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Gen. Jack O'Neill


Jack O'Neill: Service Number 69-4-141

Jack O'Neill was the leader of SG-1 from its inception until his promotion to Brigadier General. He was on the original expedition to Abydos with Daniel Jackson and led SG-1 for 7 years, until he became commander of the SGC. After one year, he was promoted again, to Major General, and now heads the Department of Homeworld Security at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. In that position, he is the military leader of all U.S. Stargate-related operations on Earth.

Jack is a brave, irreverent, protective, skeptical, sometimes short-tempered man; an atypical but successful military leader. Together with his team, he's a bonafide hero of Earth.

Jack: A Visual History

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Comprehensive Character Biography

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