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System Lord Mot

Earth Culture of Origin

West Semitic

Alternate Names / Spellings

Epithets: "Mot [is] a son of the gods" and "Beloved of El"

Presides Over

Death ("Mot" is derived from the Semitic mwt, "to die"); his realm is the "innermost part of the earth", a land of "decay, filth, spittle and slime".

Personal Symbols

Serpent; Appetite for clay and greens: "... of all [that] dies I do eat."

Earth Mythological References

"He is mainly known from the mythological texts of Ugarit, as the great adversary of Baal. ... Baal is overcome by Mot, but rises again, and likewise, Mot is overcome by Anat and then reassembles himself at a later date. It has been proposed that while one of Baal's aspects is the greening of the vegetation following the winter rains, Mot stands for the barren hard-baked earth of the dry summer, but probably also for the ripening of the corn. Both gods succeed one another in the agricultural year; one can never completely triumph over the other." (From A Dictionary of Ancient Near Eastern Mythology by Gwendolyn Leick, p. 119)

Stargate References

The Goa'uld Mot was a minor System Lord who was in service to Ba'al. He would visit the planet P4S-237 regularly to collect the naquadah the people mined as a tribute to Ba'al. As it turned out, Ba'al was under the impression that the mines were depleted on the planet and had not been expecting the tribute for some time. Mot continued to terrorize the people to hoard the naquadah in his bid to overthrow Ba'al. SG-1 and SG-15 influenced the people of the planet to stand up for themselves, and Lord Mot was killed by Natania, a native of the planet, using one of the SGC's handguns.


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Further Reading

  • A Dictionary of Ancient Near Eastern Mythology, Gwendolyn Leick, Routledge, 1991 (see page 119).


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