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Martouf was the host to Lantash when SG-1 met him
Lantash was kept in stasis after Martouf died
Lt. Elliot became Lantash's final host


Lantash is the Tok'ra symbiote which had Martouf as a host when SG-1 met him in the episode, 2.11 "The Tok'ra Part 1". After Martouf died in the episode, 4.05 "Divide And Conquer", Lantash was kept in stasis until he took Lt. Elliot as his host in the episode, 5.15 "Summit Part 1". Both Lt. Elliot and Lantash died making the ultimate sacrifice in the episode, 5.16 "Last Stand Part 2".

Character Biography

With the Tok'ra, the line between host and symbiote are often blurred. Lantash very seldom made his presence known whenever SG-1 associated with his host, Martouf. The blending between the host and Tok'ra symbiote meant that both beings shared one body, so it was often hard to distinguish where one left off and the other began. Lantash would make it clear whenever he spoke from his own opinion by flashing Martouf's eyes, often hid when Martouf would bow his head and close his eyes, and using the altered voice. Martouf was a gentle soul while Lantash oftentimes showed arrogance. However, Lantash was also quite gentle and compassionate when personal matters were discussed, most often concerning his mate, Jolinar of Malkshur.

When Samantha Carter was taken as a host to Jolinar, no one was aware of the Tok'ra. To everyone at the SGC, a "snake was a snake," and there was absolutely no differences among them. Jolinar proved the difference by giving up her life in order to save Carter's. Additional gifts that Jolinar left Carter were a protein marker in her blood that indicated that a symbiote had died within her, naquadah in her blood which enabled her to sense the presence of another symbiote (whether being carried by a Jaffa or implanted in a host), and memories and emotions of her life. Using the memories, Carter was able to lead the SGC to contact the Tok'ra who hid in artificially-created tunnels on various planets. When SG-1 traveled to the planet in Jolinar's memories, they were met by a party of Tok'ra who sprang up from the sand, a clever method of camouflage. Martouf/Lantash were among the Tok'ra who surrounded a very surprised SG-1.

Carter immediately recognized Martouf, but he had to tell her about the relationship between Jolinar and Lantash, himself and Rosha, Jolinar's previous host. They had been mates for over a century. According to Lantash and Martouf, the Tok'ra "love as one and mourn as one." Lantash took over when Martouf was too distraught to talk about Rosha/Jolinar. Martouf/Lantash also told Carter that symbiotes do not have a gender, but often show a preference for a certain gendered host. Lantash, from then on out, has always been referred to as a "he" because he favored male hosts. Jolinar, on the other hand, preferred female hosts. The hosts were attracted to each other as man and woman, so the symbiotes shared in that love.

Martouf/Lantash shared many adventures with SG-1 once the Tau'ri and Tok'ra became allies.



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