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Kino: Beyond the Episodes


The crew of Destiny has been recording their experiences on the ship in a series of diary entries and candid moments captured by the kinos on board.


1.01 "Get Outta Here"

  • Summary: Col. Young does paperwork and is displeased to find the Kino watching him.
  • Details: When suspicions grew that someone was hoarding the crew's scant drinking water supply, Col. Young asked Eli to use the kino to spy on people. He was caught doing this against Franklin and Volker as they waited in the rationing line. Young probably didn't mean for Eli to spy on the colonel himself, prompting his reaction when he finds the kino looking over his shoulder as he does his paperwork. "I didn't say you could use that thing to watch me. Get outta here with that thing." The recording ends when Young covers the kino's camera lens with his hand.
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1.02 "Not the Com Lab"

  • Summary: Eli gives a tour of one of the many corridors and gets a bit lost.
  • Details: Eli has appointed himself as the ship's documentarian. He's recording whenever he possibly can, so sometimes that means he plays host to an unidentified audience. In this tour, he wants to show his audience the communication lab, but ends up in the infirmary. While there, he explains that they haven't figured out the use of most of the technology that was provided by the Ancients when they built the Destiny millions of years ago.
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1.03 "No Idea"

  • Summary: Eli gives a tour of the ship and discovers a room he's never been in before.
  • Details: Continuing on his guided tour of the Destiny, Eli enters a room, confident at first that he knows what it is, but after looking around some, he realizes that he hasn't been in it before. He stopped the kino at the room's threshold, so it stays put while he goes off-screen to explore.
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1.04 "The Stargate Room"

  • Summary: Eli gives a tour of the gate room, his favorite room in the whole ship.
  • Details: As he enters the room, he expresses his awe, and then says, "Rush figures that this 'gate predates all of the others that we know of, like a prototype. It's the only way we're ever going to get home."
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1.05 "Eli's Room"

  • Summary: Eli gives a tour of his room which is also the Kino room.
  • Details: There are three main points of interest in Eli's room, which is also the kino room: the kino's main computer console, the kino dispenser (Lt. Scott likened it to a gumball machine), and Eli's bunk. During his narration, Eli mentions that there are still parts of the ship that they can't access because of damage. He says that Rush wants to fix the problems and explore the ship while Col. Young wishes to concentrate on the basics of survival, such as food and water, and on getting home. Eli admits he agrees "mostly" with Young. Ending the recording, he says that he must get to bed early so as to be prepared for the calisthenics class that MSgt. Greer is conducting in the morning because Young wants everyone in shape. Eli also feels "pretty sure" that Greer hates him. Sgt. Greer isn't the only one ordered by Young to conduct exercise routines: Lt. Matthew Scott and Sgt. Spencer were also leading sessions.
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1.06 "Don't Encourage Him"

  • Summary: Eli takes the Kino into the mess via remote and finds TJ, Lt. Scott and MSgt. Greer. Greer warns Eli about spying with the Kino.
  • Details: As the little camera flies into the mess hall where Lt. Johansen (TJ), Lt. Scott, and MSgt. Greer are gathered at a table, Eli speaks through the kino to greet them. TJ doesn't want the two men to encourage Eli's use of the kino to spy on the "girls". There's mention of the incident where Sgt. Hunter Riley and Eli were caught by Col. Young as the two men were using it to spy on Lt. Vanessa James while she was out of her uniform. They claimed that Eli was training Riley and Riley steered the kino incorrectly, but Young didn't believe them. TJ at first identified James as Scott's girlfriend (they were together at Icarus Base), but Scott thought she was talking about Chloe Armstrong, whom he had just started seeing (to TJ's surprise). Greer grabs the kino and talks into the camera, knowing that Eli could hear what he was saying. He threatens to shove the kino so that it spies on Eli from the inside if he ever finds out that he's using it to spy on the women. Greer's threat shakes Eli enough that when Greer lets go and orders him to fly away, Eli accidentally steers the camera into the wall before making an exit. The three he leaves behind are entertained by the brief encounter.
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1.07 "Corridor Conversation"

  • Summary: The Kino sees, but can not hear Lt. Scott and Chloe talking in a corridor.
  • Details: Eli has romantic feelings for Chloe Armstrong. She doesn't return those feelings, but instead considers him her friend. Unaware that they're being watched by Eli through the kino, Lt. Scott and Chloe carry on a quiet conversation in a corridor.
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1.08 "Marked Hatch"

  • Summary: Eli points out a hatch that has been marked due to damage to the ship on the other side.
  • Details: In order to seal leaks from damage in the hull, the newly-stranded crew went out in groups of three to survey the ship. Once they found leaks, they had Eli seal off the area via a console in the control interface room. One such room was found by Lt. Scott and his team. It was a huge room with a domed ceiling that had a large hole in it. After Eli closed the doors and sealed the room, Scott marked the doors so that other teams who were surveying the ship would know to skip it. It was important, however, that after their initial crises, that the crew begin to explore the ship for means for getting home, so Rush and his team of scientists began to fix various breaches and send out military teams to check them out. In this video, however, Eli wasn't sure if this particular leak had been sealed, apparently not aware of which room was beyond these marked doors. (Most probably, any rooms that were reclaimed no longer had the X's on their doors.)
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1.09 "Not Supposed to Be in Here"

  • Summary: Eli gives a tour of the ship's only working shuttle.
  • Details: Eli explains that there were two shuttles with the Destiny, but that one was "fried" (this is the one in which Senator Alan Armstrong's body was entombed after he sealed off the hull breach from the damaged side of the door). Lt. Matthew Scott is the only one who has piloted the working shuttle that Eli is showing his audience in this video. Eli whispers into the camera that he's not supposed to be in the shuttle because the military have rules under Col. Everett Young's command. Eli tries to respect Young's position, while Young shows his confidence in him by continually asking for his help with technological and mathematical issues.
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1.10 "Nobody Cares"

  • Summary: Eli interviews Chloe in her quarters and tries to cheer her up.
  • Details: Eli interviews Chloe as if she were a celebrity, one after whom they'll name a high school after reading the transcripts. Chloe admits her favorite color is blue after some prodding, but feels that nobody will really care about her like Eli believes. She finally gets Eli to leave when she tells him she's tired and is going to bed. Not letting this brush-off deter him, Eli tells her that there will be many more parts to this interview (this was "part 2 of a 47-part interview").
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1.11 "Kino Race"

  • Summary: Eli and Sgt. Riley race a couple of Kinos through a corridor.
  • Details: Eli has found a kindred spirit in Sgt. Hunter Riley as he teaches Riley how to use the kino's handheld remote. They decide to race two kinos down a corridor and manage to scare IOA representative Camile Wray as she turns a corner and suddenly encounters the swift little airborne balls.
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1.12 "Covered Kino"

  • Summary: Lt. James prepares to take a shower and discovers the Kino watching her.
  • Details: Whoever is flying this kino certainly isn't aware of MSgt. Greer's threat on Eli that if he's caught spying on the women with the kino that Greer will shove the camera so that it spies on Eli from the inside (see Kino 1.06 above). Certainly Eli wouldn't tempt fate by recording Lt. James as she begins to undress in front of the shower. She notices the little camera ball and with disgust throws the t-shirt she's just removed over the camera.
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1.13 "Variety"

  • Summary: Becker watches Inman make synthetic flavors.
  • Details: After solving the air supply crisis, Col. Everett Young called in groups of people into the mess hall to provide an update on their situation on the Destiny. They were rationing food and water and Airman Darren Becker was in charge of measuring out the powered protein mixture. After the last group left, Airman Becker asked Young what his assignment was. Young replied, "Recipes, Becker. For the love of God, recipes." Becker apparently took this order quite seriously and sought out Dr. Inman to help him add flavor to the white powder soup that he was serving as food. She explained that some of the chemicals she was using were brought with them and some were from the ice retrieved from the ice planet where they got sorely needed drinking water. Her new concoction smelled like bananas. Excited, Becker wanted Inman to work on a chocolate flavor, but Inman explained that there were too many chemicals involved and that it hadn't been successfully duplicated. Becker was wanting chocolate for Valentine's Day, which was approaching. Their conversation was cut off when the ship and the kino were rocked with an explosion and they rushed to investigate.
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1.14 "You Okay?"

  • Summary: The Kino overhears an intimate conversation where Lt. Scott tries to comfort Chloe.
  • Details: For a moment, Chloe's hopes were raised that they'd make it home after Col. Telford and Drs. Williams and McCormack had a plan to feed the Stargate on Destiny with power being drawn from a star during the ship's recharging. While the team was preparing the ship for the "experiment", Chloe got to use the long-range communications devices (the "stones") to swap bodies with Dr. McCormack and visit her mother back home on Earth. Lt. Scott finds Chloe upset after the procedure failed and Telford and the scientists left the ship by abruptly severing the stones' links. He tries to comfort Chloe that she can still see her loved ones through the use of the stones tomorrow, but Chloe said that seeing her mom that way only made things worse and made her even more homesick. They find comfort in each other through a kiss.
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1.15 "Do I Look Stupid?"

  • Summary: Lt. Scott and Dr. Volker help Brody and Sgt. Riley try on space suits.
  • Details: The stranded crew discovered several space suits left on the Destiny by the Ancients. These suits were used by Scott and Young when they retrieved ice from a planet with a toxic atmosphere and a severely cold climate. When it came time for Telford and his team of scientists to attempt to channel power to the Stargate aboard Destiny from one of the ship's recharging treks through a star's corona, Dr. Nicholas Rush sent Brody and Riley into an area of the ship that didn't have air so that they could fix some of the conduits. In this kino video, the two men are being helped into their suits by Volker and Scott, and Brody wants to know if he looks stupid in his suit. Once in his suit, Riley declares that he has to go to the bathroom to do "Number 1". He's told just to "pee in the suit" like Astronaut Alan Shepard had done in the movie The Right Stuff, but Riley can't do it and the other men's teasing didn't help. Brody decides to get used to his suit by walking around in it, but trips and falls with a loud crash. Not long after this recording was made, Riley was severely injured when he was caught in the explosion from a coolant leak. The suit probably saved his life at that moment, but having very little medical technology with which to treat him, Lt. Johansen declared that his condition would be touch and go.
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1.16 "All Telford's Fault"

  • Summary: Dr. Park tries to comfort Brody after Sgt. Riley's accident.
  • Details: Brody and Riley were separated from each other after Riley decided to fix a coolant leak in an area of the ship that required that they use the Ancient space suits. As Brody "stood there and watched," Riley was forcefully thrown back into the bulkhead when the coolant leak caused an explosion. Riley's condition was critical and Brody needed someone to blame, so he blamed Col. Telford because it was Telford and his team's "experiment" to use the Destiny as a conduit to feed energy into the Stargate on the ship so that they could dial the enormous distance to Earth. Dr. Rush knew that the Destiny was in bad shape and that Telford's team was overly optimistic about their plan's success, so he decided that the best course of action would be to simulate a catastrophic overload to get Telford's team to stop their "experiment" and go home. In this video, Dr. Lisa Park tries to comfort Brody. After they both conclude that Telford was going to get them all killed, they decide that they needed to help Rush do whatever he felt was necessary to do to save the ship and themselves.
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1.17 "What's That Light?"

  • Summary: Dr. Park and Brody try to work out the Destiny's page channel and private channel frequencies.
  • Details: While Greer and Scott are walking down a corridor together, they stop to listen as Brody and Park try to link the military's radios in with the ship's PA system. The two scientists' conversation is overheard as they erroneously read the controls on their console as being "off". Brody declares that it has to be a simple voice-activated, plug-and-play system because he believes that "some of them can barely walk down the corridor without dragging their knuckles." At that moment, he sees a light on the console and declares, "Wait a minute. What's that light mean?" Scott and Greer are entertained at the scientists' blunder rather than insulted.
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1.18 "A New Kind of Crazy"

  • Summary: Eli and Lt. Scott, with the help of Sgt. Riley, explain time travel, alternate timelines and the events that occurred on the ice and jungle planets.
  • Details: This video was recorded after the crew went to a jungle planet and discovered two kinos near the Stargate where they shouldn't have been. After watching the two recordings, they learn that in two future timelines they had died because of micro organisms that went undetected in their water supply from the ice planet and because of attacks from the nocturnal creatures that lived on the jungle planet that they next visited. After putting the pieces of the puzzle together through the two time loops created when the wormholes were bent by a solar flare, which meant that the kinos that were sent through the Stargate would end up in the past, the crew was able to use the creature's venom to cure themselves from the organisms' effects. The use of these videos in saving the crew, especially Dr. Volker and Chloe who were already showing signs of the sickness, reinforced Eli's assertion that all of their missions and other operations be documented. Edited into the video is a brief lecture recorded earlier of Sgt. Riley as he explains how solar flares can bend a wormhole back to the same Stargate into either the past or the future. Scott and Eli express their thanks to their future alternate timeline selves for leaving these kinos behind and sacrificing their lives so that they might live. Eli had thought that he'd die of boredom on the ship, but after this adventure, he admits he's thankful for the more boring times. To that Scott replies, "Amen."
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1.19 "Only Run When Chased"

  • Summary: Eli, Dr. Park, Dr. Volker and Brody want to watch South Park, but Lt. Scott wants them to report for their workout.
  • Details: Lt. Scott finds Eli, Park, Volker, and Brody at a table gathered around Eli's recording of a South Park episode that they all find incredibly amusing. He wants them to join him in their workout, but Volker says that he's made it "a habit to only run when I'm being chased." Scott tells him that with the types of planets that they visit, he might get that chance. He reminds them that Col. Young wants everyone to keep in shape and that he's got a corridor circuit mapped out that is a quarter of a mile. He wants them to do two miles and tells them that for his age in the military, he's required to do that distance in 21 minutes. He claims that he can do better than that, so the group takes this opportunity to have him prove it while they return to their episode of South Park. The need for physical exercise has been brought up before in these kino recordings (see Kino 1.05 above), and at this point, there were at least three military men who ran the program: Scott, Greer, and Spencer.
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1.20 "Want Me to Bust Him Up?"

  • Summary: Greer finds Dr. Park crying and attempts to comfort her.
  • Details: Greer is being followed by the kino, but once he passes by Dr. Lisa Park crying, he places his hand over the lens to urge the videographer to stop recording, but the kino continues to record him as he enters the room. Park is upset because she has just butt heads with Dr. Rush and has the feeling that he's calling her ideas stupid and that she should just shut up and do her job. Greer offers to "bust him up" for her. She laughs. Park and Greer have had at least one sexual encounter, with this event possibly being what led up to their first time together.
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1.21 "The Apple Core"

  • Summary: Eli gives a tour of the Apple Core. Brody insists it's the Control Interface, and Park and Volker get in on the debate.
  • Details: Continuing on his tour of Destiny, Eli Wallace enters the room that houses the "Control Interface", but Eli says that the large structure at the center of the room is known as the "Apple Core". Brody, who's standing at one of the consoles, tries to clarify to Eli's audience that the Ancients named it the "control interface" and even asks Dr. Lisa Park to back him up, but she calls it the "apple core" too. Eli declares that "interface control" is "boring", but Brody, who is more serious when it comes to scientific things, feels that the name should define the function. Dr. Dale Volker enters the room and much to Brody's dismay, sides with Eli and Park when he calls it the APLCR Unit, which is just tech-speak for "apple core". Brody walks away defeated, and Volker and Eli share in the victory with the knuckle version of a high-five.
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1.22 "Not Just For Posterity"

  • Summary: Dr. Park records a video diary for her family and friends, but forgets how to use the pause button.
  • Details: Dr. Lisa Park is in her quarters, sitting on the edge of her bed recording her video diary that she hopes one day to share with her friends and family, but if not to them, at least to whomever may follow on the Destiny "decades, maybe hundreds of years from now." She says that she's doing these entries for her parents, her brothers, and especially for her boyfriend Gary with whom she's shared a relationship that has been troubled with rough patches and her own mistakes. Park feels that her relationship with Gary is "stronger than ever" and continues to record the entry until someone rings her doorbell. Apparently new to using the kino's remote control, Park believes she's put the unit on pause, but unbeknownst to her, the little camera continues to record while she has sex with one of the soldiers who just got off duty early. After he leaves, Park gets dressed and resumes her entry as if nothing has happened, but at the end, her upbeat demeanor changes to express guilt, loneliness, and despair. When Park was interviewed by Lt. Johansen at Col. Young's request for psychological evaluations, she claimed that she relieved the stress by reading, but in reality, since being stranded, Park has had sexual encounters with various men, especially the soldiers, including Rivers and Greer.
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1.23 "We Volunteer To Do This"

  • Summary: Eli interviews Airman Kelly, while her consciousness is in Chloe's body, about why she volunteered to use the communication stones.
  • Details: This is Airman Kelly's first time to volunteer to have her body used by someone on the Destiny. In this case, she's swapped bodies with Chloe Armstrong. Eli had a chance to interview her for his kino documentaries. Kelly explains that she signed a permission form because she believes that those stranded on the Destiny deserve to see their loved ones back on Earth. Volunteers give permission for the user to do "personal stuff" while visiting their loved ones, including spouses and lovers. The volunteers are told to be careful in the swapped body, but "it works both ways" when it comes to usage (at that point Kelly makes a pass at Eli, but he responds uncomfortably with the idea since Chloe is his friend). Based on previous experiences with the original Ancient stone technology, those who have engineered Earth's equivalent have theorized that if one of the persons dies while swapped, the other party in the link will also die. The volunteers understand this risk. While in Chloe's body, Airman Kelly is eager to take a look at the Destiny, something that clearly fascinates her and was one of the reasons she volunteered.
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1.24 "Wait For It"

  • Summary: Brody attempts to take revenge on Sgt. Riley by playing a prank on him.
  • Details: Brody has invited Eli to watch Riley take a shower that's rigged with the purple dye extracted from the "sweet potatoes" the crew found on a planet earlier. Why does Brody want Riley dyed purple (it will wash off after a week, he claims)? As it turned out, Riley had played a prank on him by rigging a console to make it look like Brody had triggered a ship-wide self-destruct. Brody didn't find the humor in it and claimed he "nearly had a heart attack." His excuse for his prank is that Riley started it and that normally, he's not a vindictive person, but he felt that Riley's prank went too far. After having observed Riley's showering routine, kept with military precision, Brody knew when to rig the shower and upon Riley's arrival, began recording the event, hoping that Eli would share in the excitement. On the screen, the two watched as Riley stepped into the shower and turned it on. To Brody's surprise and amazement, the shower did not dye Riley purple. He declared that it wasn't possible for this not to have worked, so after the shower room as vacated, Brody and Eli visit it to see how Brody's engineering could have malfunctioned. When Brody, fully clothed, tested the mechanism, it was he who got dyed. As it turned out, Dr. Inman tipped Riley about the purple dye, so he and Eli rigged it so that the shower Brody watched was from an earlier time. Later, Riley and Eli share the story with Volker and James in the mess when an angry and purple-faced Brody stomps in, gets his food, and tries to quickly leave. Lt. Scott asks him what happened and he answers "What do you mean?" in a I-dare-you-to-laugh-at-me tone of voice. Scott backs off and watches Brody leave before accusing the guilty parties. They all laugh heartily, something rarely done on the Destiny.
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1.25 "Drop the Sirs"

  • Summary: Lt. Scott attempts to clear the air with Msgt. Greer about leaving him behind on the planet.
  • Details: Scott wants Greer to treat him more like a friend and brother during the quiet hours of life on the ship, so he asks Greer to "drop the sirs." Greer agrees and calls Scott "lieutenant" instead. Since they are alone in the mess during the early morning hours, Scott decides to take this opportunity to "clear the air" and to explain why he left Greer behind in the rubble and how terrible it made him feel, but Greer says he doesn't feel the need to discuss it. From his own perspective, as a soldier, Greer explains, "There's a more important bond that you need to remember. You are an officer. It's your job—it's your duty—to lead men like me into battle, and it's mine to follow your orders and to do so in the belief that you, Sir, have no doubt—no doubt in what it is that you have commanded me to do, 'cause I'm going to do it anyway." Scott thanks him, but Greer doesn't see the need. Scott asks how many officers he's trained over the years, and Greer quietly replies, "Just the ones I like."
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1.26 "Like a Hug"

  • Summary: TJ and Dr. Park discuss Rush's relationship with Dr. Perry.
  • Details: TJ is telling Park about the hug that she interrupted between Rush and Dr. Amanda Perry (while she was in Camile Wray's body during a communication stone session). The two women are trying to figure out what the hug meant and whether or not Wray should be told about it, especially if it meant that there was sex involved. Park believes that since Wray signed off on the use of her body, that it wasn't a big deal. Ultimately, TJ admitted to being more perplexed about what the hug meant because she couldn't imagine that anyone could see Rush in a romantic way. Park then admits that she, too, is curious.
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1.27 "Chloe's Room"

  • Summary: Eli stops by Chloe's room while he's touring the ship, but she doesn't answer the door.
  • Details: As Eli takes his kino on a little trip to Chloe's room, he encounters people in the hallway who greet him, and he responds, but admits to his little camera companion that he doesn't know their names. Focused solely on seeing Chloe, Eli knocks on the door only to be met with silence. He checks the time and makes an excuse for her, thinking that perhaps Col. Young has her busy on something. This is an early kino recording from the archives, so it is possible that Eli is not yet aware that Chloe and Scott are together. Eli says that Chloe and he are "pretty close," but now he's embarrassed that he doesn't know where she is or what she's doing. Trying to hide his disappointment, he says he'll try again later and then turns the kino off, as if to say that there is nothing more of significance to be recorded now that Chloe is unavailable.
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1.28 "Disgusting Habit"

  • Summary: Sgt. Spencer and Brody sneak a smoke and catch the Kino watching them.
  • Details: Brody and Spencer find a quiet room to smoke a cigarette, a rare thing on the Destiny. Eventually, these items will become unavailable and many of the smokers will go through nicotine withdrawal, including Dr. Nicholas Rush, who is also a heavy coffee drinker. This kino is from early times on the ship when rationing was strictly enforced and Spencer was hoarding protein bars, apparently to deal with others in a type of black market. Unfortunately, Spencer could not replace the pills to which he was addicted and ultimately took his own life.
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1.29 "Favorite Meal of All Time"

  • Summary: Msgt. Greer refuses, but Dr. Park, Adam Brody, Lt. James, Dr. Franklin and Lt. Scott share their favorite meals.
  • Details: From the early kino archives, this short video is pieced together from Eli's interviews in which he asked crew members to describe their favorite meals. Greer doesn't want to participate and claims that the protein powder mixture is just fine for "right now." Sitting nearby in the mess, Dr. Park decides to participate (chicken parmesan, garlic bread, glass of merlot), then Adam Brody (gets all embarrassingly gourmet and poetic with his Italian tagliatelle carbonara dish with black truffles and Pecorino Romano cheese), then Lt. James (Porter House steak so rare that it drips blood with a baked potato smothered in butter and sour cream), then Dr. Franklin (huge banana split with "a ton of hot fudge and five cherries on top"—it was a meal to him), and lastly Lt. Scott (cheeseburger, fries, and a beer). Finally, Greer tells Eli that the best meal he had was the "pancakes your mother made me for breakfast." The soldiers nearby enjoyed the joke, but Eli was offended. Finally, Greer got it his way when Eli got the message and took the kino out of Greer's face.
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1.30 "Not Being There"

  • Summary: Riley gives an update on his family back home on Earth.
  • Details: Riley is in his quarters, recording his kino diary: His little sister got married last week, but he didn't go because he couldn't find someone to switch with him. Col. Young had already made an exception and given him time for his uncle's funeral. Riley then lists a few other things he learned about his family: His grandmother isn't doing well, his cousins are opening a catering business, and his little nephew is starting school this month. Riley had promised to accompany him on his first day because the "poor kid" was "scared to death." Riley grows even more solemn and concludes, "You'd figure that being stranded on this ship in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of strangers would be the problem, but that isn't it exactly: it's not so much being out here as it is not being there—for the birthdays, the weddings, the funerals, simple things like just taking your nephew to school on his first day or even taking the dog for a walk—just not...not being there..."
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  • Written by Carl Binder, Robert C. Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, and Brad Wright
  • Directed by Ivon Bartok
  • NOTE: These webisodes were placed gradually on MGM's Official Stargate website during the airing of Season One episodes. According to Joseph Mallozzi, "Some kino scenes will be episode-specific while others will be more general. They’re added material so, no, you don’t have to watch them to follow what’s going on in the show – however, they do offer insight into ship life and certain characters that someone who only watches the episodes won’t be privy to." (November 11, 2009)

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