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Replicator ha'tak burns up in Delmak atmosphere (small white dot in middle)


Delmak was the planet orbited by the hellish moon Netu. It was where Sokar made his headquarters before he was killed.


  • Names and Designations: Delmak
  • Number of Suns: One
  • Number of Moons: Two, one was Netu
  • Source of Address: Tok'ra
  • Introduced in Episode: 3.12 "Jolinar's Memories"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Advanced Goa'uld technology
  • Main Interest: Sokar's headquarters
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Goa'uld Sokar, then Goa'uld Apophis; now, noone
  • History of Stargate: Unknown if Stargate was on planet

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Geopolitical and Structural History

Delmak was the home and headquarters to the Goa'uld system lord Sokar. He used the planet as a place to construct ha'taks. In orbit above the planet was the volcanic moon Netu, a fitting hell for prisoners of the Goa'uld who styled himself the devil. Sokar apparently preferred remaining on board his ha'tak orbiting either Netu, Delmak, or both rather than staying on the planet.

Delmak was used by Sokar as a ship building location. The Tok'ra sent Jacob Carter there to infiltrate Sokar's domain, but his identity was discovered, and Sokar sent the Tok'ra operative to Netu (3.12 "Jolinar's Memories Part 1"). Martouf and the Tok'ra requested SG-1's help to try and rescue Jacob, since Samantha Carter's former symbiote, Jolinar, was the only one known to escape the prison world. One of the other denizens of Netu was Apophis, who staged a coup of the prison and used it to gain favor with Sokar, and hopefully get close enough to his rival to assassinate him (3.13 "The Devil You Know Part 2").

Apophis killed Sokar while on board his ha'tak orbiting Netu. The Tok'ra had sent a blast to Netu that was destabilizing the moon, destroying both it and the ha'tak above. Apophis was able to escape the destruction by ringing down to Delmak, where he took over Sokar's construction of the planet and used his fleet to gain power for himself. Delmak thus became Apophis's new headquarters.

After a battle with the Tok'ra, an extraordinary blast from SG-1 and Jacob Carter made a star go supernova, and Apophis and SG-1 in separate ha'taks ended up blown off course into another galaxy (5.01 "Enemies Part 2"). The two ships were met by an alien vessel, which turned out to be a replicator ship. Apophis's ship was destroyed but he got onboard SG-1's ship through subterfuge and help from a brainwashed Teal'c. However, he also unwittingly brought aboard a few replicators. The ha'tak was taken over by the replicators. The replicators repaired the engines and set a course for Delmak, and thus to the Milky Way Galaxy. SG-1 was able to time a sabotage of the engines so the vessel would not be able to settle into orbit, but would instead burn up in Delmak's atmosphere. The team with Jacob Carter/Selmak escaped in a cargo ship. Apophis presumably died with the replicators as the ha'tak was destroyed.


Delmak in sky above Netu
Ha'tak orbiting between Delmak (right) and Netu (left)
Ha'tak factory on Delmak (Netu exploding in sky)


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