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Kim Lam


Kim Lam is the mother of Carolyn Lam and ex-wife of Hank Landry.

Character Biography

Kim Lam and Hank Landry were married for twelve years before their eventual divorce. Their relationship was acrimonious enough that she and Hank did not speak at all for at least five years after Carolyn was an adult (10.18 "Family Ties). Hank still had fond memories of Kim and asked about her during a lunch with Carolyn soon after she arrived at the SGC (9.05 "The Powers That Be"). Carolyn still had her own issues with her father because of his absenteeism growing up, and at the time was unwilling to follow up on the olive branch.

Kim and Carolyn kept in regular contact. Carolyn was torn when she could not tell her mother about the plague that was threatening Hank Landry's life (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2"). It was at that point Carolyn realized how hard her father's job had been.

When Hank approached Carolyn about trying to get back in touch with Kim, Carolyn knew her mother's schedule, including that she was travelling in Europe for a couple of weeks, but was willing to act as go-between (10.18 "Family Ties"). Carolyn convinced her mother to reestablish contact with Hank, and Kim was willing to swing by Colorado Springs and have dinner with Carolyn and Hank before flying out the next morning. Hank appeared stunned into speechlessness when Carolyn mentioned the possibility.

Although Hank was late for the dinner, Kim appeared very pleased to see him. Hank was equally appreciative to see Kim again, and based on expression alone, still had feelings for her. Carolyn watched as her parents sat down, both agreeing they had "a lot to talk about."


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