworld and that world, too, was destroyed. The Tollan were able to escape the death of their civilization by finding a new homeworld, Tollana, via starships, but they eventually built their own Stargate. Tollana was destroyed by the Goa'uld and we lost contact with them, not knowing if any survived. We first met the Tollan in the episode, 1.17 "Enigma".


Chaka of the Unas
According to a theory developed by Drs. Daniel Jackson and Robert Rothman, the Unas evolved on the same planet as the Goa'uld and were, therefore, the first hosts to the symbiotes. Eventually, however, the Goa'uld preferred to take human beings as hosts because their bodies were more easily maintained. Because of their physical strength, however, the Unas became slaves of the Goa'uld, primarily used to mine the precious mineral naquadah upon which the Goa'uld's technology depends. The Unas were introduced in the episode 1.10 "Thor's Hammer".

Unas Traders

Unas Trader Burrock
The Unas Traders lived on a planet (designation unknown) which had fought the Beast Wars against the Unas who served the Goa'uld. Before the war, the humans of the planet were slaves of the Unas, but after the war, they became the masters of the Unas. The Unas became beasts of burden and the whole society was built upon their enslavement. SG-1 inadvertently instigated a revolt of the Unas, but eventually a truce was declared where no one served another as a slave. The Unas Traders were introduced in the episode, 5.07 "Beast Of Burden".


Daniels studies memorial left behind by the Velonans
About 400 years ago, the Velonans were about to be conquered by the Goa'uld, but an Ascended Being named Orlin couldn't stand by and watch that happen. He communicated the knowledge which enabled the Velonans to build a powerful weapon which was beyond their level of understanding and sophistication. They defeated the Goa'uld and built a memorial to their victory, but soon thereafter, the Velonans decided to use the weapon to conquer other worlds. The collective of Ascended Beings to which Orlin belonged, called The Others, destroyed the Velonans and banished Orlin to the planet for his interference. The Velonans' legacy was introduced in the episode, 5.03 "Ascension".

Villagers of Ver Ager

Fannis of Ver Ager
The Villagers of Ver Ager are humans who live in a far galaxy that was the original home of the Ancients. The Ancients were known as the Altera when they left that galaxy millions of years ago and found a new home in the Milky Way. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran met these villagers when they used Ancient communications technology. Three of the villagers were killed as a result of this contact because they were revealed to be heretics in opposition to the Ori, powerful Ascended Beings who claimed to be humanity's creators and gods. The Villagers of Ver Ager were introduced in the episode, 9.02 "Avalon Part 2", and all were freed from Ori oppression in Stargate: The Ark of Truth.

Villagers of Ver Isca

Tomin of Ver Isca
The Villagers of Ver Isca live on a planet in the home galaxy of the Ori. When Vala Mal Doran was accidently transported to this planet, one of the villagers, Tomin, took her into his home and nursed her back to health. Finding herself mysteriously pregnant, Vala married Tomin in order to fit into the village's strict society where pregnancy outside of marriage would not have been accepted. Vala befriended members of an anti-Ori group who helped her communicate with those at the SGC to warn them of the villagers' role in building the Ori's massive warships and armies destined to invade the Milky Way. The Villagers of Ver Isca were introduced in the episode, 9.19 "Crusade Part 1", and all were freed from Ori oppression in Stargate: The Ark of Truth.


Volian named Keel
The Volians once had an industrial civilization until they met the alien race known as the Aschen. Once the Volian homeworld was included in the Aschen Confederation, its society became agricultural. Little did the Volians know that the Aschen not only brought long life and good health with their vaccine, but death of their civilization through infertility. The Volians were introduced in the episode, 5.10 "2001".


Ke'ra of Vyus
The Vyuns were the victims of a failed experiment by the Destroyer of Worlds, Linea (met in the episode, 2.03 "Prisoners"). Linea's experiment caused the people of Vyus (P2Q-463) to regenerate and lose their memories. The Vyuns called this event the Vorlix. The SGC, along with Ke'ra, Linea's amnesiac younger self, developed a drug to reverse the effects of the experiment and this helped the people save their society. The Vyuns were introduced in the episode, 3.11 "Past And Present".

Water Entities

Water Entities in vapor form
Microscopic intelligent lifeforms were discovered in the waters of a planet visited by the Russians in their short-lived Stargate program. These lifeforms were not discovered until after some of them were entrapped at the Russian's Siberian base of operations. The Russians thought that the energy readings they were getting from the water indicated that the water could be a safe and clean energy source, but the entities considered themselves prisoners and did everything they could to escape. They inhabited the bodies of some of the scientists studying them, hoping to control the bodies long enough to dial the Stargate and go home. The base commander initiated a foothold protocol and everyone on the base was killed, but the entities survived inside the body of Col. Harry Maybourne. Eventually, the entities traveled to Teal'c and he helped them activate the Stargate and escape in the form of a vapor. Soon thereafter, Daniel, Carter, and a Russian scientist were returned after having been entrapped on the water planet by the remainder of the collective which attempted communication with Daniel through touch. Because the Earth-bound entities returned safely home, the collective on the planet returned their prisoners alive, basically performing a hostage exchange. The water entities were introduced in the episode, 4.07 "Waterworld".


Wraith Keeper
The Wraith are an alien race encountered by the Atlantis Expedition Team when they went on their first off-world mission in search of a power source for the city-ship Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. They were introduced in the series premiere of Stargate Atlantis, "Rising". Members of SG-1 first encounted the Wraith in 10.03 "The Pegasus Project". More details concerning the Wraith in both the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies can be found in Aliens of the Pegasus Galaxy and the Wraith series of articles.

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