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Starting in Season Four, the DVDs included commentaries given by actors, directors, writers, and producers who explained various aspects of the production of an episode or of the show in general. Solutions offers a recap of these commentaries in our Live Journal Companion website, links to which are given herein. For an introduction to the recap feature, please visit the DVD Commentary Recap Introduction page on the LJ.

Starting in Season Six, DVD extras included "Directors Series" featurettes with even more background information on how an episode was produced, all from the director's point of view.

Season Four

4.06 "Window Of Opportunity"

4.07 "Watergate"

4.08 "The First Ones"

4.09 "Scorched Earth"

Season Five

5.20 "The Sentinel"

Season Six

6.03 "Descent"

6.06 "Abyss"

6.08 "The Other Guys"

6.09 "Allegiance"

6.14 "Smoke And Mirrors"

6.22 "Full Circle"

Season Seven

7.07 "Enemy Mine"

7.11 "Evolution Part 1"

7.12 "Evolution Part 2"

Season Eight

8.01 "New Order Part 1"

8.02 "New Order Part 2"

Season Nine

Season Ten

10.01 "Flesh And Blood Part 3"

10.02 "Morpheus"

10.03 "The Pegasus Project"

10.04 "Insiders"

10.05 "Uninvited"

10.06 "200"

10.07 "Counterstrike"

10.08 "Memento Mori"

10.09 "Company Of Thieves"

10.10 "The Quest Part 1"

10.11 "The Quest Part 2"

10.12 "Line In The Sand"

10.13 "The Road Not Taken"

10.14 "The Shroud"

10.15 "Bounty"

10.17 "Talion"

10.18 "Family Ties"

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